Luke from Aerobics First will have the Inov-8’s that people ordered at the gym on Saturday. He may have some extras for sale if other people are interested.

Run 10k

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82 thoughts on “Run”

    1. Great pace Maria & Marc. You left me far in your dust. You both had awesome times. It’s hard to believe that Maria has only been at CrossFit for a few months.

  1. Thanks for all the b-day wishes guys. It really meant a lot to me!! I became emotional reading all the comments so I really must be sick!!! lol!! lol!! I Hopefully I will be back next week. Keep up the great work!!

  2. Caption…… “Next time I go to Johnny’s party I will only drink water” Sorry Evan, was too good to pass up.

    1. No worries, personally however I prefer. “Finally found a good use for my pillow. Turns out it’s not strapping it to myself for a WOD.”

  3. 10k 63:24 🙂

    First time running a 10k. Happy/surprised with my time especially that I worked all night and only slept 4 hours this am. My time today was faster than the last time I ran a 9k (65:56) wtf?

  4. MOB
    Group warm up

    5k run
    Time: 34:01
    PR of 2:23

    Great job everyone – 10k next time ladies? 🙂

  5. I’m disappointed that I wasn’t registered for today! Instead of running on my own, I would’ve had some kids to play with. Great job everybody!

  6. MOB
    Group warm up

    5k run
    I was going for 3k but it felt good so I just kept going. I walked a little but I’m proud I did it all.
    My objective was one mile unbroken: done!
    Time doesn’t matter…

    Heather, you should call me a baby more often! It works!

    1. Any time Nath…glad to be of service 🙂 Seriously, you should be very proud this is a great accomplishment!

  7. Group warm up

    5km Run
    Time- 24:28

    Highlight of the night was Gabe finishing the last 1km of his 10k run in a sprint…. INCREDIBLE HEART AND DETERMINATION TO FINISH.

  8. Mob + group WU

    10k Run
    Time –> 64:24

    The biggest challenge for me was not to quit, fight to get it done, and I did.
    Thanks Ron and Liam for finishing with me, and to ALL who stayed. That made my day 🙂

  9. 5 Km: 29:15

    No PR, but the run and the pace felt really good & I felt like I could have kept going. It’s given me the spark to try that 10 km.

  10. I’ll fess up. I am guilty of cancelling today AFTER I saw the WOD. Those who know me know I love to run (no, that is not sarcasm) but my Achilles cannot take 100m, let alone 10k! I haven’t been “running” since early September and I am envious of those who COULD run today! Really, really envious!

    I am impressed with all of you for pushing yourselves farther or harder than you have pushed before; whether it be a 3k, 5k or 10k (or a row). Well done 🙂

  11. What a great challenge to face with the support of all… Hope I get to do that next time… Good job on all the PRs and also all those first 10k runs… Must feel amazing!

  12. MOB
    Group Warm up

    WOD: Run!!!!!!
    I scaled to 5K
    Time: 25:37

    Great Run Ron!
    Hats off to Gab and Andrew for taking on the monster 10K.

    Legs are going to be interesting tomorrow.

  13. I am really bad at running!! and I am being sick all week since saturday reason why I havent leave the house at all, so when I saw the WOD today I felt like I needed to do at least something, such a beautiful day!!

    So I did the Scale 3 km , FYI- I havent run that long in a LONG time not even 3 km.

    Time: 24 unbroken!!

    I am really happy with my time, looking forward to get better at this!!

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