Row, Run, Skip

Gonna be on the radio! Listen to MAX FM 103.9 or K94.5 tomorrow!

Row 500m
Run 800m
100 Double Unders

Krista dragging her ball of happiness

72 thoughts on “Row, Run, Skip”

    1. Hi Kevin. Can you pencil me into Marc’s 4:15 spot for today? If so, can you send me a message for confirmation? Thanks.

  1. Last sponsor day! Thank you to Tracey and Liam for taking on this day!

    Today may also be a day that many of you sign the wall. I’ll have the black marker on stand-by.

    1. Yep, you were right… can’t make it today. (I was scheduled for 5:30) Good Luck to you and Sonia in Calgary! Show ’em what Crossfit Moncton is made of!

  2. I’ll repost here first thing so as to inflict myself first thing in the morning on everyone.
    CF Moncton… I need your help.

    Here we go:
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    How I look at it folks is that we just have to beat 10 people. Once I’m in Toronto against the other 4 it will be on me to bring it home, but it’s the getting to T.O. part that I really need your help with. I believe that if I get the chance to go to compete in the Big Smoke, I’ll book this gig. I just need you to believe with me and in me too.

    Helping is easy. It’ll just take a few extra clicks of your mouse.
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    Also as part of my participation in this competition I have to keep a blog on their site…. so if you’re bored give it a look. I’ll try to give you a smile.

    So that’s my pitch folks. Any help you all could give me would be wonderful and I’d really appreciate it. I’m going to try to bring home this win for CF Moncton.
    Rememeber you can vote for me every day until June 13th… and hey who knows, maybe one of you could win the $1000 bucks!

    Thanks for reading folks!

  3. Shoulder Press 1-1-1-1-1
    85-95-105-110f-110f (I’ve been stuck at 105 for almost 8 months)

    Row 500m
    Run 800m
    50 Double Unders + 150 Single Unders

  4. Heather (Mum)

    CFWU X 3
    Strength: Back Squat
    Row 500 m
    Run 800 m
    Skip 300
    Time 15:43
    Did my first 800 m run without stopping. Yeah!!!!

    1. Heather – I think you are short changing yourself. Didn’t you do an 800 m run last week in the warm up without stopping? I was sure I was a witness to that…no??

  5. If anyone is looking for a 5:30 spot today, I have to cancel due to my back. I put it out again on Sunday…boo!

      1. Thanks Gabrielle! Hopefully I’ll see you really soon. I hate not going now that I’m totally addicted!

  6. Kevin, Ange cannot make it to today’s session as she is away for work. I tried to sign up for today but apparently, today is Wednesday, not Tuesday…and apparently, you only need one session per day and I already have one. Who knew?

  7. I am stuck in Grand Falls and won’t make it back in time for my 415….I think Shane was going to take it. Thanks

  8. Hi everyone, just wanted to say THANK YOU to everybody. The support you’ve all given us is absolutely amazing. I just hope I’ll make all of you proud and represent Crossfit Moncton to the max. Thanks again, you guys are the best.

    1. Already proud of you Sonia… just getting there is an awesome feat. I know you’ll lay it all out and give ‘er. Best of luck & safe travels.

  9. WU x3

    Strength – Push Press x5
    50-55-60-65-70(PR for weight and reps!)

    Row 500m
    Run 800m
    300 skips
    Time – 10:36

  10. 🙁 I have to cancel tonight. Sorry…but I hope to pop in at some point.
    HUGS and best wishes Kevin and Sonia!!!!

  11. Heather (Mum)

    Sure I will vote for you Liam, with pleasure. (even after beating me at Poker)

    Good luck Sonia and Kevin. Hear me screaming my cheers in your ears. I know you will both do your best and do CFMoncton proud. Keep us posted.

  12. 2 5:30 spots available for tonight. We don’t think we will make it in time. (Kerri + Cecile). Thanks

  13. CFWU x1
    Strenght: Cleans x1
    45-60-65F-65F 🙁 (I kept screwing up the shrug…just didn’t have the form in me today)

    Row 500m
    Run 800 m
    300 Skips


    I almost got run over by a guy on a forklift. So I had to push myself to get around him…then the little bastard thought it would be hilarious to keep pace with me… Grrr! 🙂

    1. I am sitting here laughing my ass off just picturing this. Where’s Kevin with his camera when you need one?

    2. AND not to mention that you said when we started that you weren’t going to try to keep up with me – that fork lift driver made you mad enough to pull ahead! awesome!

  14. CFWU x 3

    Strength – Back Squat

    Row 500m
    Run 800m
    100 Double Unders

    Time: 14:04

  15. WU x3
    Strength Front Squat
    95×1 135×1 155×1 175×1 195×1 200×1
    PR by 15 pounds

    WOD 8:33


  16. CFWU X 3
    Strength 1-1-1-1-1
    Overhead Squat 45-50-55-60-65(PR)

    Row 500m (PR 2:00:9)
    Run 800m
    Singles 300
    Time 10:28

  17. CFWU X 3
    Strength: shoulder press
    Row 500 m
    Run 800 m
    Skip 300
    Time 10:43 (I think)

    Good job everyone !! Good luck Sonia and Kevin 🙂

  18. WU x 3

    Push Jerk 3RM

    WOD –
    500 m Row
    800 m Run
    100 Double Unders

    Time – 11:01 😀

    Sonia & Kevin – Have fun in Calgary. Get the job done! 😀

  19. WU x 3

    500m row
    800m run
    100 DU
    Time: 11:20 min
    It took me 50 double unders to finally get warmup lol!


  20. WU x 3

    500m row
    800m run
    300 singles
    Time: 12:47min

    Good luck Sonia and Kevin! Have Fun!!

