Snatch (that’s it)

Every 90 seconds for 30 min

Today can go a couple different ways. You can load up and try to hit a PR near the end. Or it can be technique day, keeping the weight lighter and nailing form. If you’re not sure, ask a coach – we know who needs better form 🙂

13 thoughts on “Snatch (that’s it)”

  1. Snatch (Every 90 Seconds)
    Mental breakdown on #135 for whatever reason, then just couldn’t get balanced with the #155…

    Need to get more stable overhead!

    Thanks for all the tips Shane!

  2. Today Janet and I did a workout I created in OG:
    10 calories assault bike
    1 minute plank
    9 calories assault bike
    20 burpees
    8 calories assault bike
    30 kettle bell swings (35#)
    7 calories assault bike
    40 double unders
    6 calories assault bike
    50 abmat sit ups
    Next time we do 2 rounds, it actually wasn’t bad!
    Then we did random strength stuff to get us better at pull ups..
    I finished with some planking and 50 cal on the bike..

  3. Quispamsis day

    3 rounds
    25 Russian twists
    1 min plank

    3 rounds
    70lb sand bag carry 150 ft
    21 strict press 35# du bells
    8 box step overs 35 #

    Amrap 20

    75 wallballs 20%
    60 cals on rower
    45 knee raises / or toes to bar
    30 burpee box jump overs ( facing /24′)
    15 ring muscle ups / shoot throughs

    195 reps ( didn’t do any shoot throughs ) at 19:30

  4. Hang Squat Snatch
    (Didn’t get under the last one fast enough)

  5. Full squat snatch
    65/75/85/95/105/115/125/135/145/155/160/170/175/180/185/190/195 fail/195/205

    Felt good tonight only failed 1 lift.

  6. WUx1 + 22 reps (18 from Planks and 6 from Hollow Hols)

    Snatch (Every 90 Seconds) – Did all Full Snatch.

    Thanks Shane!

  7. Power snatch practice. One lift every 90 seconds for 30 minutes. Fun!!!
    Lots of coaching needed from Amanda! Thanks!
    Pop open those hips!!!
    10 more reps of planks

  8. Bobbie-Jo Killam

    Hang Squat Snatch
    70 (needed to get under it more so stripped some weight)/55/55/60/65#

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