Just a reminder that all classes are canceled at the gym this weekend.

Because it’s a rainy day, take some time to watch this video on sugar. Let me know what you think about it in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Reminder”

  1. Did see this video before and read his book “Fat Chance” and as well Dr Yudkin’s Pure White and Deadly.
    Sure help me understand the mechanism behind how our body’s deal with sugar in all it’s forms. Anything that is not real foods. In other words if it needs a nutrition label, probably not good.
    If anyone want to borrow either books let me know. Worth the read 🙂

  2. Hey guys there are done great WOD’s in the vacation wod list that you can do at home! There are always the good ol’ tabata’s that are fun! Ex: tabata squats take 2 min off tabata mountain climbers take 2 min off tabata push ups (or mix and match other body weight exercises). There is also the possibility of doing pyramids. For example do 10 push ups then 10 sit-ups, 9 push ups then 9 sit ups and work your way down the pyramid until you get to 0. Plank and wall holds are also challenging (1 min hold 30 sec rest or 30 sec hold 30 sec.

    For those attending the cert this weekend, enjoy it and soak in as much info as possible!!!

    Have a great weekend to all CrossFit Moncton members and their families!

  3. Since starting crossfit a couple months ago and being introduced to paleo the idea of what is good and bad for me has completely changed. I was sucked into the mainstream before and was more concerned with food being convient and tasty and not the health. I wish I would have been shown this 10 years ago as it would have changed my struggle to lose weight and be more healthy. The more reasearch I do and video’s I watch like this one make me think about how awful it is that company’s can get away with labelling foods as healthy products when all they are doing is making people unhealhy. I hope to change my health enough myself to be able to convince my family and friends the danger in processed and refined sugar foods. People typically need to see results before they will believe and I would like CF Moncton for doing that for me.

  4. Wu x2
    Yesterdays WOD:
    4 rounds of 25 Burpees min rest.
    13:39….9 sec PR… Not exactly thrilled with that, but I am always a little slow out of the starting gate after my 4 twelve hour shifts from work..
    Good luck to the Oly training people. Learn lots for us.

  5. Super fun day at the Oly course! Learned so much! Full day of lifting is awesome 🙂

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