Row your boat

A short, but sweet workout…

Row 2k

The middle of a workout and not one person doing it
The middle of a workout and only one person doing it...350 isn't THAT much

11 thoughts on “Row your boat”

  1. forgot to post yesterday:

    5km ride to gym, full headwind 15min
    CF: mobility, 3×10 push ups, 4×5 45# shoulder press, share some oatcakes
    8km ride to fitworks to meet some gals for a road ride: 20 min
    then: 47km ride around memramcook, about 2 hours

    i head to hillsborough after lunch for my last ride until sunday’s race. i think i’ve put more time on the bike this week than the last 3 weeks combined!! legs are back in form, but a weee bit toasted. rest day tomorrow! YAY!

  2. 9:45am
    Warm up x2

    Practiced ring dip: I did 10 half ring dips YAY!

    WOD: ”Too nice outside to stay inside rowing’
    – Run at the park : 8:45 min PR 3 sec.
    – Run up the hill : 2:43 min
    – Walk and run back home

    HOLY!! It’s hot outside!! My face is crazy red!!
    Ok…it’s not really a real Crossfit workout…but it’s better than nothing!!

    Krista- Good luck on Sunday!!!! 🙂

  3. MC – It doesn’t have to have the CrossFit stamp of approval to be a good workout. “Too nice outside to stay inside rowing” sounds like a great little workout to me. Good job!

  4. My hands are ok my left is fine but the right does have a nice chunk out of it so i wont be doing alot of pullups anytime soon. I will still be there tonight though:p

  5. Yeah kevin i guess im not gunna go tonight probly better off to give my hand the day to heal plus some friends wanted to hang out tonight but i will see you all tommarow morning. Cya then!

  6. Thanks MC! and i like your work out idea too!

    i hit the bike again today – 20 km dirt ride in hillsborough, 1h30ish
    foam roller,
    bench press 5(45)-5(65)-5(75)-5(85)-5(95)

    i haven’t benched since march last year and did 2 at 85 then so i’m happy

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