Run and Jump!

Run 800m
80 Double Unders
Run 400m
40 Double Unders
Run 200m
20 Double Unders
Run 100m
10 Double Unders

"Me like jerks!" Welcome back Gillyon!!

30 thoughts on “Run and Jump!”

  1. WOD – 800m run, 80DUs, 400m run, 40DUs, 200m run, 20DUs, 100m run, 10DUs
    Time: 16:05

    Dear diary,
    Stupid double-unders, blah! But at least I PR’d them up to 10. And it was hard with the running too. But I still love CrossFit. Does that make me a masochist?

    Noun, Singular
    masochist (plural masochists)
    1.someone who enjoys pain, or who derives pleasure from harming oneself or being harmed by others.

    1. Lol… You’re actually not harming yourself though it may be painful at the time 🙂 congratulations on the DU PR!!

    2. Masochist….injuries this week included a black eye (thought not intentional), whippings/lashings/bruises from more of those stupid double unders, non-functional legs (from sprints/tabata), and lovely a tear from pullups….I enjoyed it all, and would do it all again..i think i fit the definition? lol
      Gabrielle – i guess i do actually harm myself lol and congrats on the PR Mario!

  2. Fights in green tights?… we’ll see on the 19th.
    Anyone miss this wod today or would like to do it again? 🙂 Tonight/tomorrow or both let me know 🙂

    1. Dave and I are thinking of heading to the ABU track tomorrow evening to try it out. Are you interested in joining us?

      1. Do you know what you’ll be doing for a workout? Do you mind if I shoot it as a Summer Series workout?

      2. Sure. I was just thinking of doing that one…but if you have another idea in mind…let me know. 🙂

      3. Options are Griff, Micheal, 400m walking lunges, or today’s. Doesn’t matter which one…just let me know so I can bring dowels or skipping ropes.

      4. geez I don’t know. They all sound great (if that is possible) Do you want to say 7:30 at the ABU track ..because it is going to be a HOT one tomorrow.

      1. Imagine Joanna and Kevin in one size fit all outfits wrestling eels. I’m sure there’ll be recordings in many languages 🙂

  3. WU X 2
    Ran the first 800 with LYNN. Way to stick with it Lynn!
    Did the last 2 Skips and Run to boost her moral when my wod was done. Jane came along too. Thanks Jane…she was amazed at the group effort and sapport. Welcome to our family LYNN.

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