Strength Day

*Reminder – gym will be closed for the holiday on Monday

Clean + Split Jerk

Spend the class making them pretty and heavy

Lisa and Sarah

11 thoughts on “Strength Day”

  1. Clean + Split Jerk

    3 sets of 12 GHD situps w 1min back ext hold between sets
    Emom 10min
    m1 – pullups 10-8-8-8-10
    m2 – plank 43s
    Emom 5min
    knee raises – 10-8-8-8-8
    Emom 5min
    DUs 25
    10 min Assault bike 10s burst each min
    3.6k 125 cals
    25 Burpees

    Thanks Matt!

  2. Nooner

    Clean & jerk heavy single


    Split jerks starting to feel almost normal again, still 15# under PR but heaviest I’ve gone in a while. Cleans felt good!

    Thanks Matt

  3. Clean & jerk


    Worked on making my cleans squats cleans ,also landing wider and lower on the split jerk.

    Thanks for the tips Matt I’ll try them out next open gym .

  4. WUx1

    Clean + Split Jerk
    95-95-105-105-115-115 (all x2)
    125-125-135-135-135-145-145-145 (x1)

    Great job am peeps!

    Thanks Matt!

  5. Janet joined me for a ruck workout this morning.. I had done this one in my yard a couple years ago without a ruck..
    5 rounds
    200m sprint
    50m bear crawl
    100 flutterkicks (4count)
    1 min accumulated plank
    Sounds easy enough.. After JT yesterday and my 15k ruck last night, my body did not want to cooperate.. I did the things 🤣.
    Ruck 40#
    25 burpees

    Jeana also had her first prep class, her legs are wobbly today..

  6. Clean & Jerks

    Thanks for the tips & class Ron 🙌🏻 And for sharing the bar Karen!

  7. OG

    465×1 – PR

    Flight sim.

    Made it to the 50s in under 4 min. then all I could manage were sets of 30-ish for the next 11mins…. arrrgggghhh!

    First Assault ride, 20 Cals, sub 2mins.

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