Snatches for everyone!

60×3; 65×2; 70x1x5

“Death by 10 Meter”
Run 10 meters the first minute, 20 meters the second minute and 30 meters the third. Continue to run an additional 10 meters until you can no longer finish the prescribed number of meters within the minute. Score is complete rounds + meters run in last round.

Compare to Feb.14/14

Thanks Dan for making a great picture even better!
Thanks Dan for making a great picture even better!

45 thoughts on “Snatches for everyone!”

  1. WU x 1 with a bunch of “sprints”.

    Snatch Day!
    45(5) – 90(3) – 95(2) – 105(1) x 5

    “Death By 10m Sprints”
    17 + 160m

  2. Love the pic, Daniel. It captures your spirit!


    Snatch (60×3; 65×2; 70x1x5)

    15×3, 20×2, 25x1x5. Missed getting under a few of the singles, but eventually got 5.

    “Death by 10 Meter”
    15 rounds. Just missed moving on to 16!

    Fun morning, thanks Mario!

  3. Strength:
    Snatch (hang power cleans….hurt my shoulder and had to stop) Vanessa expect a call from me!

    Good job nooners!

    Thanks Blake!

  4. Strength: Cleans (shoulder still not ready to snatch even a 15# bar.)
    65 (5) 75 (3) 85 (1×5)

    WOD 15+150 (1 round+ PR…I wrote 2 rounds on the PR board, have to remember to change that.)

    I haven’t been this sore in a long time. But it’s a good sore…right…?

  5. Strength
    up to 65#

    WOD 14 + 140

    PR of a couple meters, I wanted to push harder but I’m fighting off a cold. Fun nooner, thanks Blake!

  6. M+WU+5 lengths of the gym
    Group WU

    35lbx3- 40lbx2- 45lbx1- 45lbx1- 45lbx1- 45lbx1- 45lbx1

    WOD: Death By 10m
    min 1- 1x10m
    min 2- 2x10m
    min 3- 3x10m
    Etc. until you cannot complete necessary distance

    Completed 15 rounds and 140m

    I think the presence of the Flash helped us all zoom today 🙂

    Cashout: calf drop

  7. – Mob
    – WUx1
    – 20m sprint x5
    – Group mob/wu


    Death by 10m:

    16+140m (not 100% sure about the 140m, counting is hard)

  8. Patrick Arseneau

    Picture of the Year right there

    Snatches (did power snatch due to hip problems)

    WOD: 17 rounds + 160m

  9. Snatch
    60×3; 65×2; 70x1x5

    tried 85# twice and failed both, would land and then couldn’t come out of it, need to get under the bar quicker.

    WOD: “Death by 10 Meter”


    counts got messed up and I lost 10 seconds in the 17th round debating, when I should have just kept moving… I should be able to go further next time this comes around.

    Pullup/T2B Clinic

    This was AWESOME! It was such a great way to learn all the things we can do to help reach our goals and the many many progressions to get us there regardless of our levels.

    and I’m still smiling because tonight I learned to do kipping pullups for the first time!!! PR 🙂 I was able to string 3 together and am so excited about it!

    Thank you soooo so much Kevin & Amanda!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. First regular class (prep course), thanks to everyone for being welcoming and helpful!

    WU and mob x1 plus sprints

    Snatch (learned today) 35 (3), 45 (2), 55 (1×5)

    WOD – death by 10m
    16 + 160m

  11. Loved – loved – loved the skills clinic tonight. Awesome info and it helped to set some new goals and a way to get there. Thanks Kevin and Amanda 🙂

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