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Knees out! Have you heard this before? I think it’s safe to say we all have. But do you know why?

Your knee is like a door hinge – it’s only meant to open one way. Have you ever tried to open your front door from the top? With enough pressure, you could (but it would break…just like your knee). So when you push your knees out, it allows your knee to hinge the way it was designed. When your knees collapse, that’s when the gears start to grind.

When you push your knees out, it also affects what happens upstream in the hips. Firstly, it allows more room in your hip capsule so you can get your butt below parallel. Secondly (and most importantly) it recruits the rotators of the hip to generate more power. And you know what more power equals? More weight! And lastly, by creating torque in your hip, you’re body will be more upright (which again, leads to more weight baby!)

There was a great discussion on the cue “knees out” on the CF Main Site. Check it out if you have some spare time.

Front Squats x3
5 sets @ 85%

Handstand Pushup practice

How many kids are in this picture?
How many kids are in this picture?

28 thoughts on “Strength and Skillz”

  1. Front Squats x3
    WU 45#, 65#, 75#
    5 sets @ 85% = 85#

    Handstand Pushup practice

    Thanks Mario!

  2. Mobility and Wu x 1, crossover symmetry
    Group mobility
    Strength 5 x 3 front squats @85%
    Worked up in weight being careful of knee
    135/ 185/ 225 x 2/ 245 x 2 /265 x 2
    Practiced hspu, got a couple single strict did a few kipping. Shoulder is coming along!
    Great class Mario and great work 6 amer’s!

  3. Crossover Iron Scap (so much burning)
    Atlas stone over the shoulder – 3x/side

    Front Squats x3

    10 negative HSPU
    Shoulder wasn’t hurting, but could still feel the tightness

    Thanks Mario!

  4. 6. There are 6 kids in that picture.
    WU+mobility+ 5 negative pull ups. Ring rows at 4.5 feet out (was doin 4)
    Crossover symmetry activation

    Squat cleans 55#x5-70×3-80×3-90×1-100×1-110F-105F-105-105-110-115F-115-120F-120#PR!!!

  5. Heather Colleen

    That was the most mentally challenging class I’ve had in a long time, and also one of the most rewarding.

    Front Squats x3
    Walked 1/2 the length of the gym with the band to keep my knees out.
    85(5) 85(5)
    Still so far to go on my squat form (even my basic air squat needs a TON of work), but I am committed to getting this shit down.

    Handstand holds, no PRs today, just working on getting comfortably inverted again.

    Pike pushups on 12″ box.
    1 with KWood supporting me
    2 with Mario supporting me
    1 pretty much by myself!!!

    So stoked…I have a near-paralyzing fear of pike pushups, but come hell or high water I’m going to master them by the end of the summer.

  6. Front Squats x3
    WU 95#, 125#, 145#, 185#
    3 sets @ 85% = 210#
    Was great sharing a bar with Joanna this morning.

    Handstand practice.

    50 Burpees

    Thanks for coaching, Mario.

  7. Front Squats 5 x 3rep @ 85%
    WU 135 x 5, 185 x 4, 185 x 3
    195 – 195 – 195 – 195 – 205(PR)

    Handstand Pushup practice

    Had my knee caps around my ankles for the first 3 sets. Squat felt a little easier ones I put them on, so went for the 205.

  8. Front Squats 5 x 3rep @ 85%
    Felt tough, I’m sore from bowling yesterday!?

    Handstand Pushup practice

    Thanks for the class Steph!

  9. Front Squats x 3 @ 215#

    HSPU Practice – very odd feeling when paired with a head cold.

    Cashout: Thrusters x 10 (unbroken again…felt a bit better today, even after squats and HSPU.

    Thanks Steph!

  10. F. Squat x3
    95 125 145 then 5 sets @ 160

    Some handstands and press to handstand practice

    Fun laid back am class 🙂

  11. Mob + WUx2

    Front Squat
    3 reps x 5 sets @ 85% (265#)

    … that was a battle. Dropped last rep on set no.5

    Handstand Pushups
    – strict x3
    – kip x3
    – strict x3
    – kip x3
    – strict x3
    – kip x5

    …worked on proper hand/elbow position.

    Good job nooners!

  12. Mob
    Wu x2

    Group mob

    Front Squats x3
    @ 85#
    (wu @ 55-65-75#)

    Handstand practise
    (Did 3)

  13. Mob and WUx2
    Group Mob and WU
    Front Squat 5 sets if 3 reps @85%
    3x (#45-95-105-105-105-105-105)
    Thanks for being a great partner BJ!
    Handstand practice:
    #25+10 plate + mat. 3 reps
    Tried #25 plate and mat and couldn’t get one so went back to the other and got 1-1-1, then practiced some holds
    Thanks Steph!! Great class 🙂

  14. mob wux2
    group mob
    front squat x 3 rep
    135×3 185×3 185×3
    195×2 195×3 195×3
    only 3 set strength is not there yet
    hand stand push up
    pratice on 24 in box

  15. Front Squats
    wu 95-115-130#
    5 sets x3 @ 140#
    Thanks for sharing the bar Angela

    HSPU Practice
    used abmat, did a couple sets of 3 at a time, then went down to 2, then 1
    did 1 rx but still have trouble keeping control during the negative so need to work on that.

    Fun strength day, thanks Maria!

    1. Your HSPU’s are really coming along. You know what’s fun about sharing the bar with Angela? Hmmm I wonder what swear word she’ll use next lol

  16. Front squat
    45(5)-95(5)-115(3)-125(3)-135(3)-125(4)-125(3)-125(3)… 135 is my 85% but thoutht we had to do 5reps… Felt heavy so dropped the weight

    Some single and some db rx’d with kipping… Tried one strict… No go… So my newsletter was inaccurate… I can do a rx’d hspu… No strict yet

    Practiced some skipping after yesterday’s epic fail with my very unsuccessful DUs… Did a number of sets of 20 singles (to just relax with the rope) and some sets of 5 DUs in a row… It’s a start…

  17. Front squats – build to 160# (85%) and did 4 sets. My hammies don’t like me today – shoulda stayed lighter since I’ve been away for a couple of weeks.

    Hspu practice – worked on pike pushups from 18′. Did 2 sets of 3. Shoulders were dead after 🙂

  18. Mob + WU

    Front Squat
    wu: 45-50-60
    5×3 @ 85% (80#)

    HSPU practice
    Got my kipping HSPU! 🙂
    Reps: 7 ( in 15 mins)

    Super happy, was one of my goals, thanks for the tips CAM!

  19. Front Squats 5 x 3rep @ 85%

    Handstand Pushup practice ( did some pike pushups and 1 handstand)

  20. mobility
    wu x 2
    strength -Front Squats x3
    WU 35#, 40#, 45#
    5 sets @ 85% = 60#

    Handstand Pushup practice with box

  21. Front squats
    125 x 5 sets
    135 x 1 set

    WOD – Practice HSPU
    First attempt at HSPU…
    6 with abmat (kipping)
    1 strict with abmat

    1 rx (kipping)
    Couldn’t quite get one strict rx yet

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