Strength Day

Push Press 3RM

Weighted Pullups 3RM

Weighted Dips 3RM

Some pre-wod mobility
Some pre-wod mobility

43 thoughts on “Strength Day”

  1. Singer, Alaina (ASD-E)

    Hi Kevin,

    I cannot seem to book three classes this week. It says attendance limit when I try. I am booked for today and Thursday and would like to add Sat. morning please.


    Alaina Singer Grade Two Teacher Salisbury Elem. School ________________________________

  2. Mobility
    WU x 1
    Group WU

    Push Press 3 RM
    45, 55, 65, 75, 80

    Weighted Pullups 3 RM
    bandless, bandless, bandless, 2.5#, 5#

    Weighted Dips 3 RM
    10#, box, ring dip practice

    Great class Marie Noelle!
    Nice sharing the bar with you Jackie ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Mob + WU + group WU

    Strength day!

    3RM push press
    95-105-115-120 (x2), 120 (F) .. boo.

    3RM Weighted pullups (sub for ring rows)
    did 5 sets with being more vertical each time

    3rm Weighted dips
    no weight, 10# plate, then switched to 10# plate under feet, 45# plate under feet and then a 12″ box. Much harder then having weight on my lap.

    Awesome class this morning!

  4. Vanessa Champion

    Quick WU
    50 no show burpees. Thanks for pullin out the last 6 with me Anthony… And for the heckling haha

    Push press:
    I know I can do more than this but it just wasn’t happening this morning

    Pull ups
    Ring rows 3×5
    A few jumping pull ups and some practice with the initial pull

    Ring rows
    Happy to be able to actually hold them this time without a box under feet

    Skill practice: DU’s. Thanks for helping me realize my left wrist is slow Kevin!

  5. Foam Roller Goodness

    Push Press x 3
    95 – 135 – 145 – 155 – 165 (must get head through quicker)

    Weighted Pullups x 3
    25 – 30 – 35 – 40 – 45 (5# PR)
    — managed one one-handed pullup ~ tough!

    Weighted Ring Dips
    – Not a total failure as I was able to do a couple strict ring dips and a few ring dip holds.
    – Tried a couple L-Sit ring dips (got 1), and all-in-all the wrist felt ok! A ways to go but happy with the progress!

    Double-Under Practice
    – Managed sets of 20, 19 & 18 in between sets of 3 and 4. Looooong ways to go there.

  6. Nice work, one handed pullup! Also good on you to keep on the DUs, they will slip away if you let them. Sneaky things, these DUs.

    1. Thanks! I still get excited when I reach my current PR. Just need to relax…and concentrate…at the same time!

  7. Mobility
    Wu x 1 Ring rows off 20” box a little below horizontal
    Group mobility and Wu
    Push Press 3rm
    135/ 155/ 185/ 205/ 215x 1 failed second press 10 lb pr on 1 rep
    Weighted Pullups 3rm
    50/ 70/ 80/ 90/ 105 x 2 7/8 chin was at the bar but Marie no repped me… Pr 5 lbs
    Weighted Dips 3rm
    40/ 50/ 60/ 70/ 80 pr 10#
    Great class Marie, great work 6 amer’s!!

  8. Push Press 3-3-3-3-3

    Pull-ups 3-3-3-3-3

    Ring Dips 3-3-3-3-3

    GHD Sit-ups – 3×15
    GHD Hip Ext. – 3×15

  9. Mobility
    Group Mobility/ Barbell WU

    Push Press: 3RM

    Pullups: x3
    5 Sets of Negatives

    5 Sets of Negatives

    Great Job 5:45 Class!

