Hang Snatch x2

Use this time to built up slowly to a heavy double. If things don’t look (or feel) good, drop the weight back. This is a great opportunity to create a solid foundation. Form trumps weight any day.

100 Flutterkicks (NFT)


21 thoughts on “Snatches!”

  1. Hang Snatch x2
    Old 1RM was 55# 🙂

    100 flutter kicks

    Thanks Patrick!

  2. MOB + WU + 800m Run + 15 WBs + 15 Supermans

    Group WU

    Hang Snatch x2 – 65#…still working on form and shoulder flexiability

    100 Flutterkicks (NFT)

  3. Hang Snatch x2
    95-115-125-135-145-155-165 (felt the best)-175(F)

    May not be PR, but they felt good today. Except for the hands.

    100 Flutterkicks unbroken

    Thanks for the class Shane.

  4. Hang Snatch X 2
    95 – 115 – 135 – 155 – 175 – 185 – 195 (1) F – 135 Ran out of time, I think I should have made bigger jumps or started at 135.

    100 went 50 – 25- 25

    Thanks Patrick!!
    That class was awesome.

  5. Hang power snatch
    95 -fail
    Broom stick- didn’t land properly
    Air squat-pass
    Broom stick- pass
    45 bar- can land in a power clean then had to do squat ( sucky form)
    Repeat previous(still sucky form)
    Try over head squat with bar -pass
    Do it again-pass
    Stare blankly at the plates I removed and realize that the broomstick is my destiny for this movement and blame it on my sucky shoulder mobility but in true mike moody stubborn form try the bar again in the proper motion- fail because can’t land in squat
    Going home to do pass thought 200 times with my broom followed by 200 air squats then somehow combine the two in the most embarrassing show of mobility one has ever seen

    See you tommorrow in another form of a workout which might be more successful than today

  6. Double hang snatch:

    Practiced with 95#. Tried to improve my technique and get more hips in the snatch…

    Thanks for your patience Coach Steph!

  7. Open gym

    Front squats x3
    35-55-85-125-145-155 x5 sets

    Hang snatch x2


    100 flutter kicks unbroken

  8. Mob
    WU x1
    15 WB
    15 supermans

    Group mob & WU

    Hang Snatch x2

    cashout: 100 flutterkicks

  9. Hang snatch x2
    115 felt really good and then 125 got in my head and I was making some silly mistakes

    100 flutterkicks unbroken

    2 front squats + 1 split jerk
    Went for 180# and just barely missed the jerk, got under the bar but didn’t quick lock out.

  10. Francis Landry

    group wu

    Hang snatch x2

    felt best at 95#, need more pratice

    100 flutter kicks

  11. MOB WU 15 Wallballs forgot to do the Supermans

    Group Mob WU

    Hang snatch x2 (did not squat snatch)

    felt best at 65# so went back to it for awhile and then to 75# again all working on opening my hips. need more pratice

    Thanks Amanda for a great class

    100 flutter kicks

  12. Janet O'Blenis

    MOB WU 15 Wallballs 15 Supermans

    Group Mob WU

    Hang snatch x2

    need to practice these getting under fast and using hips…my brain got the best of me from the start

    Thanks Amanda for a great class

    100 flutter kicks

  13. wux1 + 15 kbs + 15 superman
    + 50 no show burpees
    group wu

    Hang snatch x2

    100 flutter kicks

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