Saturday WOD

In a team of 4,
Row 2400m
Accumulate 8 min in a plank
240 Pushups
800m Farmer Carry (70/50#)

*Divide each movement any way between team members. Must complete one movement before going on to the next. The whole team runs for the Farmer Carry, trading off as needed.

Compare to Sept.19/15


10 thoughts on “Saturday WOD”

  1. Open gym

    Wu and mob
    Squats clean practice
    Work up to 155
    Focus on set up and catch in the squat
    Thanks for the tips and coaching Ron.
    Thanks for the practice Mark

  2. MOB + Power Cleans with Greg…good to see you back in the box…round 2.

    WOD – In a team of 4
    Pete, Aubrie, Del…good work Old Timers
    Row 2400m
    Accumulate 8 min in a plank
    240 Pushups
    800m Farmer Carry (70/50#) – 50#

    TIME: 28:02

  3. WOD – In a team of 2
    Stacey and Emilie
    Row 1200m
    Accumulate 4 min in a plank
    120 Pushups
    400m Farmer Carry @ 30#
    Time: 20:29

  4. Open Gym.

    Deadlifts, 10 reps each

    135#, 185#, 225#, 275#, 295#, 315#, Failed at 2nd rep at 325# (Torn hand giving me trouble)

    40 Pull ups

    20 Atlas stone lifts to 48″ box

  5. WU MOB

    1500m row
    C&J practice
    Then did the following:
    1 C&J at 85#, 20 abmat sit ups and 20 KBS (35#). 4 rounds.

  6. Did this in Monday OG with Amanda

    1200m row
    4 min plank
    120 Push-ups (knees)
    400m farmer carry with 35# kettlebells


    Might make this our anniversary WOD, 2 years married on the 13th!

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