Reveal WOD

Come find out the gender of Samantha and Mike’s new baby in today’s Reveal WOD.


If it’s a girl the WOD could be:
AMRAP in 18 min
6 Deadlifts (185/135#)
22 Wall balls (20/14# @ 10′)
18 Burpees

If it’s a boy the wod could be:
AMRAP in 18 min
6 Hang power cleans (155/105#)
22 Box jumps (24/20″)
18 KBS (53/35#)

With a partner, pick a WOD (gender). After the reveal, the class will do the correct wod. If you picked wrong, there may be a 20 rep cash-in 🙂

Members are encouraged to dress in either pink or blue to show your guess.

You will definitely want to come for the cashout cookies!

The final 4 in the plank-off!

11 thoughts on “Reveal WOD”

  1. Partnered with Shane H
    9 rounds + 7 BJ Rx’d

    We split the work evenly. Didn’t leave much time for resting. Gasser of a workout.

  2. Christie Neate

    AMRAP in 18 min
    6 Hang power cleans (75#)
    22 Box jumps (20″)
    18 KBS (35#)

    Partnered with Karen; Split the work evenly.
    9 Rounds + 6 HPC
    Congrats Mike & Sam, fun morning!

  3. Lindsay Sherwood

    Partnered with Mel M. 😁 We split the work evenly. We wore pink (I really REALLY thought it was going to be a girl!) so got the extra treat of doing 20 manmakers as a cash in (thanks for that, Mike)

    In 18 minutes:
    Cash in: 20 manmakers (20#)
    AMRAP of:
    6 hang power cleans (70#)
    22 box jumps (20inch, step ups for me)
    18 kettlebell swings (20# for me, 35# for Mel)

    Completed 6 rounds and 43 reps.

    Congrats to Sam and Mike! Awesome gender reveal party! 😁

  4. Partnered with Jeremy, we split the work evenly. Used 135# for clean & 50# KB.

    7 rounds + 13 KBS

    Fun morning at CFM thanks for the class Matt, congrats to Mike & Sam (still think Bill is a good name). Welcome To the CFM family Ed, great WOD to ease into.

  5. Partnered with Steve & got him from the back to the front of the room😀. Split work evenly tagging out at 1/2 Way point for each movement. Cleans at 75# and KB at 25#

    Congrats to Mike & Sam on their their boy.

  6. Partner with Karen N, you did awesome 🙂

    AMRAP 18 min

    Cash in 20 man makers (2:30ish)

    Remaining time:
    6 HPC 105lbs
    22 Box jump (20′) scaled step ups
    18 KBS 35lbs

    8 rds + 13 BJ

    Congrats Sam and Mike 🙂

  7. AMRAP in 18 Mins:
    6 hang power cleans (35#)
    22 box jumps (20″ step-ups)
    18 kettlebell swings (20#)

    7 rounds + 16 KBS

    Split half and half. Thanks Dan for being my partner. Is was such a fun morning. Thanks to everyone for supporting us today. 💙

  8. Today Karen, Roxanne and I did some ruck fun in OG.. We jogged/walked the mile and our time was 15:38, shaving almost 2 minutes off our last time! We did a small obstacle course with bear crawls, step ups, overhead lunges and flutter kicks..
    Then Lindsay and I tackled the ‘boy’ wod with a super fun ‘buy in’ of 20 man makers! We split the work evenly..
    AMRAP in 18 min
    6 Hang power cleans (70#) (3/3)
    22 Box jumps (20″) alternating – she did step ups and I jumped
    18 KBS (20#/35#) (9/9) we chose two different kettlebells..
    Usually I like partner wods for the “built-in’ rest time, but the reps scheme was short so we didn’t really get much time to stop! 6 rounds and we were 3 reps short of round 7!
    I liked that one!
    Congrats to Mike and Sam!

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