Renovation Recap

3 Rounds
50 Double Unders
50 Good Mornings

Compare to Nov.30/10

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79 thoughts on “Renovation Recap”

  1. Big thanks to everyone who helped with the scrubbing, cleaning, building, painting and moving. Couldn’t have done it without all the help.

  2. Feels Amazing to be back!!! 😀


    Strength: Shoulder press (x5)

    WOD: 3 rds
    50 double unders then 50 Good mornings (10lb pipe)


    PR for Double unders =30
    Great job today Heidi!! I’m so freaking impressed with that OHS. damn!!!

    1. Great to have you back Johnny. Thanks for the encouragement on the OHS. I think I went my entire 1 rep rotation without a PR until today, so it felt good to finally get one.

  3. WUx2
    Strength: back squats x 3

    WOD: 3 rounds scale
    5 double unders &135 singles
    50 Good mornings (45)

    Time = 11:08
    cashout – 1 min side plank each side

  4. WUx2
    Strength: deadlifts x 5

    WOD: 3 rounds scale
    5 double unders &135 singles
    50 Good mornings (15)

    Time = 11:57
    cashout – 1 min side plank each side

  5. WUx2
    Strength: deadlifts x1

    WOD: 3 rounds
    50 double unders (substituted for 150 singles)
    50 Good mornings (10#))

    Time =7:44
    cashout – 1 min side plank each side

  6. awww I wish I could make it to the gym today 🙁 I might have liked this one but I’m still really sick. Have a great day everyone. Hope to see you soon!

    1. Awww… Never fun to be sick! I hope you feel better soon Kerri – sending you a hug 🙂

  7. WU x2

    Shoulder press, 10 x 20-25-30
    OHS, 10x 30#

    3 Rounds
    50 Double Unders
    50 Good Mornings (35# plate)

    T = 10:12

  8. Denise MacEachern

    Back Squat X 3 70-80-90-100-105

    3 Rounds:
    10 DU + 120 singles
    50 Good Mornings #35

    Time: 11:05

    DU’s improving, I guess the goat workout on Monday helped.

    1. Still sore and swollen. Walking has been challenging but feels a little better today than yesterday 🙂

  9. WU x 2
    Strength: shoulder press (1x)

    WOD @ 10#

    Time 8:33
    Rested a few seconds between the good mornings and the DU cause I was quit dizzy. Great job everybody!!

  10. Guy "Rackman"


    Front Squats

    WOD: 3 Rounds of

    50 Doubles Unders
    30 Good Mornings #45

    Time: 12:40

  11. wu x 2
    OHS 1’s

    Hands weren’t symmetric on the last one…painful
    400 m row 1:55

    WOD w singles #10
    Time 7:09

    Pretty shore I did 20 extra singles, easily confused due 2 lack of sleep. Try to focus on breathing. Singles were almost all unbroken and good mornings were all unbroken.

    4 pull ups x 4 slowly getting the kipping idea without the band. Thanks Marc for the tips, it help a lot!

  12. WU Mobility plus 50 burpees and 50 pullups
    Strength 3RM Push press

    Flexibility is coming, my push press is still stronger

    WOD with 45lb and DU


    2x800m sprints

    3:15 – 3:21
    Felt tired, only about 15 mins after the workout.

  13. Tried this workout at home.
    50 Double Unders
    50 Good Mornings(35#)

    Time: 7:19 PR
    Time was 12:59 last Nov- DUs have come a long way since then. Much prefer doing WOD with people at the gym.

  14. wu x 2

    dead lift singles: 135, 155, 160, 160, 165 (pr but bent knees too early putting it down)

    3 rounds of
    150 singles
    50 deadlift @ 10 lbs


  15. CFWU x 2
    Back squat 5’s
    135-155-185-195 didn’t have time for a 5th but still felt fresh
    WOD with 45# -> 7:23

  16. WU X 2

    OHS x 1
    Got mixed up & lop sided on my weights….so inadvertently did a few more lifts than planned.

    WOD: 3 Rounds:
    50 DU’s
    50 Good Mornings 35#
    Time = 11:56

    Compare to Nov 30/10 of 12:42
    DU’s are still a huge goat for me.

  17. WU x 1 + 50 Burpee’s

    Push Jerk 1’s

    3 Rd’s
    50 Double Unders
    50 Good Morning’s #15 ( Watching my back )

    T= 12:48

    First WOD that I only used DU’s

  18. WU x 2

    Strength: Back Squat x 1

    WOD: 5:53
    PR: 20 seconds

    This was a fun WOD! I tried to beat your score Ed..smiles.. I quite like my new skipping rope!

    Good work 5:30 p.m. crew!

  19. WUx2
    Strength = Shoulder Press x 5

    50 DUs
    50 GMs (#15)

    Time 12:17

    After being sidelined for a Month due to Blood Pressure It was GREAT to be back. This was my first class and first time seeing the new gym. It’s amazing! Plus seeing the Transition video drives it home even more. Soooo impressed!

    Not super happy with my time. DUs kicked my ass for the first half. Started to get in the groove in the 2nd half.
    Great work 6:30 crew (Marcel!) and great job Crossfit Moncton!

  20. Skipped strength and messed around with doubles cause it’s been awhile.

    WOD (45#) —> 7:38 (PR by 1:10)

    All three rounds of 50 double-unders were unbroken! Woohoo! 🙂
    After my third round of doubles I was a little excited and threw my rope at Marc. Sorry bud! If only my good mornings could have been faster and with better form. Nice work 4:15 crew!

  21. WU x 2
    Strength 3’s
    Back squat : 115-135-155-165-165

    20 DU’s/90 singles
    50 Good mornings @ 35#

    Time: 11:25 … 26 seconds slower than November, but I did all singles in November

  22. CFWU x 2

    Push Press x 3


    WOD — 3 rounds

    50 doubles (1st did 5 du & 135 singles, 2 & 3 did 10 du & 120 singles
    50 good mornings 45#

    Time — 13:15

    Doubles are definitely a goat, but I’m going to make a point to do some in any WOD they come up. Nice work tonight Liam, welcome back — great sweating with you again!

    1. Way to go Marcel! Great idea to add them DU’s as much as possible, your time for WOD’s may suffer, but with time your DU’s will definitely improve. That has been my theory and so far it is paying off 🙂

  23. Celebrating today: One year at Crossfit!! Thanks everyone who pushed, hollered or cheered in the last year. You guys are amazing. I would never have made it without you. And Kevin go ahead and be smug that I made it past my prediction of 6 weeks…I’m feeling pretty smug myself ’cause showing up every time is a PR in my books!

    WU X 2 (10 push ups from toes PR)
    Push press 5’s: 60-70-80-85-90

    15 DU’S (with 2 singles in between) PR; 105 singles
    50 Good mornings @35#

    10:40 – first time for this WOD so I guess I can count that as another 1st Anniversary PR!!

    1. That’s awesome Heather! Huge Congratulations to you! I’m proud to work out with you!

    2. Happy Anniversary! You’ve had an amazing CrossFit year and here’s to the next one!

    3. The other day I noticed you now have traps popping on those shoulders. What a transformation you’ve made! You need to share some before and after pics!

    4. Watching your progress at CFM has been inspirational 🙂 Congratulations on your one year anniversary Heather!

  24. WU x 2

    Strength: Cleans (x5)
    95-100-105-110-115-120(x1 that was nasty)-120(f)
    *Quit at 120…. I have enough injuries as it is….*

    3 rounds
    50 Double Unders (subbed 150 singles)
    50 Good mornings (35#)
    Time 7:13

    Cashout: 1 min plank, each side

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