September 9 workout

Hopper Deck
Hopper Deck

Tonight’s workout will be decided randomly with the use of the Hopper Deck. What is the Hopper Deck, you ask. It’s an extraordinary deck of cards that has a different workout on each card. You shuffle the deck, get someone to pick a card, any card, and Presto! we do that workout.

See everyone tonight, rain or shine!

The workout was “Kelly” (thanks Herman). We scaled it down to 4 rounds instead of 5.

400m run
30 Wall ball
30 box jumps

AND a new record tonight! We had 18 people come out for the workout! Great to see lots of new faces. Hope to see you all again on Thursday!

18 thoughts on “September 9 workout”

  1. haha can’t wait. Not knowing what the workout is till right before is the best part got to be ready for anything!

    See everyone there!

  2. I am bringing a newbie tonight…….hopefully, whatever the w/o will be won’t scare her.
    Maybe she should pick the “magic card”

  3. So the wWorkout was ”Kelly”….we have to thanks Herman for that since it`s him that picked up that card! 🙂

    CFWU x 3


    4 rounds for time of:

    400m run
    30 wall ball
    30 box jump

    Time: 18:36

    Nice job everyone.

  4. CFWU x 3

    “Kelly” (scaled to 4 rounds instead of 5)

    400m Run
    30 Wall Ball Shots, 15 pounds
    30 Box Jumps, 19″

    22:11 (approx 5:33/round)

    Compare to April 11th/08
    5 Rounds, 13 pound WB Shots, and 22″ Box Jumps

    38:12 (approx 7:38/round) – I told you close to 40mins!!!

    Crazy, eh? Man, I must have been having major issues that day for it to have taken me so effing long. This felt MUCH better today.

  5. CFWU x 2

    Kelly (4 rounds)
    400m run
    30 – 13 lb wall balls
    30 – 19″ box jumps

    time: 20:07 (r1- 4:29, r2: 5:05, r3 – 5:17, r4 – 5:27) ave 5:02 / round

    compare to april 11/08 (last time)
    5 rounds, 13lb WB, 22: box jumps
    31:42 (ave 6:20ish a round)

    excellent job everyone – thanks for making me chase AGAIN Gillyon!! way to tell Kelly who’s boss Jeanette!!!

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