“I haven’t done push press in forever”

True story. I hear things like this often. Let me explain why I’m not really concerned.

When you do a push press, you are essentially putting weight overhead. You do the same thing with presses, push jerks, split jerks, thrusters, wall balls, Curtis P’s and handstand pushups. I’m 99% sure you’ll be doing at least one of those every week you’re in. So even if you haven’t done the push press, you’re still gaining strength/endurance for putting weight overhead.

You can say the same thing about squats. Haven’t done front squats in a while? You’ve probably done back squats, overhead squats, goblet squats, squat cleans, hang squat cleans, squat snatches, hang squat snatches, Curtis P’s, wall balls, med ball cleans, thrusters, clusters or pistols. The point is, you’re probably going to be getting your hips below parallel at least once a week (but probably more).

So there’s no need to fret about missing a single exercise. If you come consistently (at least 3x/week), chances are you will hit the MOVEMENT during those days.

*side note – ever notice how we rarely do bench press, but you keep getting stronger at them? Weird, eh?

Deadlift x10

Run 800m
Rest same time it took to run it
Run 400m
Rest same time
Run 200m

Score is total time.

Some more of our lovely ladies at CrossFit Moncton
Some more of our lovely ladies at CrossFit Moncton

87 thoughts on “Strength”

  1. Looking great ladies and strong!

    Deadlift x10

    Run 800m (oopsie we ran about 1km? 6am brain )
    Rest same time it took to run it
    Run 400m
    Rest same time
    Run 200m

    time = 14:50

    Stuck around for open gym

    OHS x 5

    Great morning. Missed the 6am and 6amers! Thanks Mario!

  2. WUx1 + 400m jog

    Deadlift x 10
    190-210-230-250×6 (grip is failing fast, farmers carries to help resolve)

    WOD with extra distance on 800m(1000m+)

    Great work 6:00 am folks!

  3. Some skipping practice with my new rope. I will get DU’s. I will get DU’s haha

    Deadlift x10

    Run 800m 3:19
    Rest same time it took to run it
    Run 400m 1:38
    Rest same time
    Run 200m 0:45

    Time: 10:39
    Well, that’s was a gasser! Realized today that I have no control when sprinting down the hill to come back in the gym. I’m sure I looked like Phobe running haha

    Cash out: calf drop and 10 Mackenzie push-ups

  4. Deadlifts x10 (based on 375)

    Run 800m 2:47
    Rest same time it took to run it
    Run 400m 1:15
    Rest same time
    Run 200m :37

    Time: 8:44

    That 400m was the worst. Felt like a snail on the way back. Thanks for the great class Mario!

  5. Warmup
    Deadlifts (10) 125-135-145-165 -165

    First run – ran to the end of rideout street. (5:20)
    400m -1:40
    200m – 0:44
    Total time – 14:22

    My rest time was off, ran too far on the first run, stole Julie’s bar….hmmm perhaps I need to start bringing coffee to the 6am.

  6. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Group mobility

    Deadlift x 10 (based on 210#)
    105-115-125-135-145 (6-4)
    So tired after these Deadlifts…wow.


  7. Mobility
    Warm up x1 plus 400m jog
    Group mobility
    Deadlift ×10: 55%, 60%, 65%, 70%, 75%
    (60, 65, 70, 75, 80)

    -800 meters plus plus plus…
    -rest same amount of time
    -400 meter run
    -Rest same amount of time
    -200 meter run

    Great coaching Mario….great work 6amers 🙂

  8. Deadlift x10

    Run 800m 4:59
    Rest same time it took to run it
    Run 400m 2:23
    Rest same time
    Run 200m 1:11

    Time: 15:55

  9. Deadlift x10
    150 – 165 – 180 – 195 – 210

    Run 800m 3:26
    Rest same time it took to run it
    Run 400m 1:32
    Rest same time
    Run 200m 0:46

    Time: 10:42

  10. Mob. And WUx 1 plus 400m jog
    Dead lifts
    10x 85, 95, 105, 115, 125
    WOD: run 800m, rest, 400m, rest, 200m
    Time: 12:09
    Great job everyone! Thanks for the calf smashing Kevin!

  11. Please cancel my 4pm please i have to stay late at work but i will be there for the 5pm class. I need to practice my running 🙂

  12. Mobility
    WU x1 + 400m run

    Deadlift (x10)


    800m run (4:52)
    rest same amount as run
    400m run (not sure)
    200m run


    Kevin, what’s the name of the song playing in the Hopper video?

  13. Mob/wux1/400m jog

    group wu

    Deadlift x10
    (50%) / (55%) / (60%) / (65%) / (70%)
    110 / 120/ 130/ 140/ 150


    Run 800m
    ….Rest same time
    Run 400m
    Run 200m

  14. Dl 10 m
    10 reps… Thats tough

    Wod: 11:13
    800m: 3:32
    400m: 1:41
    200m : 0:47

  15. wux1
    group wu
    Deadlift x10

    Run 800m 3:38
    Rest same time it took to run it
    Run 400m 1:46
    Rest same time
    Run 200m 0:46

    Time: 11:37

  16. Patrick Arseneau

    I walked into the gym feeling very tired and lacked much needed energy. But once again, seeing everybody working hard and lifting heavy sh*t got my mojo going and I walked out feeling great 🙂 I love this place!

    WUx1 (some side planks, weighted pushups)

    Run 400m

    Group mobility

    Deadlifts 10x

    WOD: 9:47

    Damn it, Francis! You are one fast gazelle. And Remi, if you weren’t there to push me forward, I don’t think my score would be sub 10min

  17. Francis Lavoie

    Mob +WUx1 +400M run

    Group WU

    Dead lifts x 10

    800 M run 2:50
    Rest same time
    400 M run 1:38
    Rest same time
    200 M run 39sec

    Total : 9:35

    Good running everyone and Patrick if you weren’t creeping so close behind I don’t think I would have pushed so hard! Thanks haha!

    1. HOLY you were fast!!
      Nice having you join us for an evening class – come back again soon!

  18. Strength:
    10x 115-125-135-150-160

    Wod: 12:06
    Fun running with Keith 🙂

    The 5pm class had lots of speedy people, great job!

  19. OLY Class


    Group Mob

    Heaving Snatch Balance 2×10

    1 Power Snatch + 1 OHS 1×10
    70% or Max Snatch @55#

    Heaving DL+Finish 3sec 3×3

    Great Class Kevin Thanks!

  20. Prep course

    Mobility + WU x 1 + 400 m run

    Skill rowing

    WOD: Deck of Death!
    Time cap: 15 minutes

    22 cards
    130 + Rowing

    Thank you Maria and Amanda! Great class!

  21. Prep Course
    Mobility + WU x 2 + 800m (jog/walk) – next time I’ll read better and watch better!! lol
    Skill rowing
    WOD: Deck of Death – 15 min.
    21 cards = 131 + Rowing

    1. Nice to meet you Kelly, you did great on a tough workout! And I did the same thing in the am, went a litte too far. It happens 🙂

  22. WU x 1 + 400 m jog

    Dead Lifts x 10
    First dead lifts in a long time. Felt pretty good.

    WOD at 12:12
    Fun run 🙂

  23. Prep Course
    Mobility + WU x 2 + 400m run
    Skill rowing
    WOD: Deck of Death – 15 min.
    39 cards = 238 + Rowing

  24. Prep Course
    Mobility + WU + 400m run
    skill rowing
    WOD: Deck of Death – 15 minutes
    X number of cards = 113 rep + 1 x 400m rowing

    It was fun! 30ish Burpees back to back killed me~ 🙂

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