Stepping Stones

12 rounds of:
30 sec Box Steps (75/55#)
30 sec Rest

Compare to April 5/11

What time is it? Plank clock time!

87 thoughts on “Stepping Stones”

  1. Mobility / Foam Roll
    No strength
    WOD as Rx’d: DNF πŸ™ & πŸ™‚

    One year ago today, I started this life-changing Journey with Crossfit!!! I dont exactly remember the first class but I definitely remember the feeling of my first time walking into the gym – its so exciting to think of all the fun times / awesome WODs / smiles and grunting that go along with being a part of this family!!! πŸ™‚ And Today was my first DNF (back got too sore/painful and don’t want to risk anything at this point)!!! But i dont care about the DNF – its about getting ur ass to the gym and doing something!!! I feel 10000x better than i did this time last year!! I have always aspired to live my life the following way: “Be inspired and try to be inspiring, Be motivated and try to be motivating: Be loving, strong, confident and alittle crazy!” Thank you all (Kevin, All the coaches,and fellow members) for inspiring me and motivating me day in and day out!!!
    Now to tackle ToughMudder!!! I wouldnt have signed up for this one year ago!!!!! Talk to u all when I get back!!! πŸ˜€

    1. Awesome, John!! Happy 1-year anniversary!! Good luck this weekend, we’ll be there with you in spirit! Make a nice long post for us when you get back about the experience!

    2. Happy Anniversary brother! πŸ˜€

      I always enjoy seeing you/working out with you because you’re always in a great mood, you give your 100% on every WOD, you cheer me on, you help others and by you just being there, it motivates me to go harder + its nice to have someone else there that’s pretty much the same size as me to remind me that size really does not matter πŸ™‚

      Good luck on ToughMudder, though I already know you’re gonna kill it!

      Much respect my friend….

    3. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary πŸ™‚

      I love your “words to live by”….and I think you are living them WELL every day!

      All the best at ToughMudder. I know you are going to have a blast! We will all be with you in spirit! Keep us updated πŸ™‚

    4. Happy Anniversary Jonny!!!
      Like Lora said, you’re certently “up there” with your β€œwords to live by”, cause you sure are an inspiration!! WOW!! How faster can you finish those WOD!!! You’re a machine!!! hehehe πŸ˜€
      Have fun at ToughMudder!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!! Hope they’ll be some videos!!! πŸ˜€

    5. Happy anniversary Johnny. you are truely a great guy to work out with and an even better guy to get to know. Love your attitude about life and living. A True insiration in what you do.
      All the best to you in the tough mudder event. no doubt in my mind you will give it 100% of what you have plus another 75% above that.
      Have fun, travel safe and enjoy the experience.

    6. Happy Anniversary! It’s always fun to workout with you! Love your attitude! Cannot wait to hear about your ToughMudder weekend! Have fun!

    7. One year already!! Happy anniversary, congrats on all your accomplishments and most of, have fun on your new adventure πŸ™‚

    8. Thanks everyone – I was just thinking about how WODs still get me very excited and how I still get kinda nervous one year later!!! Its amazing!!! πŸ™‚ k – Thanks again and I’ll do my best to Represent!!!! πŸ˜‰

    9. Way to go Johnny! Happy Anniversary! Always great to be surrounded by the vast amount of positive energy you bring to CFM. Great to have you on our team!

  2. WU x 2

    Strength – 5x deadlifts

    WOD @ 45#

    88 reps. My left cheek is going to be so sore tomorrow πŸ™‚

  3. wu x 2
    strength – Shoulder press x 1

    WOD : 12 rounds
    30 sec. Box step 20″ & 95#
    30 sec. rest

    Total rep. = 111
    cash out – McKenzie stretch & plank

  4. wu x 2
    strength – Front squat x 5
    WOD : 12 rounds
    30 sec. Box step 18β€³ & 15#
    30 sec. rest

    Total rep. = 133 (Pr of 5 rep but used the big girl box at 18″)
    cash out – McKenzie stretch & plank

  5. WU x 2
    Strength: Back Squat x 5

    WOD: 12 rounds
    30 sec. Box step (65#)
    30 sec. rest

    Total rep. = 147

  6. Do you have a video link for this exercise? Don’t think I have ever done box steps with weights. thanks!

  7. Happy 1 Year Johnny !! Fast as yoy always are and efficient I’d have sworn you’d been doing this for years!!! And as for your challenge, you’re one toughmudder!!! I’m not worried you’ll do great!! Keep up the good work and the enthousiasm for life πŸ˜‰

  8. Shoulder Press x 5 -> 40-40-45-50-55×9 (amrap)

    WOD @ 35# / 19″

    Total = 116

    Good Luck Johnny! πŸ˜€

  9. Corinna Rodgers


    Strength: Dead lift x 1


    WOD @ Rx 55lb and 20″ box

    Total: 132

    Last time: 135 and used 45lb

    It was fun dead lifting with you tonight Kerri!

  10. CFWU x 2

    Strength – Shoulder Press x 3

    500m Row 1:33.7

    WOD – 12 Rounds
    30 secs Box Steps 75#
    30 secs Rest

    Total: 144

  11. WUx2
    Strength: Deadlifts
    95×10 – 135 x5 – 145 x5 – 155 x5 – 165 x3
    Thought it seemed heavy tonight…so I checked my old journal, and now realize that I hadn’t lifted anything heavier since about mid October.

