Strength Days

Reminder that the gym is closed this weekend. If you want a workout, come to the gym at 10am on Saturday and help lift over 10,000 pounds of equipment.

Paleo Challengers – get your benchmarks done this week!

Also, there’s still some spots left for the Body Comp tests this weekend (which will be held at the new gym).

Find a 3RM Split Jerk

Find a 3RM Power Clean

On these strength days, it’s still important to make modest jumps in weight – no more than 5-10 pounds from the last time you did them. By doing so, you’re letting your body adapt to the new demands you’re placing upon it. Making 20-40 pound jumps (newbies, I’m looking at you), should never be attempted. Keep an accurate record of each strength in your books and follow the progressions we tell you. It’s for your development and safety.

Quick little video on the Split Jerk. Take note that the failed lifts still counted as attempts. They didn’t pretend it didn’t happen. A failed lift takes as much energy as a successful lift, so put it in your journal with an ‘F’ beside it.


45 thoughts on “Strength Days”

  1. Mobility + WU x 1
    Group Barbel WU

    3 RM Split Jerk

    3 RM Power clean

    Cashout Row 250M

  2. Mobility + WU x 1
    Group Barbel WU

    3 RM Split Jerk

    3 RM Power clean

    Cashout Row 800M run

    Great class Patrick – thanks for your help.
    Good job Jackie, was nice sharing the bar with you.

  3. Mobility
    Group Barbel WU

    3RM Split Jerk

    3RM Power Clean

    Cash Out: 250m Row

    1. ValΓ©rie Arseneau

      I’m hesitant. Typically it falls the same weekend as a frisbee tournement I love and money is tight…

      1. I’m hesitant for the $ as well – it’s a lot of money and it says on the registration, no refunds.

    2. I want to but not sure what qualifies as scaled and rx’d. I’m sure that I will be doing the scaled, but still would like to know.

      1. The only two movements I can think of from last year that were in the RX movements were muscle-ups and HSPU’s. I’m not sure if there was a minimum weight to be lifted.

      2. Here’s what they had posted for last year to give you an indication of what could be out this year:

        1. OH Walking Lunges (Rx w/45#/35#,Scale 35#/25#, Masters & Kids no weight)
        2. Deadlift (Rx w/225#/155#,Scale 185#/135#, Masters 135#/95)
        3. Box Jumps (Rx w/30″/24″,Scale 24″/20, Masters 24″/20″)
        4. Power Cleans (Rx w/155#/105#,Scale 135#/95#, Masters 95#/75#)
        5. Snatches ( Ladder format )
        6. Wall Balls (Rx w/20#/14#,Scale 20#/14#, Masters 14#/10#)
        7. Row
        8. Pistols (Rx division only)
        9. Air Squats
        10. Double Unders – (Rx, Scaled & Masters will have option DU or 3xSingles)

  4. Mobility + WU x 1
    Group Barbel WU

    3 RM Split Jerk

    3 RM Power clean
    110-125-130f on 3rd 130×3 (and 1 split jerk power clean πŸ˜‰ during the warmup

    Cashout Row 250M

  5. Mobility + WU
    Group WU (w/ bar and stick)

    3RM Split Jerk
    (x3) 70-75-85-90-95-100(x2) – 5#PR

    3RM Power Clean
    (x3) 70-80-85-90-95(x2) – F 3rd attempt)

    Fun! Thanks for the company Crystal!

    Cashout: 250m Row

  6. Mobility + WU X1
    Group WU

    3RM Split Jerk a first for me

    3RM Power Clean
    70-80-85-90-90×2 F 3rd

    Love these type of classes…thanks for all the great coaching Kevin and Mel for the company! Have fun in NFLD! πŸ™‚

    Cashout: 250m Row

    1. I love the strength/lifting classes too Crystal. You were putting up some heavy weights today. Almost triple digits on your jerks. Impressive.

      Hope you enjoyed the “split jerk”. I prefer it over the regular jerk, but that’s just me. πŸ™‚

  7. Warmup

    Split jerk (3) 65-75-85-85-95

    Power cleans (3) 65-75-85-95-105-115(failed on 2nd) 115 (failed on 3rd) then I did 115 a lot. Extension is good, but my elbows need to be faster.

    1. I have the same issue with my elbows. When I’m doing a squat clean I seem to get away with slower elbows. Not the case with power cleans. *sigh* Some day this will get easier. Right? LOL

  8. Mob
    Warm up x 1

    Paleo challenge benchmark

    3 burpees
    3 wall balls
    6 burpees
    6 wall balls
    Increase by 3 each round for 7 mins

    Score 63 – improvement of 1 rep from first time 6 weeks ago – it’s only 1 rep, but it’s still an improvement!

