If you’re doing the workout on Saturday, please register by 7:30pm tonight. Thanks!

3 rounds
50 Lunges
50 Down-ups

Almost time to put the shovels away for the winter

38 thoughts on “Reminder”

  1. WUx 2
    Strength Push Press 5 x

    3 rounds
    50 Lunges
    50 Down-ups

    time= 13:10

    Cashout- 400m run

    Tough one. Not sure what is wrong with my brain..took awhile to get the concept of down-ups, I still have burpees on the brain.

  2. WU x 2

    Workout 12.3
    Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of:
    15 Box jumps (M 24″ box / F 20″ box)
    12 Push press (M 115 lb / F 75 lb)
    9 Toes-to-bar
    Total: 156

  3. WU

    No strength

    Daily squat to 155#

    3 rounds
    50 Lunges
    50 Down-ups

    T = 18:38

    OMG this was such a tough one! My legs are going to hurt!

  4. Wu X 1.5
    Practise Wod 12.3 Rx’d
    3 rds plus 15 box jumps.
    Time: 10 min 20sec.
    Glad a did this to give me an idea for pacing. I did my first round too fast.

    Cash out 400m run which felt great.

    1. that little run was awesome, wasn’t it!? I didn’t want to go but as soon as I took my first step outside and breathed in the nice morning air I was wishing for more of it! Looking forward to the warmer weather!

  5. wu x 2
    cleans 70, 70, 75, 80, 85 (failed 3rd) x 3

    wod was one of the most brutal ever. Would not have finished without the support. I did 3 sets of 3 rounds. I forgot to write time down. Kevin, can you let me know?
    400 m run
    1 min. plank unbroken

  6. WU X 2
    push jerk
    5 @ 75, 85,95,110,120 (pr @ 5)
    felt good

    3 rounds of
    30 lunges
    30 down-ups
    scaled for no burn out for saturday’s work-out

    1. Those are called Sprawls in that video. Down-ups are similar, but hips don’t touch and you jump at the top with hands overhead.

  7. wu x 2
    strength –
    Practice Toes-to-bar

    WOD : 3 rounds
    50 Lunges
    50 Down – up

    Time = 15:04
    cash out – run & walk 400 m

  8. CFWU x 2

    Strength – Push Jerk x 3

    WOD – 3 Rounds of
    50 Lunges
    50 Down-Ups

    Time: 14:07

    That was Brutal!

    400m Run

    1. Thanks Jeff good to know, we were talking about them tonight. Must be able to tape up though right?? You can almost create a pseudo grip with tape for some relief…thoughts??

  9. WU x 2

    Strength: Deadlifts 5 x 85-95-105-110-115 10# PR
    Thanks for the pointers Kevin, always appreciated!!

    50 lunges
    50 down ups

    Scaled to 30 to make it through 12.3 on Sat

    Time: 6:39

    Way bigger fan of down ups over burpees!!

    Cash out 400 m run

    Practiced form on 12″ box, T2B’s….ouff tough after yesterday’s WOD
    Looking forward to building up my cleans and push press tomorrow night to get ready for Saturday 🙂

    Good job 5:30!!

      1. Thanks Lora 🙂 I’ll take the speed on this type cause I’m envious of your power on lifts!!

  10. WU X 2
    Strength: shoulder press
    3 x 75-95-115-130-140

    wod: 30 lunges, 30 down ups: 3 rounds:

    8:21…..what a leg burner!

  11. WU x 2 *sub ring rows for pullups – dead grip and shoulders 🙁

    Strength: Front Squat (x5)
    *legs were pretty useless today too. This is 10# less than what I should be able to do 🙁

    WOD (scaled to save up for 12.3 on Saturday)
    3 rounds
    30 lunges
    30 down ups
    Time = 8:30

    Wanted to try a few T2B tonight but my grip wasn’t allowing it. Too painful to even hold on to the bar. WTF??? Hope this is not an issue on Saturday…

  12. Thank you 6:30pm group for the extra cheers to get me through this WOD! I should have followed Jo and Kevin’s suggestion to do the scaled version as opposed to Rx’ed! Thanks again guys and gals!

  13. WUx2
    Strength – Did 2 Rounds of WOD 12.3

    Worked on proper skipping form, did a PR of 200 Singles unbroken.

    WOD Scalled
    3 Rounds
    30 Lunges
    30 Down-ups


    Foam roll + lacross on shoulders.

    Cashout 400 plus Meter run, missed the cone without glasses. Thats my excuse 😛

    Great job 6:30 group!

  14. WU X 2
    Push jerk 5’s

    Sub’d WOD for:
    KBS 30 sec on/30 sec off

    Keep adding to the WU – extensions, mckenzie pushups – anything to stretch out the glutes. KBS were good – felt the stretch but not the pain.
    Three hours in the car today – frequent stops to do MOB. I look like a lunatic, but it seems to be helping. Guess I’ll see on Saturday. FIngers crossed! 🙂

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