If you’re doing the workout on Saturday, please register by 7:30pm tonight. Thanks!

AMRAP in 10 min
25 Double Unders
15 Burpees

What do you do after 150 wall balls? Relax!

94 thoughts on “Reminder”

  1. 400m run 1:20 PR
    Strength front squat x1
    135-155-170-190-210 ( PR of 10)

    AMRAP in 10 min
    25 Double Unders
    15 Burpees
    6 rds 6 DU. First 2 rds of DU were unbroken..felt great.

  2. Played with some squat clean and jerks x2

    Did 5 min of the WOD.
    4 rounds even.

  3. Marc has all the classes tonight, but it shouldn’t be a problem. The main wod is only 10 min.

  4. WU X 1
    400m run

    Shoulder Press x 5
    45-50-55-60-65- 70 (4)

    WOD @ RX
    6 rouds + 3 Dbl Unders

    First time EVER doing double unders in a workout so I was PUMPED. I would like to try Helen and this one again when I am healthy. Lungs were burning after this one but GREAT WORKOUT!

    Good luck to everyone doing WOD 12.5!!!!

    1. Your double unders were awesome this morning, good job! All your hard work is paying off πŸ™‚

  5. 12.5 – 86 Reps

    PR of 12 reps from 11.6 last year.

    Thanks for coming out Jeff, Jeff and Sheldon!

  6. Games WOD 12.5 —> 72 Reps

    Last year I had 66. Not a fan of thrusters so I’m pretty happy with my score. Big thanks to Rob for coming in to judge, Dan, Marc and everyone else for cheering. So glad that one is done!

  7. WU X1 + 400m run/walk

    Strength: Shoulder Press/Push Press
    Testing my shoulder ability and adding weight very gradually.
    15 – 25 – 35 – 45# (some pinch/stiffness with 45, but overall felt great).
    This is the most weight I’ve had overhead since last fall — baby steps.

    WOD: AMRAP in 10 Min
    25 Double Unders + 15 Burpees
    ~ RESULTS: 3 Rounds + 25 DU’s

    1. Plus…. Lumberjack practice and Figure-8 + cross-legged stretching.

      I agree Hannah… the hammer strikes are VERY therapeutic πŸ™‚

  8. wu x 1 + 400 m run
    strength: dead lift singles: 115, 135, 150, 175, 190 (pr, but not sure back was as tight as it should have been)

    wod: 3 rounds + 30 singles
    then some therapeutic hammer strikes!

    Corinna: 2 back-to-back wods! Amazing!!

  9. I almost had my first “this WOD is gross I should cancel” moment.
    I’ll be honest, this was probably one of the worst CrossFit sessions I have had in awhile with a small positive that I am clinging too.

    WU x 2 (because I did not read the sign regarding the run)

    Practiced kipping Pullups and Chest-to-Bar. BIG THANKS to Marc and Corinna for the tips and encouragement. I am still doing 2 “kips” then getting up to the bar but it felt pretty smooth overall. Probably the silver lining of the day.

    I did a walk-through of the Games WOD, felt pretty good into the 9’s. I don’t think the chest-to-bar will be as bad as the Thrusters past 9 reps.

    WOD: AMRAP in 10 Min
    25 Double Unders (75 singles after 1st round) + 15 Burpees

    3 Rounds + 14 burpees

    Super disappointed. This is the first time I bailed on the Double-Unders since I vowed to do them in all my WoDs since January. I did the last two rounds as singles as I was letting myself get too frustrated and from that also convinced myself that it was 17 burpees I had to do instead of 15.

    Skill: Hammer Time!

  10. WOD 12.5

    55 Reps!

    This is huge for me! Going in hoping for 32! πŸ˜€

    Thanks Dan for judging, but more importantly for the great coaching, the tips made a huge difference! My last 4-5 C2B were no reps but I went as hard as I could for the whole 7 minutes so I’m really happy with my last Open WOD.

    1. You did awesome Eric, I’m happy you surprised yourself. And thanks for the burpee tip, it makes a huge difference.

  11. WU

    WOD 12.5

    77 reps

    PR of 21 reps from last year. This was actually fun for me today! I am just starting to get the feel of the chest to bar pull ups. I want this one to come up again in next year’s games.

    WOD # 2:

    25 doubles
    15 Burpees

    4 rounds + 5 Burpees

    Shoulders were baked and burning after WOD 12.5.

    Thank you Jeff for coaching and a huge thanks for everyone who cheered today!

