Skill Day

We will work on the clean and jerk today. For those interested, we can dig into the split jerk.

Reminder that there will be no regular workout at the gym tomorrow as we’ll be headed to the beach! Please sign up on the whiteboard or shoot me an email.

QOD (Question of the Day) – Why do you tell people about CrossFit?

Take a moment to watch Jon Gilson teach the split jerk.


46 thoughts on “Skill Day”

  1. Joanna and I would like to have a pre-wedding / housewarming party this Saturday Aug 13 and would love to see all of your beautiful faces there. Bring your drinks and your best Hawaiian outfit! So, beach WOD for the day followed by Hawaiian party Saturday night.

    There will be a spot on the white board at the gym for you to β€œsign-up” just so we know how many people to expect. Come by anytime around or after 8pm We’ll post our address on the board too.

    Can’t wait to see all of you and hula dance the night away!

    1. I wish we could make it but we’ll be away this weekend. Have a great beach WOD / party! See you next week!

  2. Mobility
    2 min skipping (tried the fast rope)

    Clean and Jerks (split)

    I had mixed feelings about the 175 thinking I had only matched my PR. When I looked up when I did it, I found out that it was a split jerk from the rack. Not a clean and jerk. So now I’m happy to know I got a clean and jerk PR this morning πŸ™‚

    Have a good day everyone!

  3. WU x 1
    2 min Skipping

    Clean and Jerks
    45x 5
    95×2 (10# PR)

    I struggle with cleans, today really helped πŸ™‚

    Great job everyone, happy weekend!

  4. Mob. Skipping WU x1

    C&J Day
    45 65 75 85 95 105 115
    120(PR for jerk and C&J)
    125(PR for jerk and C&J)
    130(matches clean PR but failed jerk)

    Tried for a 135 clean after as it’s been my goal for a while but failed 3 attempts. Still happy with the other PRs for today! Great job on everyone’s PRs and progress this morning!

  5. Clean and Jerks
    95-135-155-175-195-210-225 (PR!)

    Finally! It’s been almost 2 years that the elusive 225 has been out of reach. Very happy to have finally made the lift.

    Also, extremely happy with the progress everyone is making. When you pay attention to form and technique, the weight just goes up. Excellent work by the morning crew!

  6. There is a pair of ladies small full length Skins pants at the gym if anyone is interested. Brand new, never worn $88 if you want ’em!

  7. mobility & warm up x 1
    2 minutes skipping
    clean & jerks – went up to 75, focused on form
    Appreciate tips from 7 a.m. class. First callouses.

    To answer the question “Why do you tell people…?”
    a) confirms that I’m bad-a** !)
    b) I know they’ll love it

  8. QOD (Question of the Day) – Why do you tell people about CrossFit?
    Because they ask – friends, family, colleagues, even strangers (which was weird in a stalker kind of way). People notice your energy level, your strength, your fitness level and want in. Way to go CrossFit Moncton!

  9. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it to the beach WOD tomorrow πŸ™‚ the weather is forecast to be great and I’m sure we will have an excellent day!

    I am currently getting ready to do some work on the foundation of my cottage and so my yard is far from being what I’d like it to be… The beach on the other hand looks awesome!

    Do I need to send you directions to my place Kevin?

  10. QOD (Question of the Day) – Why do you tell people about CrossFit?

    Because sometimes people ask why I walk or move funny, usually a day or two after a rough WOD.

    But seriously, I tell people about Crossfit because I’ve seen the results in myself and others at CFM, time and time again. Also because it’s a lot more fun, supportive and much more challenging than “the other gym”. The coaches are always keeping a watchful eye on you to make sure you do proper technique. The workouts are sometimes surprisingly whacky, inventive, or pure evil (but we like it like that). πŸ˜€ And before I had never gone to a party composed mostly of fellow gym members. I tell people about Crossfit because we are an awesome community/family.

  11. WUx1

    Clean and Jerk practice
    45 x5
    55 x3
    65 x3
    75 x3 (finally felt something click on the jerks on #2 and #3)
    85 x2 (felt really good)
    95 x1 (still felt pretty solid)
    100 x1 (clean was ugly, but jerk felt ok)

    my max for C/J is 105 from a long while ago when i was CFing 5-6 x per week and it was really ugly. in fact anything over 85 has always been pretty ugly.

    i’m excited that the heavy ones felt as good as they did today. i think i learned what it feels like to commit to putting it overhead today and be more explosive – which has been a huge mental block for me.

    great job 7ers! hannah, i’d love me feet to sound as dedicated as yours do on the clean. solid landings!

  12. WU x 1
    2 min Skipping

    Clean and Jerks
    155×3 (PR on cleans and jerk)
    practice split jerks with 135#

  13. Mobility
    2 mins skipping
    CFWU x 1
    25 Late Burpees

    Clean and Jerks
    95-115-135-155-165-175-185(clean only, no Jerk)

  14. Consecutive Doubles —> 66 (PR by 1)

    Max Clean & Jerk —> 195 (matched PR)

    Fun class. Great coaching today Kevin.

  15. Warm-up

    Clean & Jerk:

    Was a good day, technique getting better I feel, and somehow manage to trick myself out of the “mental block”. Plus the back is holding up nicely.

    Great efforts all around everyone!

  16. WUx1

    Clean & Jerk
    5x 45
    5x 95
    5x 115
    5x 135
    185 (PR for clean)
    205 (PR for Jerk)
    210 F

    Thanks for the coaching Kevin !

  17. WU x 1
    2 min Skipping

    Clean and Jerk
    35 for warm up
    110 fail X 2 – Form was pretty good up ’til here then all the old habits reappeared. Still a good way to end the week!

    800m run

    Great time working with Ang…even if I missed my PR

  18. WUx1
    2 minutes skipping

    Clean and Jerk

    Worked on multiple reps till i got to 135. That is when my form on the jerk was bad.

    For the remainder, worked on form with 95.

    800m run. Then as I was about to leave, Jeff, Rob and Eric where starting their second loop.
    Figured I won’t let those young punks go without me.
    So another 800m run.

    Great job evening crew!
    Have a great weekend fella CrossFitters!

  19. For anyone going to tomorrow’s WOD you can find Gabrielle’s place on google maps. Best bet is to contact Kevin directly and get the address if you are missing it.

  20. Great working out with you Leesa your one strong lady

    2 Min Skipping no DU today but tried i have the marks to prove it

    Clean and Jerks Day x 2
    35,55,60,65,70,75,80,85(clean only),85(F)

    Very impressive too see all the heavy lifts this morning

  21. Forgot to post my results for this day

    WU X1
    Skipping 2 mins

    Clean and Jerks Day

    45×10, 65X2, 75X1, 90X2, 100X2
    115X6 [115(f),115,115(f),115,115]

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