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On the main CrossFit page, a 5km run is posted. This is a great workout anyone can do, as long as you have the motivation to do it. So where could you run 5km? There’s a perfect route in Riverview on the new Gunningville Bridge road. The starting point is Pine Glen Rd. You go until you crest the hill at the end near the bridge. DO NOT GO DOWN THE MASSIVE HILL! There’s a power box on the left at the top of that hill…that’s the 2.5km mark and where you should turn around. If you try a 10km, then you do that loop twice!

I’ll be out there today. Hope to see some of you fellow CrossFitter’s on the run!

6 thoughts on “Run 5km”

  1. and we are back..

    My time was 26.03 – Which was a new PR for me! 😀 (pr means record right? lol *noob*)
    Lance kept right beside me even through the sprint and got the same time.

    Joe finished at 25.35 Little bugger aha

    That was a great root, but we started on the other side! the hill at the end killeeedddd haha

  2. It only sucked because we thought the one right before it was the finish. we had started using all of our juice to speed up and when we got to it we were like CRAP ahaha

  3. 2008/08/11

    No warm-up today

    For Time:
    400m Walking Lunges (at the track)


    This one gave my knees some matching bruises. Pretty;-)

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