Extra weight?

We’ve been seeing some folks add a weight vest to their wods. While this is great in some instances, there are many movements where a vest can actually be detrimental.

NO vest:

Box Jumps *with rebound – Places an overload on your gastrocnemius/achilles and greatly increases your chance of a rupture. Now, if you jump up and step down, fill your boots. But rebounding with extra load is an injury waiting to happen.

Double Unders – See above. And double unders are a skill. If you have a hard time stringing them together, adding load will not help your cause.

Running – This one seems odd. There are lots of weighted running wods, but most are very short distances (except Murph). Gravity pulls a vest in only one direction – down. But when you run, you are moving horizontally. A better option for resistance when running would be a speed chute, which provides horizontal resistance.

Many barbell movements – If the vest impedes the bar path, then you’re re-wiring that movement. For a clean, we want the bar close to your body. A vest will force you to swing the bar. Not something we want to happen for any lift.

YES vest:

Pullups/Ring Rows – Gravity pulls you down, your body pulls you up. Excellent weighted movement!

Pushups/Dips/Burpees – Same as above. For pushups, add 25# plates under your hands to ensure you still travel the full range of motion.

Squats/Lunges – Added weight will give you some extra burn.

Advanced movements – Muscle-ups, rope climbs, L-sits. The extra load will make the unweighted versions feel like a breeze.

Strength – Bear Complex for max load

AMRAP in 20 min
4 C2B Pullups
2 Bear Complexes (choose own weight based on strength)
10 Box Jumps (24/20″)

Gabriel mentally preparing before the WOD
Gabriel mentally preparing before the WOD

47 thoughts on “Extra weight?”

  1. Came to the lab to work on muscle up progressions.

    Corinna, thank you so much for sharing the new progression with me. I loved working on this with you. We are getting closer. I love that I feel no negative competition at our box. I don’t feel like there is a race to who can get this mu first. We want to get it and we want others to get it. We were just missing Steph this morning. Let’s go girls…we gotta get it before the open!

    1. I loved doing this progression with you as well Gillyon….we are that much closer….I totally agree with you about the collaborative support system we have at our box. I am totally rooting for you, StΓ©phanie and Lora to get the muscle up.

    2. Thanks for telling me about the new progression you found, Corinna. Can’t wait to see it. I wish I had been there early enough today to “play” with you guys….the Open is fast approaching… *gulp*

  2. Strength Bear Complex
    65-75-85-95x 1

    AMRAP 20 min
    4 C2B pullups
    2 Bear Complex @ 65#
    10 Box Jumps at 24″

    10 rounds + 7 BJ

    Sweaty one lol. Thanks Mario.

      1. no problem! lol.. didn’t take much to throw them off the “I have to tell mom something”, “whats that shiny thing over there?” worked!

  3. Little warm up… Came I early to do mobility but was smitten by baby Trent πŸ™‚

    Strength – Bear complex

    Note feb 1 2013…. My 1 RM for BC was 55!!

    WOD – 20 amrap
    4 C2B with blue band- strict
    2 BC @ 65
    10Box Jumps @ 20inch
    Score: 9 rounds @ 2 BC

    Thanks Mario great class…..

  4. Lab: worked on snatches @65 and @75#. Worked on shoulder press as well.

    Strength Bear Complex

    AMRAP 20 min
    4 C2B pull-ups Green band
    2 Bear Complex @ 75#
    10 Box Jumps at 24β€³

    10 rounds + 2 BC

    Great class Mario! Thanks for the Help with the Kipping technique Corinna πŸ™‚

  5. Lab: worked on snatches @65# for technique and trying to get my hips open. After 40 tries they might have opened once.

    Strength Bear Complex

    AMRAP 20 min
    4 C2B pull-ups
    2 Bear Complex @ 105#
    10 Box Jumps at 24β€³

    10 rounds

    Tough, but fun wod πŸ™‚

    1. I’d like to see you and Spencer doing some progressions to work on opening your hips rather than doing 39 snatches/unsuccessful attempts to get your hips open…

      1. Spencer did a great job opening up his hips today during the lab so most of his attempts were in fact successful.

        CC also did the jumping snatch pull progression.

  6. Strength Bear Complex x 1

    95-115-135-155F on last push press

    AMRAP 20 min

    4 C2B pullups
    2 Bear Complex @ 95#
    10 Box Jumps at 24β€³

    8 Rounds + 7 Box Jumps

    Cash Out

    25 consecutive push ups

    20 consecutive wall balls 20#

  7. Strength Bear Complex (x1)


    AMRAP 20 min

    4 C2B pull-ups
    2 Bear Complex @ 95#
    10 Box Jumps at 24β€³

    11 Rounds + 1 C2B Pull-up

    Cash Out

    26 Push-ups

    25 Wall balls 20#

  8. Mob

    worked on OHS x 5
    previous PR was 125 x 2. felt good today thought about doing another round but still had another class to do.

