Sunday WOD

In 24 mins:
Row 1000/750m
Then AMRAP of:
2 Rope climbs
10 Box jump overs (24/20″)
10 Chest to bar pull-ups
10/7 Cal on Assault bike
10 Bar muscle ups
10 Box jump overs (24/20″)

Below is the testing for this week.

“But what if I’ve already done that test?”
-There will be a programmed workout that fits into the same time domain as the test. Various reps and sets will take the place of any strength tests that you’ve already done.

“Should I test the same thing again?”
-No. Save it for the next testing cycle (in 3-4 months). You don’t get stronger/fitter from constantly testing. Work on the skills/strengths/movements so you can level up even MORE the next time.

-Squat Endurance

-Aerobic Power Intervals

-Core and Coordination


-Make up day (you can wear lipstick and eye shadow if you think it will help)


3 thoughts on “Sunday WOD”

  1. In 24 mins:
    Row 750m Buy-in (~4 min)
    Then AMRAP of:
    2 Rope climbs (pull to standing + hang 10 sec)
    10 Box jump overs (20″)
    10 Ring rows
    7 Cal on Assault bike
    10 Jumping C2B – chin up hand hold
    10 Box jump overs (20″)

    2 rounds + 6 Jumping C2B

    Thanks Cara!

  2. In 24 mins:
    Row 1000/ 3:33 minutes
    Then AMRAP of:
    2 Rope climbs (Went with pull up off ground and hang as long as possible)
    10 Box jump overs (20inches)
    10 jumping c2b pull-ups
    10/7 Cal on Assault bike
    10 Ring Rows
    10 Box jump overs (20″)
    3 rounds, 7 box jumps.
    Only realized how tired I was from thrusters yesterday once the workout started.
    Tried the rope some after the workout, had a couple good shimmies. Will work on technique.

  3. Open gym:

    Clean shrug + power clean + hang squat clean + pause tempo front squat + split jerk — 75/80/85/90/95/100/105/110

    AMRAP 8
    3 – 6- 9…
    Clean & jerks (85#)

    8 cleans into round of 12. Felt super sluggish after a day of poor eating.

    1 rope climb / box jump overs at 20″ / jumping C2B and pull ups — 4 rounds + 1 rope climb and 6 box jump overs.

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