I’ve been doing something different for my morning routine. The acronym is SAVERS. It’s helped provide an increase in energy and focus. Give it a shot and see what you think.

S = Silent

When you wake up, or your alarm goes off, don’t move and lay there for 1 minute. Don’t check your phone. Try not to think about anything. Just be.

A = Affirmation

Have a couple positive, key statements that you’re going to tell yourself. If you repeat them enough, you will make it a reality. For me, my affirmation is FOCUS – Follow One Course Until Successful. It’s helped me not drift off or get distracted during the day.

V = Visualization

See yourself as whatever you want to be. A great dad. An amazing husband. Being successful at work. Whatever it is you want, picture it in your mind and see it happening. I look at my daily schedule and visualize how each piece will go.

E = Exercise

Do SOMETHING in the morning. It could be the gym. Yoga. Stretching. Even just 5-10 minutes of something to get your blood flowing. It will set up the rest of your day with a huge burst of energy.

R = Reading

If exercise gets your body ready for the day, reading will get your brain ready. It could be something for business, something for fun, something spiritual. Just read something for 5 minutes. Even an audiobook (just not your emails or the news).

S = Scribe (writing)

I’m a huge fan of gratitude journals, and this is a perfect time to take notes on what you’re thankful for. There will ALWAYS be something going well in your life. In my Collaborative Wellness meetings, we call them Bright Spots. What’s going well for you? Write it down. Make it real.

The morning, before everyone is up, is a great time to get stuff like this done. And the sense of accomplishment is amazing.

Start small. Pick one of the SAVERS to do. Maybe 1-2 days per week. Add a few more as you gain momentum and start building this as a habit. If you do see benefits, please let me know. I’d love to discuss it.

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