Stop, Burpee Time!

Reminder that Saturday’s workout is at Queen Elizabeth School playground on 31 Lynch St.

Run 3km
Every minute, stop and do 3 burpees

Post time to complete.

Compare to July 30/12

Lee, one of our newer members, with excellent form!
Lee, one of our newer members, with excellent form!

115 thoughts on “Stop, Burpee Time!”

  1. Valerie Arseneau

    Ohhh I’ve done this one before! Everyone be warned, go down on your burps easily. Last time I bruised my knees lol.

  2. WUx1+Jog 400m

    Strength – Shoulder Press x3
    Shoulders still a mess from Tuesday. Ouch!

    WOD as Rx’d


    Jack you where flying, was no catching you!

    Great job morning folks!

    1. Nice PR Gabe. Really fast. Thanks for running & doing burpees with me on my last run.

    2. After talking to Kevin tonight found out that jumping forward on Burpees not allowed, so will need to be redone.

  3. Strength OHSx 5

    Nice to meet you Amanda!

    65-70-75-80 (ran out of time)

    WOD Rx

    time= 18:28

    PR of 3:11min from Aug/11. Super happy with that. Everyone did awesome this morning!

    1. Nice to meet you too! I’ll try to warm up to the 6AM idea and will show my face more often πŸ™‚

      1. You guys did great this morning! I took one look at Nick and knew it was his first 6am class, LOL, but it didn’t seem to slow either of you down, nice work!

      2. Nice meeting you & Nick at the 6 a.m. show. Come back again! You did awesome on your run. I missed your bloody knees….ouch!

  4. WOD: run 3k
    EMOTM 3 burpees

    Not a PR … Last time 2km – 12:31

    Great work everyone!

    1. Another speedy girl. I tried for a while to keep up to you, but it didn’t last long.

  5. WU x 1

    Run 1 mile

    WOD: “Stop Burpee Time”

    15:39 RX’d

    2:44 PR

    Wasn’t planning on setting any records but it just seemed to go so smoothly this morning. Great job everyone.

    To the girl with the bloody knees especially. Can`t remember your name but you are pretty bad ass!

    1. That was Amanda – the bloody knees were badass indeed. I wish I had taken a picture!

      You did awesome this morning Jack! So fast!

      1. Yeah shit. Never even thought of taking a pic.

        I think the key was the 1 mile warm up honestly. I took it nice and slow and it really loosened me up.

    2. That’s an awesome time Jack! But you didn’t have to set the bar so I think I’m going to take your lead on the light jog.

      1. I really think it helped. Just jog at a nice slow pace and it really gets the legs primed for the faster run.

        I won`t divulge my super secret burpee strategy though.

  6. WU x 1 + 400m jog

    Cleans x 5
    65-85-95-105 didn’t have time for a 5th set.

    WOD – scaled at 2k….

    DNF… My knees starting hurting so much I could barely run ? So I did 1.6 k at about 14 mins – didn’t really look at my time. boo.

    1. This is definitely a “plan your wardrobe” day. Kneepads anyone? I was thinking people may want to have gloves, but I’ve changed my mind and think knee pads may be more useful.

      Great job Chantal. I probably would have wimped out long before you did with hurting knees.

      1. This wasn’t a kneepad issue, it was a kneepain issue, unrelated to the banging on the pavement πŸ™

  7. Wux1 + 400m run jog
    No Strength
    WOD. Emotm
    3k run emotm do 3 burpees
    17:49 pr
    Rob Brydges

  8. Mob
    WU x 1 + 400 M Row

    Strength – Back Squat x 5


    WOD – Stop, burpee time!

    Rowed 1750 M – 3 burpees EMOTM

    Time: 22 mins

    Should have used the 25 min time cap, might have been able to get the extra 250 M to complete 2 Km – as always, burpees throw me off!

    1. Rowing and 3 burpees EMOTM??? WOW Julie. I’m impressed. That could not have been easy. Well done πŸ™‚

  9. Chantal GuΓ©rette

    Ohhh I wish I could do the anniversary WOD Saturday but I’ll be in Halifax, running in the mud hahaha !!!

    WU x 1
    400m job

    Strength : Cleans
    5 x 65-75-80-85-90(3… PR)

    3k run EMOTM 3 burpees

    Time : 20:23

    Last summer, my time was 20:16 but it was not a valid time… The coach miss counted and told me to stop one round early. When we realised the mistake, I went for one more round and then we added that time to my previous one but still… I had a break ! I’ll take today as my first time really doing this WOD and BOY it was a hot mess haha !! Good luck for all of you who are going to do this WOD in the afternoon’s heat !!!!!! πŸ˜›

  10. Mobility
    WU x 1
    400m jog

    Run 3K EMOTM 3 Burpees

    Scale: 2km 20:39

    I know, some of you are shocked to even see my name on the list of posts today. Until this morning I had avoided all WODs the ended in k for kilometres. So the only PR I have to report is that I did not cancel my workout today. Next time I am aiming for not dry heaving at the end πŸ™‚

    1. Trust me, I’m the queen of avoiding the things I don’t like. Making it through the door can be the biggest hurdle of all. Overcoming that is huge!