    1. Corinna you were incredible! And to get a whole 5 min break and jump in to the daily WOD…wow.

      1. Nice score yourself there Eric! I stopped drinking milk and eating little dairy last week and I feel soooooooo much better!

  12. wu x 1
    400m run
    strength – Practice WOD 12.5

    WOD : AMRAP 10 min
    scale – 75 singles
    15 Burpees

    Total rounds = 5 rounds & 20 singles

  13. wu x 1
    400m run
    strength – Push Jerk x 5
    55, 60, 65, 70×1,70×4

    WOD : AMRAP 10 min
    scale – 75 singles
    15 Burpees

    Total rounds = 4 rounds (abs are really really sore it was killing going down for the burpees)
    cash out – McKenzie stretch
    back stretch
    Practice skill of the week

  14. Modified WOD
    25 DU
    15 down up
    Total: 5 rounds

    Great job Marcel and Tom on 12.5!! Congrats Heather S on your first C2B!! So happy for you!!

  15. WU x 1
    400m run
    Strength: OHS (x5)

    WOD 10min AMRAP
    25 double unders
    15 burpees
    Total: 5 rounds + 13 burpees

    Cashout: figure 4 stretches

    Played around and tried some C2B pullups. Yeah, 12.5 is gonna suck πŸ™

  16. Mob
    WU x 1
    400 m run

    Strength push press x 5

    WOD am rap 10 mins
    25 DU
    15 Burpees

    Did the DU ( forced myself to stick with doubles and score be damned! Lol) basically one at a time, knew it was going to be frustrating.. Burpees went well, i was actually wishing for more burpees less DU, sick bastard, it was then i realized i have to concentrate on DU so i dont go through this again! Lol Only got through a couple of rounds, slightly frustrated so decided to hit a quick 800.. . Felt much better!!
    Then stuck around to cheer a few people through 12.5, awesome day at CFM!!

    1. Way to push through the DUs Jeff…it’s a good idea and at 25 doable, but frustrating I can imagine!

    2. Good job Jeff. I wish I had your positive attitude on this one!
      I am back on the DU wagon and hopefully we’ll all see some BIG gains over the next month or so!

  17. WU x 1
    400m run

    Strength: Front squat
    5 x 125,130,140,

    WOD: AMRAP 10min
    25 DU
    15 Burpees
    Total: 5 rds + 3 DU

  18. WOD 12.5
    thrusters 100 lb
    chest to bar
    total score 64

    i had a goal of getting past the 9’s so yes i am pumped.
    Marcel thank you so much for the help, technique and tips
    Marc thank you for judging and coaching me through this one.
    you two are excellent, thanks again.

  19. WU x 1
    400 m run

    12.5 Games WOD:
    28 reps.

    Super disappointed with this. I knew the C2B pull ups would be my downfall on this WOD, but I really expected to do better. Last year on this WOD I had 32 reps & my goal today was for 36 (to finish the 3rd round of 9 reps). Thanks for judging & encouragement Amanda.I’ll be trying this one again on Sunday.

    Congrats to Eric, Frank, Tom, & Marcel, who also did this WOD tonight. Y’all had great scores.

    Oh…and who is that hunk of burnin’ love in today’s photo? He’s hot!!!

  20. WU x 1

    Foam Roller, stressing over WOD, pee break, etc.

    12.5 Games WOD

    60 reps

    Very pleased this was my goal. PR of 12 over last year πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the judging Jeff and thanks for all the encouragement 6:30 crew!

    1. You did great bud.. Loved how you paced through it, and there was no question on your chest2bar, you almost pulled the freaking bar off! Nice work.

    2. excellent results Marcel.
      i second the comment on your C2B.
      there was definite contact with the bar!

  21. WOD (Rx’d): 5 rounds + 4 burpees.

    Great job everyone doing 12.5 today, it’s not an easy one.

  22. WU X 1
    400 m run
    Push jerk 5’s

    WOD 10min AMRAP
    25 double unders (Sub’d singles for sore hamstring)
    15 burpees
    Total: 4 rounds + 1 burpee

    First run since my injury – slow but not bad. Great to back in the gym after 4 days on the couch with a box of kleenex.

    Lora thanks for the push to try C2B – I would never have tired it otherwise. And you were right, gripping underhand helps so much! So I got my first one tonight – saving the rest for Saturday πŸ™‚

  23. Disappointed I had to cancel today….my body decided I needed a rest day and I’m not going to ignore it. Layed over 2kms of fire hose last night…shoulders and lats are screaming, as are my abs from Tuesday’s WOD. I’ll be 100% for Saturday’s 12.5.

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