Running is part of CrossFit…suck it up!

Four rounds, each for time of:
800 meter run

Rest as needed between efforts.


18 thoughts on “Running is part of CrossFit…suck it up!”

  1. Warm up x 3

    Crossfit dodgeball
    Heather – Train Karly to grab the red ball (burpees ball)!
    Next time…I vote for :Pierre and Kevin in a different team!! 🙂

    WOD: 4 x 800m

    Proud to have one round sub 4. Thanks Trish! You really helped keeping my pace! 🙂
    Running after yesterday few (adult) drinks was a worst combination than the dumbell thrusters!

  2. WARM-UP

    AMRAP 10min of:
    5 pushups
    10 situps
    15 squats

    Did at least 10 rounds…lost the count.


    4 rounds of 800m run with rest as needed in between.
    1- 3:51
    2- 3:58
    3- 3;57
    4- 4:11

    Thank you Brandon & Kevin for the push!!! Trish & Brandon, it was nice to meet you, hopefully we will see you around again.

    Now it is time to get back in the diet….

  3. Had an awesome time playing CrossFit Dodgeball with everyone!

    Brandon and Trish – Thanks for coming by today. It was a pleasure meeting you. I hope you drop in whenever you’re in town.

    Brenda – Awesome work for your first time!

    I did the 800m runs…


    I’m surprised at the 2:43, as my PR is 2:40 on a track.

  4. CF Warm-up x 3
    CF Dodge ball – Resulted in 2 x 10 pushups & 1 x 10 Burpees

    WOD: 4 x 800M Run for time. Rest as needed between sets.
    Round 1: 3:43
    Round 2: 3:33
    Round 3: 3:30
    Round 4: 3:41

    Really proud of today’s numbers, didn’t know I had it in me. Thanks all!. Round 3 felt Awesome… Round 4 felt UGLY. Good workout everyone. See ya on Monday.

    Trish and Brandon, nice meeting you both, hope to see you around again.

    Post wouldn’t be complete with a HUGE THANKS to MC and Pierre for hosting the CF get together last night. Had a great time!!

  5. No problem for lat night Rob!! It was fun…

    We will do it again soon for sure! Next time, it will be steak on the BBQ! 🙂

  6. Pierre…your times doesn’t make sense! It look like the last round I finished before you…which is not true. I think you did around 3 min…not around 4! If not…there is something I don’t understand lol!!

    Thanks Rob!!! It was great to see everybody out of the gym. And Pierre, Kevin, Rob and Joel with they’re hair done!! Good time!!! 🙂

  7. Heather (Mum)

    CFWU X 3
    Dodgeball I will train Karly to eat the red ball.
    WOD 800 m run x4
    6:24 and I stopped to tie my sneaker.
    Thanks for all the support.
    Welcome Trish and Brandon.
    Brenda Welcome and I hope you join us. It is hard but fun.
    Nancy You are doing awesome in the fundamentals.

  8. Hahahah, that’s true guys! I knew you guys went to the hairdresser before coming here!

    We will have to take a picture of us one day!

    Sorry, I did a mistake for my time, they are 2 minutes and not 3 minutes times!

  9. Good work everyone! Glad to see you can still handle yourselves after a few wobbly pops 🙂 Looking forward to burning off a “few” wobbly pops of my own. See you Monday!

  10. I’m still laughing from today when Rob zoomed by the door and yelled “tiiiiiimmmmeee”. Sorry for forgetting you!

  11. Brandon and Trish

    Thanks to everyone at Crossfit Moncton today for a great WOD, great game of dodgeball (best warm up ever), great atmosphere and most of all thanks to Carly (sp?) for the warm welcome!

    We will definitely be visiting again in the near future and it was SO nice meeting all of you! We will be proud to show off our new CF Moncton shirts at our non-CF gyms.

    Brandon and Trish 🙂


    Brandon: 800m X4 Trish: 800m X4
    1st – 2:58 1st – 3:45
    2nd – 3:02 2nd – 3:47
    3rd – 2:54 3rd – 3:44
    4th – 2:48 4th – 3:47

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