      Nice work, today!

  11. Mobility, WUx1 + 400 m jog

    Strength: Push Press @ 5 x 35-40-45-50-55

    WOD = 16:39 (Scaled to 1KM)

    I’m a notoriously slow runner. Throw some Burpees in there, EMOTM, and it’s a gong show.

    I was 59 seconds slower than the last time I did this one. Excess junk in the trunk likely did not help! But I’m glad I was so well hydrated before hand!

  12. Mobility
    Wu x 1 + 400m run
    Strength, practice strict muscle ups and false grip.
    Wod Run 3k + 3 burpees emotm
    17.40. Happy with this as I have never even ran that far before. When I started I was hoping to keep up with Gabe and Jack but that wasn’t the case. Still learning how to pace myself running. Great job everyone this morning.

    1. Yeah, that is harder than any normal 3k. You did just fine for sure. Better than my first time doing it.

    2. Great time Shane. Hard to believe this is a first 3K for you. Thanks to you too for “ushering” me in with Gabe on the last lap.

  13. Mobility
    WUx1 + 400m jog

    Strength: Deadlifts (x5) 95-105-115-125-135

    WOD: Run 3k, 3 Burpees EMOTM

    Time 18:47 – 2k

    I’ve been avoiding any WOD’s that include long distance running – it was horrible! But I’d do it again…just not today!

  14. Mob / WUx1 / 400m jog

    Strength: tried a couple OHS and decided to practice skipping as my wrist/shoulder is still not right. Next week’s deload should hopefully help me get healed up and back to 100%.

    Run 3k, EMOTM 3 Burpees
    Time: 20:46.

    Not…my best showing, but it was hot, and my feet…blah, blah, blah.
    I had never done this before so now I have something to improve on. Always a great workout, and great cheering to help me avoid my last set of burpees!

    Nice work Nooners!

  15. Mobility
    WU + 400m jog

    Strength push jerk x5 50-60 I stopped when my wrist hurt

    WOD scaled to 1k

  16. Just sent a text message to say I may not make it to the 6:45 class. I missed the cancellation cutoff by 2 mins as I had a client. I was supose to be off at 4:30 but still at work. I’m headed home for a much needed nap to get rid of this headache. Running or my version of it, might not be good in this heat. Thanks.

  17. Mob
    Practice wall balls 8lbs

    Run 3km EMOTM 3 burpees
    Time: 22:47 RX

    My very first Rx!!!!! I said going in I was gonna do this and I did. However I will admit it was much harder than I thought! I never counted so I couldn’t gage how many I had left and no one would tell me… Couple eye rolls, f bombs but I’m happy I did it!

    Thanks Kevin, Great class

    1. Way to go Jackie for setting a goal, saying it out loud (aka telling me and a bunch of ppl in the warm up) and sticking with it!!! I’m sure this won’t be the last Rx WOD you’ll do!! Now go kick some Mudder a$$ πŸ˜‰

  18. Heather Colleen

    WU x 1
    400m jog
    No strength. Extra mobility for shin splints & general butt pain. πŸ™‚

    2 km EMOTM 3 burpees
    Time: 17:45

    No part of me was feeling this one…at 2:10this afternoon, I seriously considered canceling. It was one of the toughest WODs I’ve done pain-wise, but I’m still glad I didn’t give in to the weak-ass voice in my head.

  19. mob wux1
    400 m jog
    strength over head squat
    45×5 65×5 65×5
    wod scale 2 k
    emotm 3 burpees
    time 13:34
    last time 14:46
    PR 1:12 sec
    wasn t shore about my knee so only did 2 k

  20. Valerie Arseneau

    Mob + WU x1

    Strength : shoulder press
    5x 35-40-45-55-60 (PR 5#)

    WOD : 19:22

    DAMNIT!!! 1 second slower than last time! lol! ahhh man… looking back I see many small efficiencies I could of done to beat my time.

    Ah well.

    1. Valerie Arseneau

      Oh and I forgot my water bottle… sorry. I will be in tomorrow AM anyways.

