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Clean and Jerk x1
Build up to 75%

21 Clean and Jerks (55%)
15 Clean and Jerks (65%)
9 Clean and Jerks (75%)

For this workout, the reps go down as the weight goes up. Do not sacrifice form for speed. You can have your weights in 1 pile nearby. Just make sure your area is clear in case you drop your weights.


8 thoughts on “Submit scores!”

  1. C&J x1 up to 75%


    21 @ 95#
    15 @ 105#
    9 @ supposed to be 125# but accidentally put 135# on the bar….also for some reason did 10 reps because I can’t be trusted to know anything at that point in the workout

    Time: 9:46 with extra rep… 9:30 for 9th rep

    Lots of fun, thanks Marcel!

  2. Thanks for all the pointers, first time doing cleans(instead of hpc). Took it light, tried a little heavier warming up but it did not feel good this morning.

    21x 20#
    Finished with the 10min cap.

  3. Quick Wu and group Wu.
    Build up clean and jerk
    95/135/155/185/185 right wrist kind of hurt.
    Tried again after a little stretching, no go.
    21-15-9 kb snatch (left hand)
    Great class Marcel and great work everybody!

  4. MOB + WUX2

    Clean and Jerk x1
    Build up to 75% got to 85#

    21 Clean and Jerks (55%) 65#
    15 Clean and Jerks (65%) 75#
    9 Clean and Jerks (75%) 85#

    Time – 7:19

  5. Did this on March 22 Open gym

    Clean and Jerk X 1



    21 C&J @ 135#
    15 C&J @ 160#
    9 C&J @ 185 #

    6 C&J left at the 10 min time cap

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