Sunday WOD

(1+3+5) x 5 sets
Push Press
Push Jerk

Row 1k for time

Compare to Nov.29/13


Row 2k for time

Compare Dec.10/13

The CrossFit Moncton reindeer!
The CrossFit Moncton reindeer!

16 thoughts on “Sunday WOD”

  1. Lab
    Front rack lunges x5 per leg


    Front squats x5

    Scapular pull up hold 5x10seconds

    10am class
    (1+3+5) x 5 sets
    Press, Push Press, Push Jerk
    Thanks for sharing the bar Claire!

    Row 2k for time
    8:29. 4 second PR from the end of the last Lifestyle challenge

  2. Great picture!

    Open Gym

    cleans x 5 working on technique

    Decided to WOD with Christine fun! Always better woding with a friend.

    3 rounds
    30 sec L Sit ( wow maddening! Legs were bent)
    20 Pullups (very broken)
    10 thrusters @ 65# all unbroken

    time= 9:08

    The kids were in no rush to leave so..

    1000m row
    time = 4:38

    Busy morning at the gym! I love how all the kids are around hanging out 🙂 Great way to spend our morning!

  3. Mob, WU,
    CF Kids Activty…always great trying these out!

    (1+3+5) x 5 sets
    Push Press
    Push Jerk

    60-65-65-70…ran out of time for last set – also messed up with weight and started a bit too heavy but other than the press getting difficult, everything else felt good!

    Row 2k for time: 8:35 (first time doing this)

    Thanks Ron!

  4. 2nd class & 1st post!


    (1+3+5) x 5 sets
    Push Press
    Push Jerk

    Ran out of time for 5th set – slow getting set up and estimating proper weight, still learning. Need to get better idea of 1RM’s. Comfortable with weight today.

    Row 1k for time – 4:00

    Thanks Ron!

  5. Mob. and WUx2 plus 500m row
    10 wall balls @ #14
    1 press plus 3 push press plus 5 jerks x 5
    (55, 60, 65, 70, 75(F on the press) got the push press and jerk
    1k row
    Time: 4:12
    Thanks for the rowing tips Ron!!

  6. Mobility & WU
    No show burpees

    I did one round of presses @ 50# but had to stop. My wrist was killing me. Switched to back squats x5 70-75-80-85-90

    I didn’t set it for 2k. I finished with 9:49 2018m.
    A great way to spend a Sunday morning. Thanks Ron.

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