Strength Day

Double Strength Day

You get to pick 2 strengths (maybe ones you haven’t done in a while) and get some new numbers or practice. Let the coach know what you plan on doing before the class.

Would you look at these two! They’ve put a ton of work into their lifts over the last few months, and they both came home with medals.


16 thoughts on “Strength Day”

  1. OG
    Mob, smashing

    Power cleans – 3 rep 65-85%
    95 – 105 – 115 – 120 – 125

    WOD – 5 RFT
    – 10 box jump 24″
    – 10 dball over shoulder 50#

    Time: 8:40

  2. Double strength day!
    Front Squat 3RM
    35# – 55# (wu) – 65# – 75# – 85#
    Previous 3RM was 70# from February.

    Power Cleans
    35# – 55# (wu) – 65# – 75# (x2) failed on 3rd rep.
    Previous 1RM was 75# in August.

  3. Big gym day today! Marcel, you are awesome!


    55# on the bar
    14# 9′ WB
    20″ box

    Rounds: 70-71-65

    Total: 206

    Then double strength:

    Power cleans
    75(5) 85(5) 95(1) 95(1) 95(1)

    Trying so hard to learn patience with these. Still jumping too soon.


    35(5) 40(5) 45(5) 50(5) 55(3) 60(3) 65(1)

    Form got better as I went along. Might be time to go heavy again.

    Cashout AMRAP: PR for staying rep-for-rep with Davis!

  4. Open Gym

    50 burpees for time – 6 minutes on the dot. 1 min 39 second PR over Nov 2015.

    Mobility – quads, t-spine, lats, triceps and calf.

    Thanks for the class Marcel.

  5. OG

    MOB 10 pull ups

    Shoulder Press x3
    95-115-120-125-130(failed on 3rd rep)

    Push Press
    115-125-135-140-145(10# pr)

    20 wallballs @ 16#

  6. Double strength day!

    Not anywhere near what my old 1RM used to be, but it was the first time I’ve been over 200# in a year🙂 I probably could have gone up a bit more, but my form was starting to suffer and safety(and my back) is way more important than my ego😜

    Push Jerk
    Marcel gave me a few tips because my dip is way too fast. So, I dropped back down to 55# to practice for the remaining time left.

  7. Double PR day!

    OHS new 5rep 70#
    C J new 1rm 100# !!!! damn right i wasnt leaving to hibernate for the winter without hitting a 3 digit number overhead.
    (& technically a 3rd PR for hpc at the same time)

    See you guys in February! Thanks for the hugs Tara & Stacey.

  8. Power Snatch x 5 to 125#
    Started landing wide so finished at 115#

    Hang Squat Clean x 3 to 195#
    PR Reps! Matches my old 1 RM!

    AMRAP 10 min of
    — 10 Down-Ups
    — 10 Lunges
    — 10 Situps

    No idea what my score was but I caught up to my son Isaac at the very end so that’s all that mattered!

    Thanks for the coaching Marcel… and for the drive home Davis!

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