Strongman Day

Come in for a few different strongman/odd lift tests. Going to be a fun morning!


5 thoughts on “Strongman Day”

  1. Open Gym:

    Xover Symmetry [email protected]/7
    DB Row 3×[email protected]# each side
    Ring Row 3×10, feet under, 1sec hold at top
    Hollow Hold – EMOTM/5min – 15 sec


    Sandbag Getup (each side): 1×40#, 1×60#, 3×80#
    Slosh Pipe 35#/3in dia – OHS x5
    Sled Push 2×50′ @ 180#
    Stone Stack – got the 145 rock ball on platform ~ nose level

  2. Fun times at the strongman class!
    Definitely more in my wheel house that other WODs!!

    Tried following Moody!

    Slosh pipe #45 pipe, OHS x5. Lunges x3. Couple front squat! (kinda liked the pipe).

    Farmers Carry #80 KB, 27.44sec & 27.60 sec.

    Sled push. Sled+#45. (2×50′) 33sec ish

    Then Atlas stones.
    #145 ish stone… Up to 19 plates high(#45)… (which was above my head).

    Then tried the bigger one #225ish??
    6 & 7 (#45) plates high. Then up on the taller stack? Maybe 12 plates??. Was just trying to keep up with Matt!! (definitely scratched the forearms)

    Fun class. Thanks Kevin!

    And good job to all the crew!!
    Strong bunch

  3. Today was a whole bunch of fun! I joined Roxanne and Derek on the mile ruck, we managed it in 14:30.. Then we did 200 burpees to celebrate Roxanne’s 200 class! I wore my ruck for fun..
    The 10 am class was a huge one today! I tried Turkish get-ups with the 40, 60, and 80lb bags.. I also had fun with the slosh pipes!
    It was so fun to watch everyone trying new things!!

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