Snatch Day!

Reminder – Judges Clinic today at 3pm!

Build up to a heavy single

Cashout – Max plank in 5 minutes.

5 thoughts on “Snatch Day!”

  1. Open gym
    Stretching & roll hamstring
    250 m row

    Sumo deadlift high pull sets
    Wu 95x5x2
    250 m  total row

  2. Squat Snatch – have been working on power snatch for too long and need to get used to the squat!
    35# – 45# – 45# – 50# – 55#

    Plank – 3:…something 45?

  3. Open gym, mobility and Wu

    Tested out some movements for my bad shoulder.
    Mini wod
    10 wallballs @ 14#
    10 Ghd situps
    10 cal row
    7 rounds.

    10 am class
    Group mobility and Wu
    Shoulder wouldnt allow snatches today

    Worked on power cleans up to 225#

    Cashout 5 min plank unbroken!

    Thanks for the class Mario!!

  4. OG

    Lots of shoulder mob

    Snatch practice
    65# x3
    75# x3

    More shoulder mob

    75# Snatch x5

    Isabel at 75# time – 2:45

    100 situps

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