Say hello to your little friend

200m Med Ball Run

3 rounds of:
21 Med Ball Situps
15 Med Ball Lunges
9 Med Ball Cleans
3 Med Ball Pushups

200m Med Ball Run

Worse than a med ball run?

43 thoughts on “Say hello to your little friend”

  1. Sorry for the late notice, but i’m a wee bit sleep deprived (i love my kids, i love my kids, i love my kids), could you please cancel my 6am.

      1. gee…was i sleeping when i was registering too? i was “multitasking” a bit when i went to register, so i must not have been paying attention…wouldn’t be the first time. 🙂

    1. Went to the gym this evening


      No strength

      5 rounds for time of

      5 deadlifts 225lbs
      10 burpees

      3:48s happy on the sub 4 🙂

  2. Warm up times 2 kipping pullups 2 without band the rest on the yellow band

    Strength deadlift 1s

    45×5, 95×5 105-115-120(WU)

    WOD with 14# medball

    Time 8:23

    In retrospect, those 3 pushups on the medball seemed silly… Next time the number of reps on that one should probably be higher for it to mean anything. Please remember I’m a new trainer and still have so much to learn 😀

  3. WU x2
    Strength – Front squats x5
    65 80 100 110 120(PR reps)

    Med Ball WOD with #14

    Holy hamstrings from yesterday..i’ll be walking funny for a while!

  4. Thanks for the welcome back messages. It felt great.
    Kevin, If a 6:30 becomes available I would like a spot.

  5. WUx2

    Strenght – Cleanx5
    95-105-125-145(4) … I guess I forgot to do a fifth set. Goat = Counting?

    WOD with 20#, time: 9:50

    Man was I not feeling it this morning, wouldve help if I had 8 hours sleep instead of 5-6…

    Also, “C” word… no one heard… Im honest like that.

      1. No I did not. Im saving them so I can enjoy performing them at my next workout.

        (Actually I conveniently forgot)

  6. Hey Kevin , not sure if you got my text or not but I can’t make it tonight, my meeting is running late . Sorry

  7. cfwu x 2
    33 Birthdays burpees….Thanks Matt

    Cleans 3’s

    WOD…..all with 20# MedBall
    200M run
    21 Situps
    15 Lunges
    9 Cleans
    3 Push Ups
    200M run

    Time 9:47

  8. Deadlifts – 5RM

    WOD (20#) –> 9:15

    Congrats to my sister Tracy S. for her first CrossFit workout!
    It doesn’t always get easier …. but it always gets better from this point on … 😉

    1. Thanks Jeff!! and thanks for encouraging me to try this.
      It was tough to finish tonight, but made it to the end – slowly!
      Looking forward to getting to know everyone better .. and getting “stronger”.

  9. Thanks to everyone at the 4:15 for helping me get thru my 3rd class! But Matt you need to stay home on your birthday next year! LOL! (or let me know what class your taking!)

  10. CFWUx2
    Cleans x5 45-65-75-80 (PR for reps)

    WOD: with 14# ball – 7:47
    i was so excited to get back out on the run that i realized i had forgotten my last round of cleans while i was running, so did them at the end instead.

    stretch – 2 min shoulder / chest thingamagiggy

  11. CFWU X 2
    Strength Good Mornings 5’s
    WOD 2 roundsd
    Time 12:03
    Thanks for all the cheers everyone!

  12. “Say hello to your little friend” …well little friend say hello to my middle finger!

    Warm up x 2

    Strength, power clean, 45,50,55,60,65 x5

    WOD with #10 ball

    200m run without ball
    3 rounds
    21 Situps
    15 Lunges
    9 Cleans
    3 Push Ups
    200M run without ball
    Time: 12:50

    And two min bar stretch
    I found this WOD to be exhausting..good job Gabrielle, I think I actually hated you today! 😉

    Welcome Tracy S, it was great to meet you!

  13. WU x 2
    Strength = Back Squats x 5
    95-115-135-145-155 (PR for reps)

    WOD with #19 ball

    200m Run
    3 Rounds
    21 Situps
    15 Lunges
    9 Cleans
    3 Push Ups
    200m Run
    Time: 10:21

    Great work 6:30 crew! We were sooooo good that Kevin stuck around a little longer to enjoy our performance! *hehe*
    Great race Marcel! You win…. this time!

    1. WUx2

      Strenght Cleans
      5x 45-65-75-85-95-110(6)

      WOD with 14# I think…was the small duck tape ones.

      200m swim, i mean run

      3 Rounds ea
      21 SitUps
      15 Lunges
      9 Cleans
      3 Push Ups

      200m run


      Great job to all the peeps!

      Happy Bithday Matt!

  14. cfwu x 2

    Strength x 1 Cleans

    95-135-155-165-185 PR 🙂

    WOD…..all with 20# MedBall
    200M run
    21 Situps
    15 Lunges
    9 Cleans
    3 Push Ups
    200M run

    Time 10:20

    Glad I took my shirt off before the first run, I used it on my second round to dry my ball since Kevin wouldn’t let me grab a dry one! Great job everyone – nothing beats running in the rain!

  15. Warm up x 2

    Dead Lifts @ 5 Reps.

    WOD…..all with 14# MedBall
    200M run
    21 Situps
    15 Lunges
    9 Cleans
    3 Push Ups
    200M run

    Time 8:30

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