  10. Mob
    3rm push press
    95,135,145,155(sloppy), 155 good reps PR
    3rm pull ups strict
    3, 3, 3, 2 7/8 pr
    3rm dips weighted
    Strict, 15, 20, 25(2 reps)pr

    Tried a weighted pull-ups after but could not get the chin fully over. Things are progressing as I used a band last time and was able to a bunch without this time

    Did a 100 cash out du and after some helpful advice I was able together a new pr of 45 reps thanks Mario, Stephen, and Kevin

  11. mob

    push press x 3
    135-155-175-185-195-205 (1)

    weighted pull ups x 3

    weighted dips

  12. mob wux1
    group wu

    push press
    95×3 105×3 115×3 125×3 130×3

    weighted pull up
    5×3 10×3 15×3 20×3 5# pr

    weighted dip
    5×3 10×3 15×3

  13. 3 RM push press From floor
    135,155,175,195,215×2,215×3 (15lb PR)

    3 RM weighted pull ups
    45,53,53,63×2,63×2 (8lb PR)

    3 RM weighted dips
    30,40,53,70,75×2,75×3 (30lb PR)

    Thanks for making me push Cam.

  14. Push Press 3RM
    135-155-175-185(pr) – 175(worked on form)

    Pull-ups 3RM

    Ring Dips 3RM
    BW- 25-30-35

  15. mob

    push press x 3

    weighted pull ups x 3
    ring rows-ring rows-ring rows(box)-ring rows(box)-negatives-negatives

    weighted dips
    dip holds (x5)

    Cashout: Worked on DUs and managed to string together 51 ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. 3RM push press:

    3RM weighted Pull up
    45, 53, 65, 70

    3RM weighted Dips

    Fun night with Adam, Jeff, Jack and Marcel
    Thanks Kevin.

  17. WU x 1

    Push Press: 3RM

    75-95-105-110-115-125 ( A long time since I push pressed 125)

    Weighted Pull-ups: 3RM

    Strict – 10 – 12.5 – 15 – 17.5

    Weighted Ring Dips: 3RM


    Fun class Kevin. Great energy at the gym tonight!

  18. WUx1

    push press x 3

    weighted pullups x3

    weighted dips x3

  19. – Mob
    – WUx1

    Push press x5,3,3,3…
    65-85-95-105-115-120(1x F)-120

    Pull ups x3:
    5 sets of negatives

    Ring dips x3:
    5 sets of negatives

  20. Mobility + WU
    Foam roll quads and lats
    Group push press progressions with barbell

    Strength 1: Push press (3RM)
    75-95-105-120-135# (PR for reps)
    Felt like I could have gone heavier. 140# is my current 1RM. Next time…
    Thanks for doing the math for me Marcel ๐Ÿ™‚

    Strength 2: Weighted pull ups (strict) (3RM)
    BW-10#-10#-10#-10#(2) then BW (1)
    Really happy with this. First time EVER doing weighted strict pullups!
    Thanks for sharing a bar (and putting the KB on my foot) Gerry.

    Strength 3: Weighted dips (strict) (3RM)
    These felt awesome.
    Nice sharing the rings with you Jeff L and Gerry.

    Worked on some handstands.

  21. Push Press X 3


    Weighted pull up X 3 = Ring rows more horizontal each time for 5 sets

    Weighted dips X 3 = Ring dip negatives

    Box-knees bent-knees bent-on toes-on toes

  22. Mobility / wu x2 (10 reps)

    Push press 3x 75-85-100-110-115 2×120# (previous 1rm was 105… Pr!) thank you so much kev and uncle P for the tips and for having shared the low rack with me!

    Weighted pull-ups 3x 20-25-30-25

    Weighted dips (with rings at armpit level – keeping hollow body) 3x 20-25-25-30-20

    Great work 4:15 and thanks again Kev for great class!

    Loved meeting baby Holly for the first time! She already looked so comfortable at the gym!

    1. NICE PR on the push press! ๐Ÿ™‚
      And I bet your ring dips were some pretty, done with proper hollow holds! Great job ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Mobility
    Group mobility & WU

    Push press 3 RM

    Weighted pullups x3
    Negatives, negatives, ring rows, negative (x1), ring rows(ร—2)

    Weighted ring dips x3
    On a box leaning back legs straight for all 5 sets.

  24. Push jerks
    3x 65-75-85-95-105(1)-105(f)-105(f)

    Weighted pullups
    3x BW-5-10-5-5

    Weighted dips
    3x BW for all (worked on keeping my body straight)

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