    2000 m row

    Time: 9:40 – 28 secs faster than 6 weeks ago!! I like that improvement!!

  9. Split Jerks x3

    Power Cleans x3 (touch & go)

    Cleans were hard without the hook grip (still have a hole in my thumb). Will do better next time. Thanks for sharing the bar Jeff and Chris.

  10. Mob
    Warm up x1
    Group WU

    3RM Split jerks

    3RM Power Clean

    Cash out: 250m

    I enjoyed this class, first time doing Split Jerks πŸ™‚

  11. @ Crossfit Kinetics

    WOD – For Time:
    – 30 Muscle-Ups = 21:05

    That was nice, I dont think I’ve ever done that many! Woot!

  12. Push Jerk (no split) Thanks for letting me me join you Chantal and Tara!
    65 75 85 90

    DB Hang power cleans
    each hand – 20 30 35

    Cashout – 250m row:1:00.5

  13. Split Jerk


    Power Cleans


    *focused too much on straight arms and forgot everything else

    Great sharing the bar with Kevin and Chris tonight.

  14. Vanessa Champion

    Mobility and WU
    Group WU with bar and stick

    3RM split jerk-first time and I think I like it better than the regular one!
    I think I could have gotten to 75 but ran out of time. Started too light

    3RM power clean
    55-65-70-75-80F-80 PR but ugly haha
    Thanks a lot Jo for the help and encouragement on the 80# πŸ™‚

    Cash out 250m row 56sec
    400m run 1:21

  15. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Group WU with barbell

    3 RM Split Jerks

    3 RM Power Cleans

    This was a good class to work on technique πŸ™‚ Good job Tara !!!

  16. Mobility
    Wu x 1
    Group Wu, and technique practice
    Split jerk x 3
    95/ 135/ 135/ 155/ 185/ 185
    Worked on form, and try to figure out how to get the
    Bar to rest on my shoulders, flexibility/Mobility really lacking for that position, puts a lot of pressure on my Wrist and shoulders…
    Power cleans x 3
    185/ 195/ 205/ 215/ 225/ 235 failed 3rd rep
    Great class Marie thanks for the pointers
    Cash out 250m row: 43sec

  17. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Group WU with barbell

    3 RM Split Jerks

    3 RM Power Cleans

    250m row: 56.2 secs

  18. Mobility
    Group Barbell WU

    Group split jerk progressions
    3RM Split Jerk
    75-95-115-135 *ran out of time for a 5th set
    Need to remember “head through”, wider split, and to bend my back leg. Oh what a mess.

    Group power clean progressions
    3RM Power Clean
    Have to have faster elbows!
    I have been having issues with power cleans lately. I have a death grip on the bar and am too slow with elbow turnover. Squat clean 1RM is 175# so I was hoping to get to 155# with power clean 3RM tonight but 150# felt super heavy.

    Got distracted. Forgot the cashout. Boo.

  19. Debbie Mackenzie

    WU x1

    Paleo Benchmark WOD:

    2k row

    Rest, then:

    AMRAP 7 mins:
    -3 burpees
    -3 wall balls
    -6 burpees
    -6 wall balls
    -9 burpees
    -9 wallballs…

    2k row= 8:54 this time and was 9:00 last time, so a small PR.

    AMRAP score= 94 this time and was 68 last time. I’m pretty excited about a 26 point PR!

  20. Mobility
    Group WU
    Split jerk x3 40-45-55-65
    1st time doing these. Definitely need practice.
    Power cleans x3 30-40-50-60-65

  21. Mob
    WU x 1
    Group WU with barbell

    3 RM Split Jerks
    45-65-75-85-100# PR

    3 RM Power Cleans
    75-85-95-105-110# PR

    250m row: 47.1 secs (could get the TC soon).

    1st time doing split jerks. Really gotta work on technique, but thanks to Jo and Jeff for lots of great advice. I always appreciate the help from our awesome trainers!

  22. Forgot to post this yesterday. Better late than never.

    Mob and WUx1
    Group WU with barbell

    3RM Split Jerk

    3RM Power Clean (touch and go)

    Row 250m for time: 47.9

  23. MOB
    Group WU

    3RM Split Jerk
    #10 more than fundamentals
    **remember to keep back foot straight

    3RM Power Clean
    15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 (F each of 40)
    **jump shrug drill to help before lift
    **Arms straight
    **Elbows Up at end

    250m row

  24. Late Adding this, wanted to have it for records.

    Split Jerks x3
    95, 115, 135, 135, 135 – 1st time doing this so worked on form. Need wider split.

    Power Cleans x3
    135-155-175-185-185 – elbows too low.

    Cash out 250m row – 40.4

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