    Bear complex
    95,115,135,155 out of time

    AMRAP 20 min
    4 C2B
    2 Bear Complex @ 135#
    10 Box Jumps at 24β€³

    8 rounds

    need more practice on the bar doing pull ups and c2b.

    Good class Mario

  9. Mobility
    Wu x 1
    Some extra shoulder mobility
    Lab, worked on full snatch.
    95/115/135 stayed at 135 seems to be a comfortable weight. Got a few rounds in starting from ground and some from hang. Last couple sets from floor felt really good was landing nice and low.
    Worked on du’s, found I just need to spin the rope faster and not jump so high.
    10 am class.
    Group mobility and barbell Wu
    Strength bear complex single cycles
    135/155/175/195 out of time
    Wod: 20 min amrap
    4 c2b
    2 bear complex @ 135
    10 box jumps @ 24”
    Rx’d 13 rounds.. Almost puked!! Great Wod.
    Pullups are feeling good again.. Yay
    Rebounded all box jumps and they felt great.
    Great class Mario, great work everybody!!

    1. Great job Shane. Your chest to bar were amazing as usual. I was so impressed on the speed of your box jumps…awesome rebounding.

  10. Lab Work – lot’s of mob, practiced snatch
    45-50-55-60-65 – 10# PR

    Practiced T2B progression with K2E

    Strength Bear Complex

    AMRAP 20 min
    4 C2B pullups (blue)
    2 Bear Complex @ 65#
    10 Box Jumps at 20β€³

    9 Rounds + 8 BJ’s

    damn so close to 10 full rounds…

  11. Lab: Muscle up Progressions: Found a great progression that mimics the muscle up. In this progression, you must drive the hip aka ( kip) which puts me in the catch position aka (bottom of the dip)


    12 rounds + 4 C2B

    C2B felt great today. Rebounded all box jumps…trying to speed them up without getting too gassed…..sounds like an oxymoron!!!!

  12. mob, and WU..
    group wu

    practice bear complex

    wod @ 115
    13 rounds even

    max pushup
    max wallball

    1. Awesome job on the WOD today! It was great being set up beside you. You really pushed me (first with me trying to stay ahead of you, THEN TRYING TO CATCH YOU!)

  13. Mobility

    Group mob and barbell wu (bear complex @ 45# x 5)

    Bear complex practice
    65(5)-85(3)-95(2)-115(2) *ran out of time

    WOD @ 85#

    4 C2B
    2 Bear Complex
    10 Box Jumps @ 20″

    Score = 12 rounds + 3 box jumps


    So thrilled to be able to do all C2B with an overhand grip….except for 1. I had one no-rep and redid it with underhand grip (because there was no way I was failing another one). This is completely new for me. Strict pull-up work is paying off!! πŸ˜€

    Cashout: max rep pushups = 23 (not even close to Pr) AND max rep wall balls with 20# ball and 10′ = 11 (I pretty much just gave up after I got to 11….LOL….exhausted)

    1. Wicked score Lora! Congrats on the overhand grip! I agree, the strict pull-up work is paying off!

  14. Mobility
    Alina WU
    Group mobility
    Group WU (35# bar)

    Strength Bear complex

    WOD AMRAP 20 min
    4 C2B (green band)
    2 Bear complex (55#)
    10 Box jumps 20″

    Total 7 rounds 1 BC


    max pushups (with Alina) 8 pretty happy with this since I can usually only get 10 when I am not tired.

    Max WB @ 10# 11 I thought I’d give 14# a try & got 5.

    Practiced DU’s & got 14 in a row! Yippee

  15. Bear Complex 55, 65, 75, 85… ran out of time

    WOD: AMRAP 20 min. @ 65
    4 chest to bar (green band because they had to be strict)
    Power clean
    Front squat
    Push Press
    Back squat
    Push Press
    10 box jumps (20”)

    Total: 11 rounds + 4 chest to bar

    cashout: 20 – 10# wallballs
    10 pushups
    Disappointed in my lack of progress with pullups! Grr…. so frustrating.
    Great work everyone! Great class Mario! πŸ™‚

    1. You’re doing GREAT Tania. Keep it up! Stick with the pullups. You will get stronger. I promise. Use the smallest band you can do at least 4-5 in a row with. Get up to 8-10 with that band. Then go down another band size…and so on and so on.

      Nice score on the WOD today πŸ˜€

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