Sunday Snatch Day

*Gym will be open tomorrow from 10:30-12. It’s OG style, so come work on anything you’d like to not suck at!

Spend the class working on your snatch. You have the option to do snatch, power snatch, hang snatch, or hang power snatch. If you don’t know the difference, you really need to get in today.


Compare to June 23/15


16 thoughts on “Sunday Snatch Day”

  1. Snatch 10x2reps

    Established a 2RM at 170, couldnt quite get 180 (failed 2 attempts on first rep), finished on 2 solid-ish reps at 140.

  2. Hang Power Snatch x2reps
    15# – 35# – 35# – 35# – 45# – 55# – 55#
    Failed at 60# a couple times. No PR today.

  3. Hang Power Snatch x 2
    Did a lot of technique work today. With better technique probably would have got the last 2 also. Next time 🙂
    Thanks Ron!

  4. WU + MOB
    DU Practice
    1500m Row
    Tabata with Chris K.
    KBS (35#), Abmat Situps, Ring Rows & Slamball (50#)

    Hang Snatch practice
    Cashout; 100 Russian Twists with 10#

    Thanks for the class & time Ron!

  5. Open Gym

    WU & MOB

    60 Side step ups (30 each leg in sets of 10) on 24″ box with 45# sandbag on shoulders
    Front rack step ups to 20″ box – 5x each leg 45#,65#,85#,95#,105#, 115#
    4 Min Tabata with Christie – 2 rounds of KBS 50#, GHD situps, Pull ups and DBall OTS 100#


    Group MOB

    Snatch practice – Hang Snatches 2X ea of 65#,85#,95#,115#, 125# (Terrible form). At Ron’s suggestion, dropped back to 95 and focused on form for 10 more reps (5×2)
    Snatches 3×2 @ 95#, 5×2 @ 115#

    Total of 50 pullups, working on kipping, again with coaching from Ron. Thanks!

    Then a planned 32km bike ride. Tore a valve stem at the 14km mark so it ended up being 14k cycling, 14km walk/jug pushing a broken mountain bike back to where I left my truck……

    Gonna be a slow evening.

    1. Very impressive today Chris, you progress is going fast with all your attention to good form and mechanics.

  6. OG

    MOB WU Shipping practice

    Power Cleans x5

    AMRAP 10 Mins
    – 50 singles
    – 10 box jumps
    – 5 power Cleans

    Score: 4 rounds and 5 box jumps

    Cashout 400m run

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