Strength Day

Athletes – remember to sign up in Zenplanner for tomorrow by 8pm tonight.

Judges – Please let me know if you CANNOT make it. Thanks!

Weighted Dips
5×3 reps

Weighted Situps
3×10 reps

80m Sandbag Farmer Carry x3

Extra time? Work on a goat.

There was a lot of heavy sh*t lifted last Friday!
There was a lot of heavy sh*t lifted last Friday!

35 thoughts on “Strength Day”

  1. Happy 14.4 announcement day everyone! I just want to say that reading Kevin’s recent post, seeing all the epic pictures and learning about all of your pr’s and tremendous work is so inspiring and rally making me miss all of Of you very much. Since I’ve been here I have gone to several gyms and cannot come close to finding the feel of CFM, wether it being for the coaching, the great workouts or the warmth of the members. Seriously! Keep up the great work guys and keep posting all to your updates! I hope your Thursday isn’t as wet and muggy as here, that being said it was supposed to snow 10 cm and all we had was rain so that’s a good sign that winter is almost done!

    Let’s see what 14.4 has in store for us! What are you guys thinking or what would you like to see? Kevin I hope Castro did t misinform you again πŸ˜‰

    1. Heather Colleen

      We miss you!!! I wish you could visit – I’d LOVE to see you kill these Open WODs. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow… found this nice(?) prediction for 14.4….

    AMRAP 15
    60 T2B
    60 WB
    30 C&J (135/95)
    30 MU

    Could be possible I suppose… πŸ™‚

    1. Me thinks it will be longer…. did you see Castro’s video ‘hint’ …. he was putting wood in a wood CHIPPER. Just saying.

      1. Agreed, could go longer… but this one is a chipper for most. I dont think I’d make it through the whole round, personally.

      2. Still working on trying to get one MU, let alone not sure I could make it through the full round once in 15 min. ohh me thinks I be a bit timid of this – just need to spin the nerves to a positive energy instead of a scared one

  3. Heather Colleen

    A) I think Kevin’s suggestion might be a possibility. (17-20 min AMRAP 50 wall balls/50 something something/50 T2B/50 MU)
    B) This was a MAGICAL DAY for me at CFM, like I haven’t had in a really long time.


    WU x2 – Did pullups with only blue, and pushups slow and strict from toes…and they felt EASY?!? Who knew that dropping a bit of body fat would make such an insane difference?

    Strength Day

    Weighted Dips – scaled to assisted dips…and I did them!! I really thought they would be completely out of my grasp, but I did 2 full rounds standing, and 1 partial round (3 reps) on the 12″ box.

    Weighted Situps x 10
    35 – 45 (4) – 40
    It’s still holding the press that is killing me here, the situp part was totally fine. I can’t wait until I get more solid shoulder strength.

    80m sandbag farmers carry

    37 sec (overhand grip) 31 sec (underhand grip) 45 sec (totally lost my stupid grip)

  4. ValΓ©rie Arseneau

    This was supposed to be a rest day/I got a lot to do at home… but this looks like a good one! Signing up for this evening πŸ™‚

    Can’t stay away from the gym… a good problem to have?

  5. Alyson Kitchen

    Strength day!

    Warm up & mobility (2x)

    I’m still on the Paralette dips and trying to get a hold! SLOWLY improving lol

    Weighted situp
    10(15#), 10(35#), 10(45#)

    80m sandbag farmer carry
    34seconds , 32 seconds, 38 seconds!

    I attempted my very first pull-up today …. Used a blue and black band and managed to get 1! Wooohooo! Hahaha – thanks for the help today Coach Mario!

    1. haha good job on your pullup Alyson! Keep working on your ring rows (get vertical, make them hard!) and you’ll be up on the bar doing pullups in your wods in no time πŸ™‚

    2. You can’t say your ‘still’ on the paralette dips. Everyone is ‘still’ somewhere at somepoint trying to improve. The fact that you are doing paralette dips is awesome! Keep working hard!

  6. Weighted paralette dips
    Weighted sit ups(one arm)X10
    80m Sand bag farmer carry
    23 sec-21sec-19sec

  7. MOB+WU(2x)

    Weighted Dips
    #20 vest for 5 sets of 3

    Weighted Situps

    80m Sand Bag farmer carry


  8. Valerie Arseneau


    Weighted Dips
    assisted on on a box.

    Weighted Situps
    hit a wall at 45. It was actually very funny!

    80m Sand Bag farmer carry

  9. Mob

    Group Mob

    Negative Dips
    5 x 3 reps

    Weighted Situps
    3 x 10 reps

    80m sandbag farmers carry

    Fun class!

  10. Now that 14.4 is up I’m glad (sorta) for all the miles I rowed last summer because I couldn’t run!! Elba, looks like we’ve got that part covered

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