Say hello to your arms!

10 rounds for time of:
10 Pull-ups
10 Ring dips

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This quote was posted before, but it deserves to be brought back…especially after yesterdays workout…

“Nobody ever died of discomfort, yet living in the name of comfort has killed more ideas, more opportunities, more actions, and more growth than everything else combined. Comfort kills!” T. HARV ECKER

26 thoughts on “Say hello to your arms!”

  1. CFWU X 3
    Deadlift: 75-85-95-105
    Kevin stopped me here because time was moving on.
    10 rounds of:
    5 pullups
    5 ring dips
    Time 9:28
    What a day. Short one round on warm-up. Lost two fingernails to the deadlifts. Did not want to scale the workout but Kevin insisted. Thank God he did. That’s why he’s the coach.
    Great work Dave.
    Missed you Hilary. No girl talk today.

  2. CFWU X 3
    Front Squat (jesus): 95-105-115-125-130

    10 rounds of:
    10 Pull ups
    10 Ring dips
    Time: 17:33

    This was a tough one because it included my best excercise and my GOAT. So, after a quick round of chin ups,. I had to go right into ring dips, so there was very litytle rest periods. Anyhow I made it thought.

    This worklout should be called “Say goodbye to your hands.

    thanks kevin, mum and carly the comfort dog.

    1. i gotta start reading what I write before I post, typo’s typo’s typo’s, and my hands are still shaking from the gym

  3. I think I gained a lot lately because I’m in PAIN right now!! Thanks for the Deadlift and Front Squat for having my front and back legs completely useless today!! Did I ever mention that I need to take stairs to get to my office??
    Great job Heather and Dave..This look like a tough one!!

  4. I should start recording the late shows cause the alarm didn’t even wake me up this morning 🙁 I watched “The Biggest Loser” for the first time. I cried like a baby. What a good show.

    If anybody wants to cancel one of tonight’s classes, flag me down!

  5. CFWU x 3 (1 set of pull ups)

    Strength – Push Press – 5-5-5-5-5 / 35-40-45-50-55

    WOD: 10 rounds for time of:

    10 Pull ups (Green band)
    10 Parallette Dips

    Time: 18:09

    Ouch, drove home using my fingertips to steer!

  6. CFWU X 3

    Over Head Squats: 45-65-75-85-95

    10 rounds of:
    10 pullups
    10 ring dips (using green rubber band)
    Time 13:50

    My hands are burning!!

  7. CFWU x 3
    Painful Stretching

    wod: 10 round of:
    -10 pullup
    -10 ring dip (with green band)

    Time: forgot to note it. I think it was early after 17 min. I got slow down after round 8 because my hand opened and it took time to tape it. Thanks Kevin!!
    I think that the idea of using band for ring dip progression is awesome!!

  8. CFWU x3

    Strength: 5-5-5-5-5
    Deadlift: 95-105-115-125-135(PR)

    10 rounds of:
    10 Pull Ups (6 rounds red/4 rounds blue)
    10 Parallette Dips
    Time 13:09

    Holy crap!!!! Jane you are amazing for doing them all on green.

  9. STRENGTH –> Digusting ”Front Squat”

    My legs are shot from yesterday, so I was FAR away from my 195# – 5 reps front squat PR!! But felt good to put some weights on those legs after yesterday! Now my legs are a lot better.

    WOD –> Time: 14:39

    Far away from my old PR of 11:10. I did a first 3 rounds with strict dips, maybe that’s a reason. But the last 3 WODs were killer…. that didn’t help for sure. My whole body was sore today.

    Awesome work guys!

  10. WUx3
    Strength: front squat: 95, 100, 105, 110, 115
    WOD: 10 rounds
    10 pull ups
    10 dips (raised paralettes – feet off ground)

    Time: 16:34

    Wow my legs were not ready for that strength so soon after Death by Front squats, did it ever hurt. Now my arms are going to be dead haha. good workout!

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