Run, Jump and Play Together!

With a partner:
400m Sandbag Run (both partners hold the bag)
40 Alternating Box Jumps
40 Alternating Burpees
300m Sandbag Run
30 Alternating Box Jumps
30 Alternating Burpees
200m Sandbag Run
20 Alternating Box Jumps
20 Alternating Burpees

Breakdancing or working out?
Breakdancing or working out?

5 thoughts on “Run, Jump and Play Together!”

  1. Lab
    2RM hang Snatch

    Snatch grip high pulls @ 60#

    Pause OHS x3 @75% x5 sets

    Split jerk x3
    55#-60 then right wrist was screaming. Enough over head for the day

    Got 3 DU’s in a row! Pr 🙂

  2. === 9am ===

    – Mob + WUx1

    – Deadlift 5-5-3-3-Max (Wendler)
    (WU) 135×10-185×7

    – Handstand Walk (off handstand facing wall) = 6ft (PR)

    === 10am===

    – Group WU

    – WOD (w/ Jen C @ 20″ Box Jump) = 12:36

    Thanks for partnering up Jen, good job everyone, have a good weekend!

    1. Thank you for partnering with me Mario – especially for the push in the first round 🙂 Great class Steph!

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