Sunday WOD

Med Ball Clean practice

4 rounds
5 Toes Through Rings
10 MBC (20/14#)
15 Lateral Jumps (paralettes)

Cashout: 50 Mountain Climbers (2-count)

An efficient clean is a fast clean. A fast clean is a better time. A better time means better results. And better results make you look better naked.

Tell your spouses I said they’re welcome!

Squat it like it's hot!
Squat it like it’s hot!

20 thoughts on “Sunday WOD”

  1. Please cancel the 9am lab for Remi and I – we are still way too snowed in to make it there on time.

      1. lol – I am not awake yet Chantal. Apparently we are booked for the 10 class. First workout of the day will be an hour long find-my-car adventure

  2. Open gym
    OHS x 5

    WOD Rx
    Time 4:10

    Cashout 50 MC (2 count) 51 seconds.
    Another fun Sunday morning at the gym! Thanks Chantal!

  3. Med ball clean practice

    4 rounds
    5 Toes Through Rings
    10 MBC @ 14#
    15 Lateral Jumps

    Time: 3:57 Rx

    Cashout: 50 Mountain Climbers (2-count)

    Time: 1:05, these hurt haha took a couple breaks!

    Fun class and so happy to be back after a week away in Toronto with bad food and beer haha. Also “other” Kevin, so fun chasing you…I think I would have been much slower if you didn’t set the pace for the wod.

    Thanks Chantal!

  4. Wod

    4 rounds

    5 toes through rings ….knee raises
    10 mbc 4#
    15 lateral jumps ….bar


    50 mountain climbers 2 count

  5. MOB + WU X2
    MBC Review; thanks Chantal!

    4 rounds
    5 Toes Through Rings (knee raises)
    10 MBC @ 10#
    15 Lateral Jumps

    Time: 5:23

    Cashout: 50 Mountain Climbers (2-count)

    So impressed I only had to stop once (at 50) to complete this cash out – baby steps. Thanks Chantal! Fun class, enjoying ‘the journey’ 🙂

    PS: Nice pic of Joey!

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