  21. WU x 3……………PR for unassisted Pull ups “9”
    Push Jerks 3’s

    500M row
    800M run
    300 single skips

    Good Luck Sonia and Kevin!!

  22. Shoulder Press – 5RM

    500m row
    800m run
    100 DUs
    Time: 11:32

    Sonia and Kevin you’ll do awesome! Can’t wait to follow the results! Everyone will be cheering for you! 😀

  23. Mob+WUx3

    PushPress: 75-85-95-105-115 (5-5-5-5-5)

    Row500m (PR 1:56.3)
    Single-Unders x300
    Time- 12.33

    Good luck in Calgary Kevin & Sonia!

  24. WU X3

    Shoulder Press- x3

    500M row
    800m run
    100 DU’S(300 singles)

    Last night I was looking at Kevin’s post about my 1 year anniversary. Up to this point I have lost 48 lbs and 23 inches. At first it was very intimidating to walk into the gym. But, in time I got over it. Thanks everybody over the year for all the positive encouragement and the extra push that everybody gives. You all make it very easy to get to the gym everyday. Special thanks for Kevin for your patience. Looking forward to the next year and all the punishment Kevin throws at me! Good luck to Kevin & Sonia in Calgary.

    1. Tim I have to say you totally kicked butt on your row tonight – if I’m not mistaken, Kevin said you beat your last PR by 25 seconds – that is totally sick, as in cool!!!!

  25. warm up x 3

    front squat x 1

    500M row
    800m run
    300 singles

    Good luck in Calgary!

  26. Events are posted for the Calgary Games. Here they are…

    Individuals – Event 1
    6.7Km X-C Run

    Individuals Event 2
    3 sets for max weight completed in pounds in 10 min:
    Snatch Grip DL x 1
    Snatch x 1
    OHS x 1
    Squat Snatch x 1

    Individuals Event 3
    4 rounds for time of:
    35 wall balls (20/14lbs – to 10 foot target)
    20 chinups

    Individuals Event 4
    for time:
    50 double unders
    10 burpees
    40 double unders
    10 burpees
    30 double unders
    10 burpees
    20 double unders
    10 burpees
    10 double unders
    10 burpees

    Individuals Final Event (Event 5)
    for time:
    12 tire flips (men – big fucker, women – sort of big fucker)
    6 clean and jerk – (135/95lbs)
    Run 300 m
    9 tire flips
    9 clean and jerk – (135/95lbs)
    run 450 m
    6 tire flips
    12 clean and jerk – (135/95lbs)
    run 600 m
    (athlete must jump in and out of tire to other side after each flip)

    1. From my perspective, this looks absolutely disgusting…but this is exactly what you two thrive on and have been training for. You will do fantastic and I look forward to keeping track of the results.

  27. WU x3

    Strength – OHS x 3


    Row 500m
    Run 800m
    300 skips

    Time – 11:03

    Best of luck Kevin & Sonia…kick some ass!

  28. Kevin and Sonia, safe travels and have fun! Making it to Calgary was your goal, your performance there will be icing on the cake. I am proud to say that I run, row, lift and curse with the best.
    HUGS !!

  29. Warm Up x3

    Back Squat x3

    Row 500m
    Run 800m
    Singles 300

    Time: 9:49

    Enjoy your time in Calgary Kevin and Sonia! Put you heart and soul into it! Looking forward to hearing about your results.

  30. Kevin & Sonia, think of it as just another workout.
    If you do that you will be successful.

  31. Warm up

    Clean x 3
    i could not count to save my life today, hence the odd weight progression – but still PR for reps and weight

    Row 500m
    Run 800m
    100 DUs

    Kevin and Sonia – have a blast in Calgary, enjoy every minute. you guys are kick ass all the way.

  32. Warm Up X 3

    Front Squats X 1 Rep.

    500 m row
    800 m run
    300 single skips

  33. Warm Up X 3
    Push Press X 5 reps

    500 m row
    800 m row
    100 DU

    14 – something (I think) …

    Kevin & Sonia, have a wonderful time in Calgary – good luck!!!

  34. Deadlifts 1RM –> 135-155-185-225-275-295-305(failed) (My lower back/glutes/hamstring are shot from yesterday’s WOD, so I didn’t want to hurt myself on that 305 even if I did a lot more before!)

    WOD –> 7:45

    Marc, great race man! It was great to do the WOD beside you. Impressive run!

  35. warm up x3

    row 500m – 1:48.1 (pr)
    run 800m
    300 singles


    Good luck Sonia & Kevin.

  36. WU X3

    row 500m – I don’t know what the time was 🙁
    run 800m
    300 single skips


    Kevin & Sonia you guys are going to do so great!! We’ll be cheering for you from here!

  37. Warm up x 3

    Strength shoulder press 5s

    35-45-50-55-60-65 pr for reps

    WOD 500 m rowing (2:03 I think)
    800 m run
    100 DUs, at least 200 singles and a lot of
    spit later…
    I finished the wod in 16:38… My smokers cough came back (damn you Alsco!!)

    Kevin and Sonia we will be with you in spirit in Calgary. We are all so proud of you! Have fun and bring back lots of stories to share when you get back. GO KEVIN AND SONIA!!!!

  38. CFWU x 3
    strength – Clean’s 1’s
    95-115-135-155-165(PR of 10)
    500 m row
    800 m
    100 DU
    time 9:56
    Good race Pierre on the row and the run. Amazing on the DU’s you little big guy 😀

  39. CFWU x 2 (ring rows 10×2)

    Strength 5’s


    500m row (1:43 ties PR)
    800m run
    100 d/u (sub 20 d/u + 240 singles)

    Kev and Sonia knock em dead 😉

  40. CFWU X 3
    Strength: Front Squat max 145 x5
    Row 500 m 1.31
    Run 800 m
    Skip 300
    Time: 10.33

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