Still a couple spots left for Rise and Grind (starts next week)

If you’re a 6am’er, please wear something reflective.

Run 5k

Compare to July 7/17Β or Aug.10/17

Next Wednesday!

31 thoughts on “Run!”

      1. Thanks Blake, insightful times for sure: Strength goes up – speed goes down. Goes to show how focusing on one thing too long doesn’t help the overall picture, at least not in my case. My lesson for the past year – just do Crossfit. Especially the CFM programing and coaching, tailored to prevent such imbalances. That is if you don’t cherry pick out of the runs ; )

  1. Group WU & Mob

    Run 5K (scaled to 3K)

    Time: 22:02

    Hardest part was getting out of bed. Happy to say I’ve got 1 year in and want to continue.

    1. Congrats on one year Sam! I’d say you’re hooked! Nice to get the WOD out of the way early in the am, isn’t it!

  2. Mob, WU
    Group WU, mob

    Row 5k – 22:06

    First 5k row ever!

    Cashout – crossover sym recovery…definitely burns, thanks for the warning on that, Shane haha

  3. Mob, WU
    Group WU, mob

    Row 5k – 23:25 ( I think)

    First 2 km were slow due to my knee, but once I warmed up, it was so much better!! thanks for the music coach, Latin music makes everything better πŸ˜‰

  4. MOB WUx1
    Group WU MOB

    Run 5k

    Time = 29:50
    2nd 5k run of the year

    did 30:25 last month
    my 5k PR is 26:30
    Thanks for setting the pace on the way back Amanda!

      1. Shit! Yes you’re right, I don’t know how I mis-typed it! I think it’s cause I was looking at Ingrid’s time right above mine!

  5. 5 K Run: 30:04

    I like the new route. Still chasing that sub 30 minutes this season….surely I can make up 5 seconds next time.

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