Saturday WOD

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With one partner working at a time:
1 min per round for 3 rounds
Row (cal)
Box Jumps

A great group representing a great gym
A great group representing a great gym

8 thoughts on “Saturday WOD”

  1. Open gym
    WU&Mob extra shoulder stretches
    500 m row x2 1:58 & 1:53
    Skipping high jump singles 50×3
    Symmetry Bands
    Shoulder activation drill bar
    Strict Chin ups 1-2-2-3-4-4-4
    Strict pull up 1-1
    Toes to bar 2 together
    Shoulder discomfort manageable this morning.

  2. Partner wod with Oly Mel ❤️

    Cal row: 19-18-16
    Situps: 32-32-34
    Box jumps (24″): 30-28-30
    Burpees: 21-20-20
    Lunges: 46-50-52

    Team total: 803

    Cashout: 800m run with 20# vest & 3 rope climbs with Spartan Blake

    Amazing Saturday, to be completed with doughnuts…life is oh so good!

  3. Partner wod with Chris B

    Situps: 33-30-28
    Box jumps (24″): 34-38-36
    Burpees: 19-17-20
    Lunges: 42-45-46
    Cal row: 20-23-25


    Team total: 865

  4. Team Wod with Stacey,

    264, team 503
    first wod using the black box for box jumps! no turning back now not stomping down as much as on the smaller box

    Totals per station
    rowing 39cal
    Situps 62
    Box Jumps 49
    Burpees 38 (the pace killers)
    Lunges 76 – cushion really helped the knees on this, I thought this would of been the worst part.

  5. Team Wod with Emilie

    Team 508
    first wod using the 11 3/4″ plate stacks for box jumps! no more grey box for me

    Totals per station
    rowing 36 cal
    Situps 65
    Box Jumps 59-yipeeee
    Burpees 37
    Lunges 57 -cushion really helped my knees on this.

  6. WOD with Oly Cara!
    3 rounds. Alternate every minute at each station

    Cal row
    Sit ups
    Box jumps @ 20′

    Total: 355 reps/team total 803
    Fun Saturday!

    Love the picture! What a great looking bunch! ❤️

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