Saturday WOD

3 rounds
30 KBS (53/35#)
30 Goblet Squats
75 Double Unders

Look who got on the rings this year!
Look who got on the rings this year!

17 thoughts on “Saturday WOD”

  1. There was so much awesome in our gym last night, I thought the roof was going to come right off of ‘er!

    Bravo, Terry and all the other superstars who killed it, last night!

  2. Great picture Terry! Thank you for all your tips/coaching as I attempted a few muscle up’s last night!

    WOD: RX

    3 rounds:

    30 KBS (35lbs)
    30 Goblet Squats (35 lbs)
    75 Double Under’s

    Time: 13:57

    Last night: WOD: 13.3

    Score: 240

    Few attempts at a muscle up, but to no avail! It was awesome trying to get a Muscle Up with Superman Lance! I really enjoyed myself last night. The energy was awesome at the gym and I was in a better head space!

    Last week I took WOD 13.2 way too seriously and it pretty much consumed my entire weekend which sucked. After a good chat with my lovely partner who happens to be a psychiatric nurse, she made me realize that I was totally missing the point of the games. All I can do is give my best after 3-2-1 and regardless of my results it is what it is! So last night, I was much relaxed and present!

    Great job to everyone who did 13.3!

    Thanks to everyone who came out and cheered!

    1. Nice work Corinna. It was good to have you as a neighbour for 13.3… not that I could keep up but it kept me moving…

      goblet squats must have been interesting after all those wallballs?! Can’t say my legs would have taken it today!!

    2. Great job Corinna! You do such an amazing job encouraging everyone else, glad you were able to be encouraged. No matter what we are all proud of everyone at CFM… everyone is givin it their all! 🙂

  3. Well I signed up just an hour before class and I am glad I went.
    Everyones hard work last evening motivated me to show up again this morning.

    Mob x1 Wux2 10 reps each
    of walking lunges, good mornings, jumping jacks, pull ups, push ups,& 60 sec planks x 2.

    Wod: Three rounds of
    30 KBS @ 25lbs
    30 Goblets squats @25lbs
    225 single skips

    Time: 19:34
    Thanks Marie Noelle for the great class. Back to work for me tomorrow
    I will miss seeing all buddies.

  4. WU x 2 — walking lunges, good am, jumping jacks, pull ups, push ups, 1 min. Plank & Sampson.

    Foam rolling & lacrosse ball

    WOD – 3 Rounds

    30 one arm KBS @ 20# (First pull up pulled something in right bicep)
    30 Goblet Squats
    75 Doubles (Did 25 doubles & 150 singles)

    Time: 19:38

  5. I’m having so much fun with the open this year! I’ll be sad when it’s over 🙂 ..but then there is the Hopper to look forward to.

  6. Good job Terry! Great work to everyone who did WOD 13.3…I agree Maria fun and the encouragment everyone gives is unreal…. great atmosphere!!! 🙂

  7. Did this on April 1/13 “Change for Change”

    WU x 1
    2 min skipping

    Strength: Back squat (x3)
    Great sharing a bar with you Jeff L!

    WOD @ Rx
    3 rounds
    30 KBS @ 35#
    30 Goblet Squats @ 35#
    75 DU’s

    Time = 13:35
    My forearms now hate me for this…

    Cashout – calf stretches

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