Skill day

Turkish Getups
15 min of practice

5 x 5
Single Ring Chinups

Cashout – 100 Russian Twists (2-count)


3 thoughts on “Skill day”

  1. Fun medball partner warm up 😊

    Turkish Getups
    15 min of practice: 15-15-20-20# KB

    5 x 5
    Single Ring Chinups (3 sec holds)

    Cashout – 100 Russian Twists (2-count)
    15# KB (alternating one foot on floor every ten; last twenty both feet off floor)

    Nice quality time with Lynn & Shane. Thank you!

  2. Partner day with a


    Partner A rows 400m for time
    Partner AMRAP clean and jerk (135)
    The switch
    5 minute rest then repeat with:
    Deadlifts (225)
    5 minute rest repeat:
    Back squats 185
    5 minute rest the repeat with
    Snatches (95)

    About 1:30-1:45 per movement
    I did 11+22+15+17=65reps

    I think we had a total of 98 reps

    The Kevin cash out

    12bike cals ; 12 burpees
    9 cals : 9 burpees
    6 cals ;6 burpees

  3. OG

    Double under practice
    10 sets of 10 unbroken double unders
    Time 7:35 last time it took an hour and 20 mins


    10 sets of 15 unbroken double unders
    Got the first 5 sets in 5:10 then the rest in another 15 lol

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