Sunday WOD

Don’t forget – breakdancing seminar today at 1pm!

Turkish Getup Practice

10 rounds of:
Thrusters for 15 seconds (95/65#/55%)
Rest 45 seconds


10 thoughts on “Sunday WOD”

  1. Open gym! Realized I’ve been missing working my strict press lately so decided to work on lots of sets at my 80%. And throw in some other movements while I was at it.

    Mob, WU

    NFT 15 sets:
    – 3 shoulder press from floor 75#
    – 3 kettle bell swings 50#
    – 3 hanging knee raises

  2. Open gym
    Last minute decision, the kids wanted to go hang out.

    Did Thursday’s WOD with Chantal!

    5 rounds
    6 horizontal ring rows (tough!)
    9 med ball cleans @ 14#
    12 OH med ball walking lunges @ 14#

    Time 6:54

    Cashout: shuttle runs with 45# child.
    Great start to the day!

    1. And because I’m too lazy to tupe the wod myself… Did the wod with feet under rings in 7:37. Then came back at 1 for breakdancing workshop with Jenny. That was fun!!!

  3. – mob
    – WUx1

    Turkish getup up to 45#, felt like I could have went heavier, will know for next time 🙂

    WOD Rx…
    5-5-5-5-5-5-5-6-6-6 = 53 🙂 I feel like I paced this perfectly, I don’t think I could have maintained more than 5 per round for the whole WOD but one more for the last few rounds was just fine 😀

  4. Tukish getup 2 sets at 53 could of went heavier but my shoulders aren’t great lately.

    WOD rx
    did 8 each round and 9 on the last one.
    81 for score.

    then took 2 min break and did a small wod for my self:
    2 rounds
    500 m Row
    20 Wallballs(25#)
    need practice on these two mouvement. took 9:15 min to complete.took longer then expected but i was tired from the WOD.

  5. Mob + WUx1

    Backsquat x5

    Bench Press x5

    Did the break-dancing session at 1pm also! We had a lot of fun, thanks Jennie!

  6. Open gym
    Crossfit Total 3RM kinda…
    Back Squat 275 (2) (didn’t warm up enough…didn’t feel right)
    Press 115
    Deadlift 315 (ran out of time)

    I will be re-doing this soon..

    Came back for Breakdancing with Jennie. I am not built for dancing but we had a great time! I’m sore already!

  7. Open gym, Mobility and Wu. Test out lifts for crossfit total!
    Did the crossfit total, went pretty good considering the amount of problems I have had… Lol
    Back squat 365 x 3/ 375 x 1
    Shoulder press 145 x 3
    Deadlift 455 x 3
    965 total
    10 am class
    Did some more mobility
    Turkish get ups
    Wod 10 rounds
    15 sec thrusters @95#
    45 sec rest
    Rx’d 74 reps
    Great classes Amanda!! Great work everybody!!

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