Some heavy lifting

CrossFit Total

Back squat, 1 rep
Shoulder Press, 1 rep
Deadlift, 1 rep

Post total to comments.


Chantal getting some air time



27 thoughts on “Some heavy lifting”

  1. Yay for heavy!

    P-machine and MC…don’t forget my chicken! (Perty Pleaaaase)

    And dunno if MC mentionned it last night…but we plan on going for supper before seeing Kevin’s 6pack tonight. Around 5? Who’s up for it?

    1. Janine – I was at the market early today 7:15AM but Springbrook farm didn’t have any 2kg chicken pack! They didn’t do any chicken this week because they were really busy with their beefs!! Lots of beef but no chicken!

  2. I knew it! I knew it!!! Lalalalala!! (dancing around)

    Everyone who wanted to join us for supper are more than welcome! Even if you don’t have ticket for tonight play.

  3. I didn’t really plan on doing this today, but Pierre gave me a guilt trip.

    Squat – 225-290-295(PR)
    Press – 105-120-130(PR)
    Deadlift – 285-325-375

    Total – 800 (PR!) – Finally!!

  4. argh!! missed the CFT…I havent done one in MONTHS and would love to. Was stuck in Hockey Canada Coaches training today.

    Kev if there is any chance you`re going to blow off some steam at the gym later today or tomorrow, I would love to tag along for the CFT.

  5. I may tomorrow. I’ll let ya know.

    Anyone coming out for supper? We’re going to Montana’s at 4:30pm! Let me know ASAP so we can reserve the seats!

    1. Thanks man…Have fun at dinner guys- would love to join but I have a few folks coming over tonight. Bon Appetit!

  6. warm up: practice lift

    Back squat 1-145 1-165 1-175 PR by 10
    Press 1-65 1-75(making faces) 1-80(f) Match PR
    Deadlift 1-155 1-185 1-190(f) too afraid to curve my back. Totally mental

    Crossfit Total: 435 PR by 35!!

    Good job Elissa for the triple digits press YAY!!! I’m amaze!!

  7. warm up: practice lift

    Back squat 1-135 1-165 1-180 PR by 5
    Press 1-85 1-95 1-100
    Deadlift 1-155 1-185 1-190(f) too afraid to curve my back. Totally mental

    Crossfit Total: 435 PR by 35!!

  8. WOD Crossfit Total

    — pr by 5

    — pr by 5

    — pr by 30

    Total 455 (pr by 120 on August 22)!!

    I’ll post later about tonight! I want to go get my figure skates in Alma if I can coax my partner to go get them tonight with me I’ll be missing the supper! I cant wait to start skating!!!!! 😀

  9. WOD: Crossfit Total

    Back Squat:
    150 / 175 / 190(F)
    175 was my PPR

    Shoulder Press:
    95 / 120 / 125(PR by 5!)
    120 was my PPR

    200 / 225 / 250(PR by 35!)
    215 was my PPR

    Crossfit Total = 550

    That was a fun morning!

  10. CrossFit Total

    Squat – 75-90-100 (PR)
    Press – 45-60-65 (attempted)
    Deadlift – 95-140-145 (PR)

    Total – 305 (PR by 40)

  11. Cross Fit Total

    Squat: 75-95-105 (PR)
    Press: 45-55-60 (PR)
    Deadlift: 95-145-150 (PR)

    Total: 315 (PR by 75)

  12. Cross Fit Total

    Back Squat 125-135-150PR (135PPR)
    Shoulder Press 95-100-110PR (100PPR from yesterday)
    Deadlift 95-135-165PR (105PPR)

    Total: 425

    First time for CFT and had a blast! Awesome work everyone.

  13. Cross Fit Total

    Back Squat 110-135-150(pr)
    Shoulder Press 90-105-120(pr)
    Dead Lift 90-105-180(pr)

    Total- 450

  14. Crossfit Total
    Back Squat 90-100-105 PR
    Shoulder Press 60 Fail 55-60
    Deadlift 125-135-145 PR
    Crossfit Total 310 PR by 25

    Lots of PR’s today. Great job everyone. Congrats Kevin on your 800.

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