Row all the way!

2000m Row
40 Pullups
1000m Row
30 T2B
500m Row
20 Burpees Over Rower


17 thoughts on “Row all the way!”

  1. Sweet picture of Amanda ❤️

    [Yellow/ orange]
    1250m Row (yellow)
    30 jumping Pullups (Orange)
    600m Row
    20 Hanging knee raises (Orange)
    300m Row
    15 down ups Over Rower (Orange)
    Time 16:24

    Way better than I thought it would be, thanks to the level method. Yay! Much appreciated Kevin!

  2. [email protected]

    2000m Row-7:58
    40 Pullups -5-4 then all quick singles
    1000m Row -4:02
    30 T2B -5-3 then all quick singles
    500m Row-2:02
    20 Burpees Over Rower-fast lateral jumps


    Thanks Kevin!

  3. 2000m Row
    30 Pullups (singles)
    1000m Row
    20 T2B (singles)
    500m Row
    20 Burpees Over Rower

    Time: 23:12

    Thanks Kevin.

  4. 1500m Row
    30 Ring Rows
    750m Row
    20 Hanging Knee Raises
    300m Row
    15 Down-ups Over Rower

    20:08, thanks Kevin!

  5. Brown
    2000m row
    40 pull ups
    1000m row
    30 toes to bar
    500m row
    20 burpees over bar

    25:40 – my bar work is so slow 🐌

  6. 2000m Row (7:30)
    40 Pullups (mostly 5’s, a few singles at the end)
    1000m Row (3:45)
    30 T2B (5’s for a few, then singles)
    500m Row (1:55)
    20 Burpees Over Rower (fast, but gross)


    Tried to get you Gabe, but your fast on the bar.

  7. Purple WOD: 24:51 (I think?)

    Back didn’t like the rowing today so probably room for improvement 😉

    Thanks Ingrid and Kevin!

  8. Blue WOD
    1750m Row
    40 jumping Pullups
    800m Row
    30 knee raises
    400m Row
    15 Burpees Over Rower

    Thanks Roxanne

  9. Staff meeting so home workout
    Emom 10 min
    13 lovely pull-ups in total lol. Now to work on them.

    Emom 10 min
    Work on KBS
    18 single arm KBS.

  10. 2000m Row
    40 Pullups
    1000m Row
    30 T2B
    500m Row
    20 Burpees Over Rower


    Rows were trash. My cardio just can’t keep up with the mask on. I’m definitely feeling the effects lately.

    Bar work was awesome. Quick and efficient. 10-10-10-10 for pull ups. 10-8-6-6 for T2B.

    Burpees were basically at the speed of molasses.

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