Running season isn’t over yet

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Looks like a great day for a run. A chance to enjoy the outdoors before it’s covered in a blanket of white. I know, not a very nice thought. So let’s enjoy it while it lasts!

Skill – Running Drills

3k Run

Compare to June 23/14

With the time remaining at the end of class, work on a goat (weakness), which could include some well-needed mobility.

Marthe, a recent Prep Course grad, joins us for some burpees
Marthe, a recent Prep Course grad, joins us for some burpees

87 thoughts on “Running season isn’t over yet”

  1. Mobility
    Warm up x2 plus birthday burpees!
    Running tips
    WOD: 3 km run

    Time: 18:42 compared to June 23, 2014: 19:44 🙂
    Great work 6amers and great coaching Steph!

  2. Mobility
    30 bday burpees-happy birthday Laura!
    Running drills

    3km run – 18:01

    I’m very pleased that I was able to do this run 10 weeks post baby without stopping. Xfit training during this pregnancy made a huge difference. Despite all the exercise I did my 1st pregnancy I don’t think I could have ran 3k at this point. Yay for xfit!!!!

  3. Hope to see lots of people in to get a run in today – there is snow in the forecast for this weekend so it’s probably our last one!

  4. Mobility
    Warm up x2

    30 Birthday burpees for Laura! Happy Birthday.

    Running drills

    WOD: 3 km run
    17:05 (not a PR. Had to dodge quite a few transport trucks this morning…that’s my excuse!!)

    Goat work: Double unders

    Great way to start the day. Thanks Steph.

  5. Wu x2
    30 B-Day Burpees

    Wod 3k

    No Pr, about same pace as 5k on Sunday. Though I was making good time but it must have been the fact I couldn’t see anything..haha,

  6. Mob + WUx2 + Lat Foam Roll

    WOD: AMRAP 10 mins MUs = 25 reps

    … then kept going …

    30 MUs for time = 12:00 (PR of 9:05 from Oct 23 2013, done @ CFKinetics)

    I’d say that’s progress.

    1. Also, for my future reference, I’m pretty happy that this could have been sub-16:00 if it wasn’t for that transport truck!

  7. couldn’t talk myself ionto getting up at 5am to go for a run, so I packed my gear and brought it to work.

    3k: 19:44 a full minute PR from last year WEEE!

  8. umm I just got an email saying I got into the nooner today?? I didn’t sign up for that on purpose. Sorry for that. Don’t have a clue what happened. 🙁

  9. Mobility + WUx1

    Open gym

    Warmed up pre-WOD with cleans 55-75-85-95


    20 Rounds

    2 squat cleans @ 95#
    15 DU’s


    Thanks for asking me to join Stephanie!

  10. Mobility
    WUx1 + Mobility

    Open Gym

    WOD: (With Melanie and Lance!)

    20 Rounds:
    2 Squat Cleans @95#
    15 Double Unders

    Time 14:24

    Thanks for joining me on this WOD Guys!

  11. Mob WU X 2
    10 Wall Balls
    Did the WOD solo
    Time 21:47 Feel like I was a turtle out there compared to all of the above results.
    I did however have a PR I’m just not sure what my previous time was…somewheres between 24mins and 28min on Aug 28th. So good lesson learned POST YOUR RESULTS!

    Thanks Mario!
    Nice seeing Mr. Wood…nice to know he sitll exists.

      1. Thanks, it was tough! Funny how some days are harder than others when doing the same thing. Either way, I’m just happy I no longer shy away from running WOD’s. 😉

  12. WOD: 21:42
    No PR.
    I really felt good out there. Kept a steady pace and really “embraced the suck” by not stopping to walk at all (even though I really wanted to). I was really disappointed when I saw my time. 🙁

  13. – Mob
    – WUx1 + 10 wall balls + extra mob (short on time and legs needed it more than the 2nd round of WU before running)
    – Running drills

    WOD: 3k run
    14:06 = 52 second PR over June 23 😀 I’m really surprised & super happy with that given that I felt like a potato going in 😀

  14. WUx2
    group mob
    Running drills

    WOD: 3k run
    first time doing a timed 3k run
    run was steady and slow

  15. WU x 1
    30 birthday burpees for Laura.

    3 km run

    First time i’ve done a 3 k for time, so no comparable & no idea what to expect, but was aiming for sub-18, so happy with that. Goal for next time…sub 17

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