  21. Mobility
    Wu x 1 – 800 m jog

    Strength : push press x 5 reps

    Wod : scaled to 2 K (10 rds)
    Time was 17.50

    Cash out 800 m with 3 burpees

    Last time I did 1200 m in 17.34. Felt great to almost double that. Last time my strength was back squat x 5 reps up 105#.

    Fun class great 545 and 645!

  22. Mob
    WU x 1
    500 m row

    Lacross ball lovin’

    WOD – Stop, Burpee Time
    Row 3 km
    EMOTM 3 burpees (63 of them… if my math is correct)

    Time : 21:48

    Now that’s what I call being a hot mess! I’m just very grateful for Robyn’s FB posts about her water challenge that made me drink extra water this week. I think I sweat it all out tonight!

    Good luck to all the Mudders and Mud Heros!! Go show them what kind of stuff CFM members are made of!!


    1. After the first 2 or 3 minutes I stopped strapping my feet in the rower… which made the transitions much faster but I couldn’t row as hard because I couldn’t use the straps to catch myself at the end of my pull… So I either need to start practicing some rowing with no straps or learn how to strap in and out super fast in preparation for next time we do this one.

      1. I’ll be with you guys in spirit! If we don’t hear from you guys by Sunday i’ll make sure to send out the search party! πŸ˜‰

  23. Nice pic Lee.
    Wod: 3km stop every min and do 3 burpees.
    Scaled to 2km
    Time: 18:43
    I felt bad a– with my knee pads and gloves. That was fun. I should have pushed harder, but I was afraid of dropping dead. I was really happy to be giving this one a go. Thanks Joanna.

    1. You seemed to have a really good & steady pace on your runs… and with all that bad a$$ gear the burpees must have been out of this world!!! Great job!!

    2. Great job and nice progress from last year. If I thought of knee pads I would have worn them too !

  24. This morning, I had a 1.5 hour muscle stripping of my Quads and IT Bands….I was sweating, but not because of the heat!!!!! Why does every muscle in my body have to be so tight? lol! Thank you Brian LeBlanc…great massage therapist!

    WU x 1

    Foam roll and Lacrosse Ball

    WOD: Run 3km with 3 burpees on the minute

    Time: 18:47: 3km.

    I wore knee pads and bike gloves and what a difference it made! The run felt great today and I should have pushed harder, but running in today’s heat made me a little nervous. Nice race Val!

    Last year: 19:20

    Tough Mudder on Saturday! Yikes!!!

    1. Another Tough Mudder to be and doing the WOD today. You guys are bad ass. Nice PR on this one Corinna.

    2. Valerie Arseneau

      You and your fast burpees! You totally out smarted me on this one. inch by inch catching up with me until you passed and I just couldnt catch up! Well played, missy… well played!

    3. Great stuff Corinna. You are amazing.
      When I looked over my 2km shoulder…there you were with your 3 kms completed. I am in awe.

  25. Mobility
    Wu x 1 – 400m jog then walked back

    Lots of stretching.

    WOD 3km run with Burpees EMOTM scaled to 2km (10 rds)
    Time: 15.45

    Cashout – 2 hours referring soccer

  26. Mob
    WU x 1
    500 m row

    Foam rolling fun.

    WOD – Stop, Burpee Time
    Row 3 km
    EMOTM 3 Burpees

    Time : 19:52

    Was stressing a bit over this one today, but turns out it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be! I think rowing outdoors really helped. Nice having a rowing buddy too, great job Maddy.

    1. I agree that rowing buddies are the best! That last minute that I had to do after you were done was the worst! Great job and I’m really jealous of your quick burpees… more rowing less pavement kissing πŸ˜‰

  27. mob wux1
    Push Jerk
    105,115,120,125,135 pr

    3km run
    emotm 3 burpees
    Time 23:29
    This was a tough one in the heat but it felt good to finish the 3km

  28. WU x 1 + 400 m run

    Dead Lifts x 3

    WOD Rx’d
    Time 21:44

    Wow did that suck today. Not even close last years time of 20:32. I’ll chalk it up to me not doing as much running this summer as last, and of course a weekend of traveling & eating like crap doesn’t help.

    Some really fast times on this today.

    Good luck to all you Tough Mudder’s this weekend. Play safe kids. Can’t wait to hear your story’s when your back.

  29. WOD
    2km run emotm 3 burpess


    Jo asked me if I wanted to stop at 2 k when I reach the line, I wanted to do the 3 km badly, but my legs were just numb. I need to get better at running, first time I ran 2km that I can remember, not to mention add 3 burpees every minute. Next time I am going to do it!

  30. Wu x1

    900m light jog + light skipping(singles)

    WOD 3k = 16:40(21sec slower)

    Slower yes, but I didnt have the best week so I’m happy with this time for now. this may be a Change for Change do over.

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