    WOD: with 18″ box and 45# bar (from the rack)
    TOTAL ==> 114
    (April score was 115 with the same box and weight)

  12. WUx2

    Strength- OHS 5xs


    WOD – 12 Rounds
    30 secs Box Steps 65#
    30 secs Rest

    Total: 141

  13. WUX2
    Strength, Push Press
    5 x 95-115-125-145-160

    WOD – 75 LBS =145

    – Got 144 in April of 2011, but didnt write down weight, SHIT. Good job 5:30 crew!

    1. I don’t think anyone used more than 65# in April, so you used AT LEAST 10# more for this WOD. Well done!

  14. CFWU x 2
    Strength – Push press x 3

    WOD – 12 Rounds
    30 secs Box Steps 75#
    30 secs Rest
    Total: 187

    1. WHAT A SCORE!!! That will be the last “old man” comment I make for at least three days. You have left me with 42 reps to think about what I said ha.

      1. Thanks for the props B.. It wasn’t any comments that gave me the poor number.. Think it was math! Lol.. Poor math or not, it’s legit in my head!! Lol

      2. That would be number.. Not ‘poor number’ lol can’t even see the small keyboard with these old eyes!! Lol

    2. thanks guys, support of this great group of people is what makes CFM such a wonderful place to work out.. When I start at CFM I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, and I don’t.. I love it actually, the WODS and the people.. No tears! Lol

  15. wux 2

    Strength – push jerk x 1
    115-135-155-175-190 (PR)

    WOD – 12 Rounds
    30 secs Box Steps 75#
    30 secs Rest

    Total: 106 – not a PR but I did it Rx this time

  16. WU x 2
    (2nd round did ring pushups)

    Daily squat to 225#

    Push Press (x5)

    12 rounds
    30 sec box steps @ 55# (20″)
    30 sec rest

    Total = 155
    (Did 156 in April with 45#)

    Cashout – Mackenzie pushups, knees to chest (laying), plank

    Great job 5:30 crew!

  17. Best of luck Johnny! CFM is very lucky to have you as a member. Your positive energy and awesome attitude are contagious. Never lose your zest for life!

  18. Push press x5

    30 sec box steps @ 55#
    30 sec rest
    Total 103

    PR of 5 reps plus I used 10# more than in April!

  19. WU x 2
    Strength – Deadlift x 1
    135-155-165-175-185-195-205 PR! (Thanks to Kevin and Corinna)

    WOD – 12 Rounds
    30 secs Box Steps 45# (12″ box with 45lb plate on top for 6 rounds, 12″ box only for last 6)
    30 secs Rest
    Total: 119

  20. Mobility, Lower Back Stretch
    WU “A” x3 (OHS, Chest-2-Bar, Ring Dips, Double-Unders, Samson)

    Practiced Skipping
    – Doubles: AMRAP 10 mins = 93
    – Singles: 1 set, max reps = 140

    Daily squat up to 285#
    Deadlift 5RM – 185 – 225 – 245 – 265 – 285 (PR reps, 10#)

    WOD (65#, 20″) = 124 reps (-3 from April 5 2011, same weight/box)

    No major issues with WOD, lower left back a bit tired near the end, legs were fried in no time.

    Good work everyone!

  21. WU x 2
    front squat 5RM: 120#

    WOD: 45# & 20″: 108 reps… took a while to figure out how to alternate legs without slowing down too much… all rounds were 9 reps except #1 (8 reps) and #12 (10 reps)
    …neet WOD

    Johnny, always great to have your enthusiasm at the gym!

  22. Shoulder press 1’s
    95-135-155-165-175-180-185-186PR I love you 1#

    WOD with 75# -> 144

    Nice scores everyone today

  23. WU x2

    Cleans x 5:

    55# / 20″ box
    Total reps = 118

    Compare to April 2011 of 135 reps. A big drop in reps, but that was at 35#. I am certain that the clock went faster during the 30 sec.. for the last 6 rounds.

    Great post today Johnny. Thanks for the encouragement during the WOD this morning. I know you’ll do great this weekend. Can’t wait to hear your stories πŸ™‚

  24. Wu x 2
    Strength back squat (3s)

    WOD: 12 rounds
    30 sec. Box step (65#) 20’box
    30 sec. rest
    reps: 126

  25. ~More fun with CF Bodyweight Workouts~

    WU x 1

    “Prison Workout”
    Burpees Sets of: 20-19-18…3-2-1
    Walk 25m after each set

    Time: 29:36

    I am really glad there are no 210 year-olds at CFM…

  26. WU x 2
    Dead lift x 5
    135-155-185-205-225-245 PR
    WOD 12rounds @75#
    30 sec box steps 20″
    30 sec rest

  27. WU x 2

    Strength: Push press
    3 x 95,100,110,120,135

    WOD: Stepping stones
    12 rounds
    30 sec of box step @ 75 Rx
    30 sec rest

    Score: 143

  28. Back squat –> 135-175-195-230-250 (PR for reps)

    WOD with 75# –> 100

    Honestly, I hated that WOD and almost quit at round 5th because of the pain in my lower back.

  29. WU x 2
    Back Squat…practice 3’s
    95-135-155-175-180….PR for reps

    WOD 12 rnds with 55# bar
    30 seconds on 30 seconds off…box steps on white box
    101 steps…..PR… for box height (white box)

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