Super hero?


But how far? 400m? 10k? Guess you’ll have to come prepared for anything…including the weather.

Astro Boy and his flapper

68 thoughts on “Super hero?”

  1. Great Newsletter for November! Love your article about CrossFit woman Kevin. “They look powerful, strong and sexy.” I agree 110%

  2. kevin, i’m in a conference today and not totally sure when i’ll be done so i didn’t sign up. but if it’s running, can i still come to a class even if it’s full?? it would most likely be the 530 which has one spot open now, but i i don’t want to reserve it in case i actually cannot make it at that time.

  3. It’s 8am and 4 cancellations already! Woo!

    Let’s see if we can break the record of 9!

    Any bets?

    1. All depends, what if someone who was not signed up takes a spot, will it go against the cancellations? If so I’ll take your bet man :d

  4. Mobility
    20 squats
    20 good mornings
    20 box jumps
    samson stretch, which I forgot to do

    Run 5k


  5. When I first saw that pic, Kevin, I thought you were dressed up as one of the Trailer Park Boys characters lol great costume ideas 🙂

  6. Kevin, do you have a problem with me taking my dog with me for the run. He will stay in the car for the warm-up?

  7. wu mobility
    20 Squats,
    20 Good Mornings,
    20 Box jump (12″)
    Samson Stretch

    5k run….subbed…5k Row

    Time 21:18

  8. Mob&WU

    Run 5km


    35 seconds off my PR but felt really good on the run this morning so PR for not feeling like I was going to die by the end…I’ll take it!

    1. Gross, Kevin! I actually started to feel like I MIGHT vomit at one point this morning so I slowed down.

    2. Now explain to me how that works.
      Are you a mobile spray painter or do you stop to do your stuff?
      Just curious!

  9. Kevin Kevin … you’re getting strong, but your running is gone to shit. I ran/waddled a 21:15 barefoot the other week. Think about that! ME! Out running you! I think you should stop lifting and start running … might want to cut some weight too … looking a little heavy.

    1. You should focus more on growing taller. It might help with dunking and giving me high fives from beating you at runs.

  10. You can add me to the list of cancellations. Brian just called and he won’t be back from Halifax until 8:00. No babysitter.

  11. Mobility & WU

    Run 5 km

    time: 30:57

    First time doing the 5km, happy with my time. I only took 2 small breaks; next time, no break!
    Good job everyone!

  12. Mobility and short warm up

    5km run – 21:58
    PR of 26 seconds.

    thanks marc, you set a good pace from the start! great job everyone, lots of PRs so far!

  13. 5km Run
    Time —> 25:28
    PR of 17 sec from my run at home on Oct 10th.
    PR of 1:34 from my last run at the gym on August 25th.

    This is the best I have ever felt during and after a 5km run! 😀

  14. Did a wod an hour before the run

    AMRAP In 15 of

    5 pushups
    10 burpees
    20 lunges

    13 rounds


    RUN 5K


    pr by 8 sec

    Pretty pissed off with that,
    I want to apologize for my little outburst when I saw my time, childish of me. You guys don’t need to see that shit. so once again, sorry.

  15. Warm-up 20xSquat/GoodMorning/BoxJump

    WOD: run 5k

    Thanks Ed for the race up to where you lost me. Hehe! Tried to catch up at the end but didnt have enough left for that!

  16. WU:
    20ea of Squats, good morning, Box Jumps & Samson Stretch
    Oh and 10 Burpees for saying the “C” word.

    Run 5K

    Time:24:58 (PR by 3:52)
    My goal was 25minutes and I just did it 🙂

    Felt great afterwards too! 🙂
    Great run everyone!

  17. Quickie Warm up

    5Km Run
    Time: 28:37

    This is a PR by 2:02 since I last ran this in June. Very happy with this as I was aiming to knock 2 minutes off. Like Joanna, I felt really good on the run this morning. Must have something to do with that crisp fall air. I’m not sure why, but I always feel a sense of accomplishment every time to do this WOD. Great to see lots of new PR’s being posted today. Kudo’s to all.

  18. Mobility
    20 squats
    20 good mornings
    20 box jumps
    samson stretch

    Run 5k

    27:37 No PR 17 sec. slower tonight, lost sight of Gabriel & Gerry and then just didn’t push hard enough…What can I say I need a rabbit to chase or footsteps behind me, thanks for the 100 m race at the end Karen it woke me up!!

  19. Mobility plus warm up of light running, jumping jack

    WOD 5 km run in 26:42… 13 seconds off my pr, but happy considering recent health issues 🙂

    Congrats to everyone for all the great results posted today!

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