Sunday WOD

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EMOTM for 10 min
Even: Plank (max)
Odd: Rest

400m Run, then:
3 rounds of:
15 Pullups
10 Pistols
Followed by another 400m Run


13 thoughts on “Sunday WOD”

  1. Vanessa Champion

    WU and 400m run
    Quad roll
    Lacross ball calf

    Strict Press

    Squat clean 2 RM

    Farmers carries 4xgym length 70#

    EMOTM for 10
    Even: plank
    Odd: rest

    400m run
    3 rounds
    15 pull-ups green + purple
    10 pistols 12″ box + 45# &10# plate
    400m run
    Great class today! Thanks Chantal!

  2. Lab

    2K Row time = 9:15

    OHS x 3
    55-75-85-95-105 x 2 ( PR!) Body weight OHS I’m coming for you!

    EMOTM for 10
    Even: plank
    Odd: rest

    WOD Rx

    Time = 8:03

    Great Sunday! Enjoy this beautiful day!! and Trent you were flying! Nice work.

  3. wu x1 + 400m run

    EMOTM for 10 mins
    Even: Plank
    Odd: rest

    all rounds unbroken

    WOD Rx

    Time = 6:16

    That last run was hard, Good Job 10am.

  4. Valerie Arseneau

    Came in the lab with plans to work on MU progressions and try a 1RM clean and jerk since I missed that session this week.

    Walked is soooo sore from my last 2 wods so I did only mobility. Then I realized I forgot my cleats at home (was going to go directly to frisbee practice from the gym). The Duatlon was going on so had to leave… womp womp. Fail Lab planning on my part.

  5. Mobility
    wu x1


    Front squats 5 x3 reps

    Push press 5 x3reps
    45-65-75-85-95-100 (5#PR)

    400m run
    3 rounds:
    15 ring rows
    10 pistols with 12′ box and 25# plate
    400 run


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