Skill Day

Joanna and I will be headed to Fredericton on Saturday afternoon for a Oly lifting meet. It’s just a small club meet, so nothing official. Just a chance to experience a competition. If you’d like to join us, we have room for 2 more. I need to know by tonight. 

Lifestyle Challengers – Mark your calendar – June 8th, 5pm – we’ll be having a Paleo Potluck at the gym. Sign-up sheet will go up next week. 

Speaking of food, today is kinda like a buffet. You can pick a couple things. Or go for the whole four course meal.


Handstand Holds/Walks

Weighted Pullups

Weighted Dips

Cashout (not optional) – 50 Down-ups

Mel and Jeff
Mel and Jeff

44 thoughts on “Skill Day”

  1. Valerie Arseneau

    Love Skill day!!

    Mob + WU x1 + group WU

    weighted pull ups x3
    BW – 2.5 – 5 – 7.5 – 10 (PR for reps) – 12.5 x1 (PR)

    Practiced/attempted handstand walks for 10 mins
    Matched my PR of 2 steps lol.

    Cashout: 50 down-ups

    Was trying to keep up with Shane then my calves cramped up. lol Damn you are fast!

    1. Valerie Arseneau

      WOD #2. My frisbee team started posted some WODs for everyone to do in preps for regionals. We are trying to qualify for nationals.

      3K for time 13:58

      Hills sprints.x6
      I need to find a better hill… The one I used wasn’t long enough. Ideas?

  2. Skill Day

    Wu x1 + group Wu

    Weighted Pull ups x1
    Warm up 20# x5 – 45# – 50# – 55# – 60# – 70# – 75#(tiny kip) – 80#

    Hand stand holds/walk attempts

    L sit attempts 10 sec – 9 sec- 5 sec

    OHS 3 sec hold x 3

    Super happy with weighted pull ups today, 5 rep max yesterday @ 50# and never attempted 1 rep max past 50# until today.

  3. Mob / WU X 1
    Group WU

    Skill day
    5 rounds
    EMOTM: 15 second L-sits

    Handstand Holds/walk attempts

    Weighted Pullups
    5 X 5 @ 45

    Weighted Ring dips
    5 X 5 @ 45

    Cashouts: Down Ups
    Time: 2:10 UGH.

    Thanks Mario! Nice chill day! loved it.

  4. Heather Colleen

    I’ve got to be honest: I really wasn’t looking forward to today. I’m sore from the past few workouts and these aren’t skills for which I have any aptitude at all. I was nervous coming in the door. I was frustrated trying to get a damned l-sit. My shoulder burned on my assisted ring dips.

    But then, something happened at the gym that ALWAYS seems to happen at the gym. After all the frustration and almost-breakdowns, I managed to do something I have been too afraid to do in about 15 months. And that made me feel like a freaking superhero.

    I got into a handstand assisted by Mario, and then another one all by myself. I used to love handstands, until I blew out my shoulder for the bazillionth time last year. Since then, fear took over. I’ve come THISCLOSE to cancelling workouts with handstands. I have psyched myself out so badly that my hands get sweaty even thinking about them.

    So today, I succeeded. I haven’t come as far as I wanted, but damn, it felt good to conquer myself.

    I could never have done this without Mario’s coaching, Vanessa’s total refusal to let me give up, and Amber’s cheering. THANK YOU!!


    Ring dips (assisted 12″ box) 2×4 reps
    Ring dips (assisted grey box) 2×5 reps

    Pullups (negatives, 4 second drop) 8

    L-sit: 2 seconds (I may be a bit generous on time there…call it 1.4 seconds…)
    Tuck Sit: 20 seconds, 15 seconds, 25 seconds

    Handstand: assisted
    Handstand: alone

    Cashout: 50 down-ups 2:59

  5. Vanessa Champion

    Hamstring smash
    500m row
    Guess 180# is my 1 RM right now haha

    L-sit no plate
    4sec-5-3-4. Feet ~1inch off floor

    Pull ups- negative no band
    10 reps. I have no control on these

    Ring holds
    ~5 secondsx5 reps
    Left should still gives me pain with these

    Handstand hold
    Legs assisted up
    Held 5 seconds and 10 seconds.
    Big PRs here! Usually it’s help up with a quick fall down haha happy about that!

    Cash out: 50 down ups.

    Great job today Heather on getting that handstand. I knew you could 🙂 stronger than you think you are!

    1. Heather Colleen

      Your handstand holds were solid – and your dismount is getting WAY better too!

      Way to go on your deadlift – you are SO CLOSE to the big 200!!!

  6. Great job this morning everyone!!

    8h AM Lab…

    Back Squat 5-5-5-5-Max
    155-185-225-250-285(x0) … no reps on last set, back was sore from deadlifts.

  7. Mob / WU X 1
    Worked with the splosh pipe.
    Group WU

    Skill day
    Handstand Holds
    One arm hold against the wall 30 secs each arm
    Handstand walk – 40 feet
    One arm hold against the wall 15 secs each arm

    Weighted Pullups
    BW 5 negatives
    20 lb vest 2 pullups + 5 negatives
    40 lb vest fail + 1 negative

    L- sits 2 seconds

    Cashouts: 50 Down Ups
    Time: 1:59

  8. Mob / WU x 1 / Berg WU x 1
    Group Mob

    Skill Day:
    Weighted Pullups w/ KB
    — 40(5) – 53(3) – 60(1) – 70(1)

    Handstand Hold (off wall)
    — Max 8 sec (tapped wall first each time)

    — 8 sec – 5 sec – 5 sec

    DU Practice:
    — 18 unbroken … way off PR but a good reminder to keep working on them.

    50 Down/Ups
    TIME: 2:43 …started getting flashbacks of 1,000 burpees

  9. Vanessa Champion

    Totally unrelated to today WOD, but I had to share this because I’m so happy right now! Just tried the bacon & dill sweet potato salad that’s posted on the recipe page… It’s AMAZING! Ok.. That’s all 🙂

  10. WU X 1
    Group WU

    strength day

    Weighted Pullups x3
    20-25-30-35-40 (5# PR)

    Weighted Ring dips x3
    20-25-30-35(2)-40(1) (5# PR)

    15 secs hold-25 secs hold

    Cashouts: Down Ups
    Time: 3:06

  11. Mobility and quick wu
    Group Wu
    L sit, 40 sec/ 20 sec / 15 sec
    40 x 5/ 75 x 5/ 90 x 3
    Handstand holds and walk
    Holds are still shaky, manage to walk a full mat pretty well.
    50 down ups 1:48
    Great class Mario, great work 6 amer’s!

  12. M+WU

    Group WU

    Hand stands: First Ever!
    Thanks for the encouragement 7am-ers!

    50 down ups: 3:28

  13. L-sits on rings (20sec)
    Weighted Pullups w/10# (managed 3 or 4 lol)
    Practiced handstand holds off the wall (more practice needed!)
    and lots of mobility.

    50 Down ups = 1:32

  14. Mobility
    Group Mobility

    L-Sit Holds 5x10sec
    Practiced Handstand Walking
    Worked on Ring Dips

    Cashout: 50 Down Ups for Time = 1:47

    Thanks Chantal!

  15. MOB and WU x 1
    Group WU

    Skill Day

    L-sit (tuck position on paralettes) 18, 20, 20, 22, 20
    Wall handstands (unassisted to get up on the wall) x 5 at various lengths
    Negative Pullups x 5
    Negative Ring Dips x 6 (using a box)

    Cashout: 50 Down Ups for time = 4:08

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