Saturday WOD

AMRAP in 5 min
5 Deadlifts (185/95#)
10 Box Jumps

Then 2 min of max T2B

AMRAP in 5 min
10 KBS (53/35#)

Then 2 min of max Wall Balls

Brianna having a go at pistols for the first time
Brianna having a go at pistols for the first time

16 thoughts on “Saturday WOD”

  1. Quick Midnight WOD

    TABATA Burpee

    9 reps throughout : Total of 72 reps (PR of 1 Rep per round)

    Worse throat burn ever…Happy with my PR though 🙂

    1. That’s 72 burpees in just under 4 mins…. if they bring back WOD 12.1 i think you wont have much to worry about. 🙂

  2. Pistols was in my very first wod on my own after I graduated from prep course…fun fun!

  3. Visited MCF, joined a WOD last minute.

    WOD Rx (teamed w/ Bender) .. all reps divided alternatively any way you want.

    – KBS 53#
    – Box Jumps 24″
    Rest 2 mins
    150 Wall Ball Shots 20#/10″

    Time = 18:05

    Good WOD. We alternated mostly alternated 10-10-10… Eric did last 10 BJ, and split last 30 WBs 7-15-8, ending with me. Hard to keep up with him on BJ & WB, 2 days after AirForce, but never slowed down. Fast transitions. Finished part one at 10:06… did WB in 5:59.

  4. Mob, WU x 2, group warm team 3 yeah….
    Thanks Lance for
    taking the 4lb ball! I also have made a mental note to never do burpees next to Kevin and Lance again. I was having a panic attack trying to go faster. My five burpees looked like push ups. I never had a chance to stand up!

    Wod score was 226.
    I did step ups on the box, 70lb Deadlifts, sit ups, push ups from knees, 25lbs KBS, 8lb wallballs.
    I had fun. I like the cardio killer type wods (thanks Kevin). Great coaching Marie Noelle. You were a natural.

  5. mobility
    group wu


    Total reps= 236 RX

    ugh so hard on the shoulder really tired them out fast. Great job today everyone.

  6. Found a new “foodie” store today called Liquid Gold which is an olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting bar. The place has every possible combination of flavoured olive oils and balsamics and will add tons of new possibilities to my kitchen. Check it out in the strip mall at the corner of Mountain Rd and Trinity!

    1. Is the “foodie”store at mountain rd and wheeler in the new strip mall by old navy?

      1. Yup. There are ones in Halifax and Saint John too apparently. Yum! (How much has my life changed that I think olive oil and balsamic are yummy?!?)

  7. Mobility
    Group Warm up

    AMRAP 5 Mins
    5 Dead lifts (160#)
    10 box jumps ( 24″ box)
    Total :4 rds + 1 box jump

    AMRAP 2 min
    total 12

    AMRAP 5 min

    5 Pike pushups ( from the floor no box)
    10 KBS (53 #)
    Total : 5 rds + 1 KBS

    AMRAP 2 min
    Wall Ball
    Total 24

    Thanks for letting me in on short notice Marie Noelle great job coaching, and thanks Kevin and Jo for jumping in on the warm up so the numbers matched

  8. WOD: RX: 167 reps

    Great class Marie Noelle. You are a natural!

    Looking forward to having you as a coach!

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